Monday, June 13, 2011

30~ Final Frontier: The Poem

This is it. The end. Fin. Finito. You ain't gotta go home, but you gotta get the HELL outta HERE! LOL

The final "question" is: Write an erotic poem of your choice...raunchy or classic...bring it!

Okay...I'm cheating. I'm posting a poem I wrote a while ago. Not sure I posted it anywhere, but oh well...she said, "BRING IT!!" LOL


i was thinking of you, love...
no romance
just a skin dance
a sway of nude flashes
thoughts of your thickness
[played in sliding scenes]
maxing out the space
throwing my thighs apart
golden limbs
wrapped around
copper's tone
slick sounds
and dips
pecks on lips
the flutter
in my gutteral throb
making it your own
to consummate
a symphony of moans
so deep
i sweat your scent
so sweet
i taste your heat
you taste like me
its all us
wafting in a delectable breeze
in the sheets
screwing with the coils 
in the cushions
swats on the tush and...
a tandem rush
a swirling
and rising
a fevered
of euphoric release
no preludes or
of romantic intent
loving you
but needing you
this is how i thought of you, love...

Thank you...thank you very much! *curtsying*

Sunday, June 12, 2011

29~ Pieces of Me

What makes you sexy to YOU?

Hmmm...I think I have a poem for that...brb

*looks for that thing I wrote a while back*

"Where did I post that thing?"

*taps fingers*

You know what? I'll just freestyle one right here. (I hate when I can't find what I'm looking for)

to me...
my sexy lies in the life i live
the person i am
when no one is here to see
when no one cares to see...
to me...
it's the way i walk
with a spiritual crown atop my head
eyes twinkling hi's to passersby
a smile spread wide
for me,
for no other reason,
than i've got love on my mind
love of life
love of the wife i can be
the mother i'm not,
but can be
the friend i am
even when some don't see
i feel sexy
singing a song
alone in my own world
humming happiness
enjoying my new and natural curls...
to me...
it's the sound of my voice
when laughs bound about
and tears fall for joyous things
and i imagine,
a man of kingly proportions
loving every piece of me
the sometimes
mean me
sad me
silly me
crazy me...
the "he's driving me crazy" me...
sweet me
ravenous me...
the "come-see-about-me"
the inner pin-up model in me
the consummate housewife in me
the gourmet chef in me
the let's-just-do-it, spontaneous me...
to me
my sexy comes from
the sometimes oblivious me...
not knowing the power of me
really not always aware that i am who i am...ME...
and gracefully accepting
that everyone can't handle me
oh well...
peace, b's...
cuz i'mma be me
and that me...
the true me
the one no one can steal from me...
is the sexiest me...
beaming from my own
inside sunshine
regardless of hard times
and life's grimes...
i continue to BE
in your face and
...shit, i'm sexy! ;)

28~ Right'Chea, Right Nah

If you could get your hands on some dick right would you like it?


~feeling a lil bad for writing this on a Sunday morning~

Um, Well...*gulping hungrily*

I'z in need. Let's just put it out there. I went from "waiting for my love" swearing off sex completely and putting up a brick wall JUST so that I wouldn't have to fend off unwanted advances. Honestly, this was with good intentions...but, it's getting old.

I guess, at 38 I'm at that "peak" I heard of. I swear, I think of sex at the most INAPPROPRIATE damn times. I ain't gonna tell you when and where, but let's just say...I need prayers. (seriously...get on that)


I can't figure out if I want someone to throw me over a couch arm, lift my skirt, smack my ass and enter my whirl pool with one long dive...pounding away until my lips pucker for that ultimate kiss...or have him lay me down softly and make love.

I'm missing the intimacy of love-making and the satisfaction of being "taken" willfully by a confident, "cocky" and  hungry lover. I want to have my breast given exclusive attention with licks, sucks, pulls and kneads that would make dough jealous. I want long kisses, deep and sensuous...kisses on my chin, lovingly placed with the emotion of someone in love with my love. I want to sit on someone and make their eyes close, toes splay and fingers dig deep into my thighs while he fights that explosion...

Yet, I could stand to have my legs thrown back and have my walls compromised by something large from someone who is digging like I owe him money. *you ever had  the opposite dig in your pocket for money...or keys even...and you look at them like, "Oh my...that's turning me on"?* I guess that's just me...

Either way...I want someone who is gonna put me to bed and wake me back up, just to punish me for even THINKING sleep is in the plans. WAKE UP BISH...take this!!!


Yea, I need to go back to bed. It's 6:18am on a Sunday morning and I ain't got the right to be talking like this...


27~ Kween Only!

Really, Dude?

Your man/woman likes to have sex with the same sex. Are you willing to invite this into your bedroom? Why?

Just like when speaking of Day 16's Orgy, 17's Man on Man Surprise and 22's Swing Set Iownflowlikedat...

See, I'm a modern chick, with conventionalism, traditionalism and selfish~ism combined. LOL I don't want to SHARE my man and I don't think that stuff belongs in the bedroom of a committed couple. Just like I said before, I totally respect OTHER people's willingness to share partners, swap, get orgy-fied and what not...but, I'm not made for that.

See, I'm a lover...AND a fighter. I could see shit getting tight. Either myself or one of the other parties are gonna have a problem. When two people bond and then someone comes in and threatens, infiltrates, or brings to the surface...desires that someone didn't even know they's trouble. The relationship can enhance or it can die a quick/slow death...depending on who is involved.

I've had a hard enough time with relationships as is...I'm not putting myself into the position of bringing unnecessary and unforeseen drama to my situation. Life does that for me already.

Another thing...

I don't know that I could believe that I'd have the same respect for my man who likes men. I don't give a sword-fighting FUCK what no one else says...the moment two men get together...they become gay in perception. Women get away with liking the same sex because most men think it's sexy. It's a LOT of mens' fantasies. There WAS a time when a stigma was carried around with women who were BI or Lesbian, but right about now a lot of men would PRAY that their women wanted to bring another Eve to the situation. Yet, I don't know too many women who crave their man to fuck another...two dicks at once? Yes. Them doing each other? No. I'd befriend a Gay guy in a heartbeat...I have "hag" tendencies, lol...but, I want my man to be strictly clitty.

My thing is...what happens if he gets "enamored" with this other dude (hypothetically speaking)? I can't give him what he's getting with dude...anymore than a man can truly understand what makes some women prefer other women over them. What happens when he needs that prostate tapped in a way I can't do? What happens when he prefers the roughness of  a man over my feminine softness? The day my tits become superfluous to him and my vadge becomes a turn off. "Eww...slits!"  LOL

So, no...they'll be no stick fights in my bedroom.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

26~ Buns, No Dog...

You see how she's tryna pull that lil ass skirt over her ass? Yea...that's me tryna make sure no sausage slips into my canolli hole.

I just had this convo with my sista Dee the other night and I told her why the anal thing is such a NON MUTHAFUCKIN FACTOR to THIS bitch...lmao. (I can't stand Evelyn's trife ass, but that's a funny ass thing to say)...anyway. I have my own personal issues with it and I also haven't met ONE man who has made me feel secure enough (relationship-wise or physically) to indulge in this with him.

While I'm on this subject...(hold on tight to your assholes) I think some people give up the PUSSY too quick, let alone the ass.  I've done it and I don't regret it, but I STILL know was TOO FAST! (Very few relationships I know of have started off as a first night's fuck and become happily ever after...that's most like the EXCEPTION to the rule). So, your ASS sex? THAT should be some sacred thing you hold for someone you love. If you're  letting some dude willy-nilly spread your shit chute wide for no other reason than "I cum hardest when fucked in the back"...then yea, whatever. If I come off judgmental or snobbish or whatever so what. It's MY fuckin' blog and I'll diss if I wanna.

This is my BODY, man...I can't be letting no dude[s] go in on my ass for no sexual pleasure knowing that it can eventually effect the way I am able to hold my shit one day. *insert pic of you messing on yourself one day because your asshole's muskles have weakened* That's my concern...the actual physical effects...and yea the initial pain. It's not in my near future to try and honestly...I pray that if/when I'm sealed with my soul's mate...that he's not interested in my blow hole.

*holding my ass on the way out*

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

25~ Slosh Slosh

What motivates you to hit your orgasmic peak during a masturbation session?

Joy,'re a freak! (c) previous

Well, I love sounds!

The sound of slapping, wetness, sloshing...I suppose, it's an indication of how aroused I am or can get. I don't know. I'll tell a dude to shut up just so I can enjoy the sex sounds. Why talk dirty when our bodies are talking already?

If it's not'll be the thought of someone doing to me what I'm doing to me. I've gotten off on the memory of a good session with someone. It all depends. Some days, it's about me loving the feeling of my lips' softness, wetness, fullness, "swoleness" other times it'll involve a fantasy of someone I've never touched who I long to fuck.

I have even come off the sounds of the construction site nearby. The "tamping" (when they flatten out the hot tar they've put down) sound...a lulling and consistent, "thump...thump...thump" was reminding me of the sound when someone's hitting the bottom and their sac is making a hollow noise on the back of my ass? Yea...that. I guess, the same way I can hear music in everyday sounds...I can hear sex, too. *I need a deep tissue massage...on the INSIDE part...RIGHT now*


Yea...that nosy ass Joy. LOL

24~ Freak O'Nature

What's your definition of freaky?

I COULD go and get the definition, copy and paste it and intellectually break it down...but, then I'd also have to have a stick lodged in my ass. LOL

This word is interesting, so I'll put it like this...freaky to ME, is whatever is outside of my comfort zone. It's relevant from person to person. For instance, if I have missionary sex all of the time and never do oral...then, being familiar with every position in the Kama Sutra might be freaky to me. If I do like it in different positions, but don't like anal...anal would be considered freaky. Something "odd" to YOU!

Freaky is whatever the hell turns YOU on...whatever gets you off. Freaky and KINKY however are two different things...but y'all ain't ask me that. lol

Nowadays, freaky or freakin' just means sex period. Nothing out of the ordinary or over the top weird. "I wanna get freaky with you..." may mean, "I wanna lick you up and down, til you say stop..." LOL I think it also can be applied to the level of passion one has for something. A fanatical state. I'm a freak for kitchen stuff. I drool over pots and pans and handy gadgets. See, it's Aaaall relative.

So, yea...that's what freaky means to me.

Monday, June 6, 2011

23~ Yes, Mister...

Dom/ or just an excuse for men to abuse women?

I don't think that...

I've been observing for a LONG time the interactions between doms and subs. Over on 360, I peeped several of these dynamics and read their blogs in curiosity.

What I found personally to be the gist of these  trust. I find that the whole point of the roles being played is to submit to someone who you trust and allow them to take you on a journey of sexual freedom and experiences.

I've read stories of subs who had to grow to trust their dom to allow fisting, asphyxiation (not the tamer shit I've heard some friends say they 've experience, but a more intense version), bondage, etc.

Another thing is...

It's not just men who are doms. A lot of doms are women, and men are the subs.'s about trusting someone, loving someone implicitly...trusting them with your life basically. Yes, it's deep. It's like..."I trust you to take my mind, body and spirit to other levels of satisfaction and know that you won't harm me."

That's what I've learned. I don't down anyone for being either role. I actually commend someone for being able to allow someone to have that power over them and let it be a pleasure-seeking thing and not a feeling that somehow they're being abused or mistreated.

If they like it...I love it.

22~ Swap Meet

Swinging...your thoughts...


Well, I know people do it. If they like it I love it. I haven't done it and don't plan to. I'm a very private lover...therefore, me trading mates ain't in the cards.

I guess for's like, I've been cheated I participated in some "involuntary swinging". I haven't experienced anything thus far in my lifetime that has opened me up to even wanting to delve into that life.

So, in conclusion (this was short as hell)...I don't think much of it.

Swing on swingers...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

21~ Slow It Down

Photo by TraceLegacy

Make a music playlist you would like to get busy to...(name of artist, title of song, why you chose it)

I have a lot of songs...some are nasty songs and some are love songs that I just think make you want to slowly take your time surveying the extent of someone's skin...::shivering::...

`Prince~ Insatiable | well, what more do I have to say?

`Adina Howard~ Nasty Grind | ...again...what's to say? lol

`John Legend~ Another Again | ...this song right'chea? Between the soft flute-like notes, the the beat and the's almost like you're musically saying to a lover, "Let's do it again..."

`Claudette Ortiz~ Message To You | ...well, from the moment I first heard this song, I've been in love with it's piano rifs and lovely melody. This is that "make love to me so we can make it all better song"

`Faith Evans~ Right Here | ...have you heard this song? SEXY!

`Beyonce~ Speechless |  Yea. Get into that. lol

`Floetry~ Getting Late | ...cuz, it's getting late ;)

`Jamie Foxx f/Marsha Ambrosius~ |  Freakin Me...O__O

`Jill Scott~ Crown Royal | It's pretty much instructional. LOL

`Usher~ Seduction  | O_O

`Debarge~ Love Me In A Special Way | ...also instructional...

`Marvin Gaye~ Anything | ...I'd fuck to Got To Give It Up, lol...that man's voice is fire.

`Joi~ Lick | ...yea.

`Janet Jackson~ Ropeburn |

`Joe~ More and More | Yes, sex music for every room in the house...

`R. Kelly~ The Greatest Sex | That song does it for me...

`Marsha Ambrosius~ With You | I just heard this song on TV and yea...that shit is sexy.

`Michael Jackson~ The Lady In My Life | Don't sleep on Mike...that's a sexy/sensual ass song

Let me tell y'all. I had MAD songs run through my head...and honestly, some of them I can't quite remember the damn title or artist. Whenever I'm asked to recall music, my mind swims with music that spans well over half a century...I always walk away feeling like I forgot some shit. I also know I'm gonna see the lists of all the other ladies after this and be like, FUCK...I FORGOT that one, too!!!

So...yea. Um...I also cheated. I had a playlist with some of these songs on it...I'm telling you...I got overwhelmed. LOL

Saturday, June 4, 2011

20~ Oooooh Chaaaah-leee

Tell a story of your most embarrassing sex experience...

Well this is easy...

The SAME mofo I regretted screwing is involved. Yea, THIS should've been a warning to me. Actually, there were three up until the big Non-Bang. Each time we'd tried to screw...something went horribly wrong.

THIS particular time (the third penalty flag thrown on the field) was most embarrassing. Here I am, wearing my sexiest drawlz, shaved to smooth proportions, tits softer than a punk bish. He's all up in my wetness with his fingers...testing the waters.

Just as he pulls up to legs widen for entry...and BANG!!! BOOM!! CHAH-LEE...the horse.

My foot curled up like the Wicked Witch of the East. Imagine freshly pedicured toes all special bus looking and the muscle in my calf hardening like bad biscuits! OWWW!!! I'm in excruciating pain and dude is doing what he's doing to help me...I feel silly. Cooch wet, panties now air hitting it...all while I howl in pain and roll around like Peter on Family Guy.



I finally made it to the point that I could force myself to stand up to bring the deformity that was my foot back to normal. It pained for a whole day afterward.

The only name I was screaming...was Chah-lee's. lmaooo


Bukkake? Your thoughts...

I THINK it sounds like someone tryna be slick and sneeze out a "BULLSHIT"...


Yea, I'm at this VERY moment, fighting the flight of the newborn Skeeters in my room...I don't like shit in my face. Not my hair, not snot, not insects, not dust nor sun.

Iownlike the idea of ONE dick's jizz on my face...let alone a number of dicks. I remember when my ex pulled out and the shit went flying and I checked my hair and face immeggiately for damage. No, NO I said. *choking at the imaginary incoming spunk getting in my nostrils and mouth*. I already have an Astigmatism...hell nah. I ALMOST threw up in my mouf looking at all the pics associated with the word. I hadda research it just to make sure I wasn't prematurely disgusted. lol

Call me what you will...but, don't call me Cum Covered.

That is all...

Friday, June 3, 2011

18~ Street, Chic and Heat

Tell a sexual triangle short story...

She, Her & Him

She knew him from around the way...a cutie who stood on the block, looking like a slice of "not-my-type" and "damn-he's-fine". He (him) wasn't her type only because he was that thugged out kinda love she knew only ended in moist pillows and bricks through windows.

After several months of passing Him on the block, him never saying a word...He finally opened his mouth. No one around that particular day allowed for Him to roll up in the security that no one would hear his real rap, to the sista that they all called "ms too high to smile".

"Excuse me, gorgeous...can I have a minute?" He asked as she almost cat-walked past him in habit.
Surprised at his good manners, sexy tone and just the mere thought that he even noticed her, she said, "Huh?". He laughed lightly and repeated himself. She said, "Well, what can I do for you?".  He took her by the hand and led her out of the traffic of the other pedestrians and said, "Go out on a date with me...I'd like to get to know you." The typical reaction in this dynamic is usually an abrupt no, a look at him like he's short and a "I'm-too-g00d-for-you" sashay away. She thought for a nano second to send him back to his post up under the stairs. What came out of her mouth was, "Yes...sure, why not. Tell me what time and day and I'll go." He almost tipped over with elation that the woman he'd been eying for months took him up on a date.

~The Date~

They decide to meet at a restaurant they both wanted to try. She shows up wearing a strapless, mini dress with a banded bottom in deep blue. He's wearing a pair of dark jeans, a crisp button down shirt and a v-neck vest in muted olive color. His hair, revealed from underneath his usual fitted cap...wavy with the clean lines of a fresh cut. Her eyes lit hungrily for this guy who more or less seemed more street than chic and now he was exhibiting many decent traits she couldn't imagine. Everything, from his gentlemanly nods to let her through the door as he held it, to his pulling out her chair, to his paying for everything she ordered...all the way up until he drove her home (she taxied it), with attempts to walk away and say good night. It was all turning her on.

"Come in for a drink..." she offered
"Thank you but, no...I don't drink." he replied
"Well, I've got soda, water, iced tea..." she chuckled
He laughed and said, "Okay...just for a bit. I've got to get up and work in the morning."

This threw her off. She said, "Work? Where do you work?" as she unlocked the door...
He shook his head a little and responded, "I work in the building you see me outside of everyday. I'm a electrician at the phone company!"
She looked dumbfounded...stopping in her tracks, flipping the lights and replied, "...but, I every time I pass by you're outside with the guys..."
"Every time YOU pass's my break. You only come through once a day..."
She felt stupid and embarrassed for how she'd assumed he was a ne'er do well, a slouch, a scrub. She realized that she'd assumed he was all street without knowing him at all.
"Well, I'm sorry that I prejudged you...I really apologize."

Just as she'd said that, the hall light came on and She walked out sleepily. "Why are you so late getting in?" she asked as she rubbed her eyes.
"I went out tonight...I have a friend here. She introduced Him to Her and his eyes surveyed over her scantily clad body. She smirked and giggled.

He said, "I didn't know you had a roommate...I don't want to intrude, I'll come back at a decent hour..."
"I'm not her roommate...I'm her woman" she said.
"What? What do you mean? You're a lesbian?" he asked with a scowl.
"Yes, well no...I'm BI...she's a lesbian. I date men, she dates me..."
The "roommate" said, "Be honest...tell him that we BOTH like men. Tell him that you only bring home guys we BOTH can fuck...go ahead...tell him..." she said as she plopped onto the couch causing everything to jiggle.
"Wow, um...I ain't expect this. I don't know..."

Before he could get the rest of his thought out...both ladies were approaching with puma precision. It was like he'd consented through the silence. The way his arms went up when they removed his sweater vest and shirt...the way he stepped out of his pants voluntarily. The way his head went back when She sucked long and strong off the tip of his dick and how She, too...went in on his pecs. The way he grabbed Her hair as she sucked him and began fingering Her, too from behind as she  bit his nipples...suggested he liked it.

He'd penetrated both She and Her and they'd both spent time sitting on His face. He brought the street, She the chic and Her the heat...all of which left them quite exhausted on a first of many dates.

**Honestly, I don't like this story...but got doggonit...I'm tide and it's all I could do to honor this challenge. *yawning*

Thursday, June 2, 2011

17~ GETCHO $#!T!!!

You walk in your bedroom to find your lover deep in the sexual act with the same sex...what do you do?

Before or after I throw hot fish grease on em? O__o

Look. I'm all for people doing what they do. You gay, getchusum. You a lesbian? GETCHUSUM!! Yet, if you're with ME (a straight woman) and you (supposedly a straight MAN) bring another dude to my gots ta GO!

Reason #1-Infinity why I most likely (note that I didn't say never) not have a because I don't want a girl in my bed. I don't want anyone EXCEPT the man I my bed. MY bed? No the fucking fuck you didn't.

"...messing up my sheets...
and violating me..."

Sunny said that shit right there. Of all the mattresses with clean sheets in the hadda fuck up MINE? NOT just the nastiness that is someone else's sex juice beside mine...but the energy of your betrayal seeped into my sheets...through to my mattress...on the frame that is supposed to be the foundation of OUR sexual bliss?

I should hitchu in your shit...

Lemme go get me a dude and fuck him in the back seat of YOUR prized ride...or wear your favorite jersey as he pounds me out from behind while tugging at the hem of your team's colors...yea mothafucka...that's got your attention, huh?

Besides the betrayal, the disregard for the fact that I could catch it, the shock of the gay sex when I clearly thought he was straight...and of course, the defiling of my bed (NOT just where we made love, but where I lay my head and become spiritually vulnerable at night for the dream state) Why do I have to find out so dramatically and traumatically that you're on both teams? I expect truth and honesty in a relationship and the fact that such a truth could've escaped us would be too much. That ain't even freaky...that's just fucked up.

16~Whatcha Doin' DAT Fo'?

You are invited to a party that turned into an orgy, you just arrived...what would you like to see?

Well...I'd like to see some fuckin' snacks and drinks. What the fuck? I show up thinking I'm gonna walk in on some dancing, mingling, platters being passed around...and folks are but naked, dicks and vadges out??

Well, why didn't they just SAY that? LOL

I wanna see a LOT of dick riding, bouncing til the milk drips...

I wanna see some pipe-laying...I don't wanna see no pretty fuck faces, I wanna see women struggling to contain themselves and men's eyes rolling up. I wanna see folks tryna get away...toes splayed out like he's having a special moment...

I wanna see some bondage and some whips and paddles...asses strapped down and orifices being compromised until skin shines from leakage.

Honestly, what I've written above is what I'd want to see if no one could see ME. I'm a voyeur. I'd much rather watch than participate in that kind of sex. In real life, I'd back up FAST like the Matrix and pray no one saw me as I make my way home.

15~ Oops...Didn't See You

Have you ever been caught masturbating or having sex? Tell the story...


The one time that I've ever been caught having sex was when my 1st and I were getting it on in his living room. SHAMEFULLY...his mom was in the back asleep in her room...and we THOUGHT his little nephew was asleep, too.

No dice. It's like kids are natural cock blockers...shit!

Picture it...1990...or was it '89? Either way...I'm over his house wearing my off-white "swing" mini-skirt and a top I can't recall. Clearly, the skirt was killing it and he rose to the occasion. He was sitting in the arm chair and asked me to "sit on his lap". Wooo weee. *ahem* Yea, well...I ended up sitting on his lap with my back to him...panties down and the full-on recipient of some pushing up motions. LOL

Now, from anyone's view that could see...I just looked like I was sitting on his lap and he was holding me. WHY did this 3yr old kid say, "Ooooh, GRANDMA...Aunt Kali is on Uncle *****'s laaaap" he runs toward the back. I move to get up and catch his little ass, when UNK grabs me back down and says, "Let's finish..." LOL

Yea...I don't think his grandma believed him considering she was half-sleep...but, I do wonder if mi sobrino (That's what I call him) remembers that day...I hope not. LOL




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