Thursday, July 30, 2009

Extraordinary Love

They'd been friends for a while...conversing through the cybersphere and being each other's rock during trying times. It was kind of how they became so close...she needed someone to help her through a break up and he...through a rocky point in his marriage. Neither of them intending to become so intimately enmeshed in one another. For him the jealous tinges started when she started seeing someone...and though he was married, he'd become infuriated at the idea of someone else touching his Precious. For her it would be the sight of her Pride and his wife hugged up in pics online. Through it all, they loved each other...probably in a way they'd never love anyone else...unconditionally and transcendentally. In other words...with knowing each other's lives, mistakes, flaws, etc...they still loved each other without the pretense.

So, when she made a business trip to his was natural for them to want to meet. They'd had so many conversations about their attraction and had gone back and forth so many times as to what the "right thing" was. Fighting their intrigue only served to further light the already all-consuming flame they shared. She'd push him away...and he'd let her...momentarily. He'd give her space, but eventually...she would come back throwing a tantrum for his attention. They were a riot, and they enjoyed their unorthodox connection. It brought a lot of light and laughter to both of their mostly chaotic lives.

They decided to meet on neutral grounds. No hotel room or otherwise private location. The hotel she was staying in for her conference was cat-a-corner to a nice diner that stayed opened she'd been there in the 2 days since arriving and thought the food was good. He agreed to meet her there after a late night at work...figuring 30-40 minutes across from this extraordinary woman would be a joy he couldn't turn down. Interestingly enough, he got there first. She didn't want to make an "entrance" or anything...but, she'd forgotten her purse on the bed and had to go back to get it. Unfortunately...she'd left the hotel key there, of course that meant a few extra minutes at the concierge. When she did show up...wearing a cashmere gray shrug, a black maxi dress and black wedge sandals...his breath stopped short just a little. She beamed a smile, when making eye contact and walked over to him. He stood up...6" over her and said, "You're so beautiful"...and kissed her gently on the lips. He pulled out her chair, she sat down and then he. He held her hand and looked at her. She could feel it...the moisture gathering between her thighs filling up the black see through panties she had on. He said, "Oh my God...I can't even pretend..." and before he could finish the sentence, she said,"...I want you, right now." She'd finished his sentence and before they'd had a chance to order...they left.

Almost as if meant, when they walked out to his was damn near stranded. He'd parked furthest away from the diner, but in the time since he'd done that...several cars had left him as the only truck on that side of the lot. They looked at each other and giggled a little. She thought that they'd drive to a more "secluded" area instead of going into her hotel...he could get noticed, she thought. So, she decided to get in the back so when he'd found a place they could get a little back seat nookie. Well, it never got that far. As she attempted to climb up...he ran his hand across her ass making him bulge for her. He pushed her over gently making her ask, "What in the?..." He laughed and said, "You know what this is..." With that...she just leaned over onto her stomach as he stood there in the door of the truck pulling up her long dress. When he uncovered those panties, he was DONE. He moved them over and could see in the night's light how wet her pussy was. The sweet creaminess had leaked and filled her underwear and was now dripping to her clit. Not being a wasteful man, he bent down and took it all into his mouth. She released a quiver and a moan that encouraged him to dip his tongue inside. He passed up he might as well eat SOME thing. He sucked on her lips, tonguing her special place with a firmness that made her squeal. He decided to have salad as well, so he took turns devouring her ass and clit. After she'd come a few times in his mouth and he'd swallowed proudly...he pulled out "her" dick and slowly placed it in as she winced. His head was so fat that she came AGAIN on entry. He moved in and out and could see so much milk on his dick that it just excited him, but he wanted to take it slow. She said, "Don't...don't go slow...take your pussy baby. FUCK me, please!" That just turned him on and he couldn't restrain himself anymore. He sped up until he was fucking her fast and furiously out the side of his truck...testing suspension for about 15 minutes or more. His thickness produced thick creamy cum...what HAD to be her squirting and finally his own cum, bursting into the warmest place he'd laid his dick ever.

She laid there for a few moments...spent from the exquisite exhaustion of having been fucked the loveliest way to date. She pulled her panties back over her soreness...mentally noting to take them off and give to him. She stood up barely, looking at him as he stood against the truck beat. She kissed him long and deep, tasting her own sugar...and said, "That was extraordinary..."

After that...he went to his life...she to hers...and they both remembered a moment in time where they were with the most beautiful person they knew, continuing to be each other's friends...loving and supporting each other's lives. Now, THAT is love...

Friday, July 17, 2009

Loving On Me...

I wonder if other ladies do what I know, walk around in my womanly-ness. Ladies, do you know what I mean? Do you ever walk around with no panties on and just FEEL the warmth of your own pulse? Walking a walk that tells onlookers there is gold between them there Do you possess a stride that makes you feel like you walk with the power of wars and peace between your thighs? Have you ever gotten dressed and felt the fabric tickle your nipples? As I sit here penning this ode to the female frame...arms extended to the keyboard...between my arms are breast that meet with cleavage every time my hands get closer together. The weight of my breasts, tenderly...sensually heaving with each inhale and exhale.

Sometimes...I extend my leg into the air, to follow the lines of my feet, calves and thighs with my fingertips. I examine my canvas, finding a birthmark here...a beauty mark there. Tickling the skin barely touching just to form an idea of sensation. One of my favorite places to caress is the bone right above my upper thigh...leading to the crease of my center...oh, the pelvic bone. The skin is so soft there. My folds and fluff...mine to love...get attention when I'm drifting between last thoughts and dreams. I love to tilt my head back and trace my fingers from my jawline to my neck and then taking a sharp left (and right) to the full sides of my breast.

Ever lie on your side and love on the meeting of your cheeks and thighs? I can't count how many times an innocent touch of mine, ended in fingers slipping in from behind...and...yea. Being a woman with a little...well a lot "on the side"...I've got a little extra "in between" ;) I so love the inside of my own thighs...plump folds that keep the middle well-warmed.

Showers are my rituals. I love the exfoliating gloves I enables me to wash and caress with my hands. Sliding effortlessly with my body wash over every bit of me...luxuriating in an otherwise routine moment. And the moisturizing! Yes, the slow massaging of lotion disappearing into my skin. I sometimes lie naked, afterwards...and allow the air to hit places normally covered. Freshly lathered, lotion-ed and lounging in my skin.

Loving on me...



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