Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Elle's Tales: Qua

{Qua, 31, Hometown, Nunya}

I travel so much, that I never get to drive my own car. I am a car rental's dream. Thankfully, my company picks up the tab and I don't do anything but gas it. (On some occasions...I'm reimbursed)...still, it's a pretty sweet deal. Yet, my customized Range Rover begs to be driven at times. I work so unreasonably close to where I live, that driving would be lazy. I walk the barely 20 minute walk to work every day and my calves are killer because of it. me and my baby's day. So for my trip...a wash, a full tank, vitamin water, Wheat Thins for snacking, iPod, phone and charger... are all required must-haves for the 2-hour drive I'm taking to my hometown to visit the family.

Going home isn't something I do often. Not just because I'm busier than the hottest hoe on the stroll...but, because my hometown holds bittersweet memories of love and innocence lost, nasty whispers and a father who is moderately disappointed in the aforementioned. Rev. Thorne is perpetually disappointed. It's like his lot in life is to frown harshly on everything his family does. I don't even think it's because he actually IS disappointed...but, because it's what "men of the cloth" are supposed to hardest on their families. My mother on the other hand is an excellent "first lady" with the patience of Job. She often shakes her head in shame of how my father uses his "tongue of doom" upon his children. I am the youngest, if you hadn't guessed...and yes, I'm spoiled as hell. Somehow, father reserves and casts his most poisonous aspersions onto me and my "lifestyle". He hates that I travel so much...mostly alone...and says that I will forget the ways of my upbringing being thrown into the world so regularly. If only he REALLY knew. I could REALLY go without the lectures, but my mother begged me for this visit...and like I said, my "baby" craves a good drive.

The drive wasn't too bad...I managed to sing my way all the way home. My favorite driving song of all time is Nina Simone's "Sinnerman" just gets your fingers and feet tapping and clears the road for acceleration. Once home, I pulled into mom and dad's driveway and on cue, they both appeared hand in hand at the door.  My childhood home is a red two-story craftsman, shutters on windows included...a family's home. It was my paternal grandfather's house. My dad has renovated it twice...once adding an extra room to the back and again when giving mom her dream kitchen. The garden has always been upkept as well as the wonderful fish pond dug up by "Grampa Thorne" when my dad was a kid. On sight, my mom outstretches her arms. "Hey baby..." mom, says. Dad hugs me and eyes me for a sec. "Hey baby girl...not missing any meals, huh?". Mom (as usual)...slaps dad's arm and says,"Winston! Your tongue!". He pinches my arm fat and says, "She knows I'm just kidding...give dad another hug". I oblige, but remember to make him pay for his remark with some kind of unnecessary loan.

We sit and talk, as mom offered coffee cake (which I declined for obvious reasons) and no sooner than dad opens his mouth to start grilling me...the doorbell rings. I decide to answer...and there stood, Qua. "WOW...L******..." he says using my full name. " look amazing..." he drools. Qua's family  has lived next door for years...and truthfully, the last time "I" saw him was when I left for school nearly 12 years ago. He had been away to school himself, but was home for that summer. I was still getting over "O" and wasn't eying anything that didn't look like a walking sexual escape. I never saw Qualiq like that. He was like fam...LIKE fam, I said to myself. *hmmm* This dude is looking damned good. DARK chocolate...bald head, THICK as fuck...oh shit. I haven't even replied yet! "Oh, hey Qua...I almost didn't recognize you...come in." I say as he reaches and hugs me. When he wraps his arms around me he whispers in my ear, "Mmm girl...I like this thick shit...". I was shocked...and my panties filled with my leaking sex. I had to regroup...I mean, I'm standing in REV. THORNE'S DAD. I braced myself and as Qua was greeting the 'rents...I snatched my bag off the couch and scurried off to the bathroom down the hall. I pulled down my shorts and GEEZ my panties were no more good. I just took them off, washed them in the sink and balled them in my hand. After leaving the bathroom, I flew upstairs and hung them in my old room to dry. WOW...this is unexpected. How do I go back downstairs and look him in his slanted light-brown eyes and not TOTALLY destroy my shorts. I came with NOTHING else to change into. This was supposed to be just a day's excursion..who the hell is planning for their pussy to get wet while lunching with their parents? I hear my dad bellow my name. "L*******!!! Come and join us for lunch...Qua is going to stay, too!" HELP ME!! I think. I yell okay and go back downstairs. I smooth my shorts, the flowing off-the-shoulder blouse I was wearing AND my unruly curls. I wobbled back down to the awaiting eyes...and sure enough...Qua's and mine met. Almost as if she could see the tension and the need for us to release mother said, "Shoot, I forgot to buy the lemons for my you mind going, Elle?" She was the only one who called me that...I loved it. "Yes, mom...I'll go. I'll be right back." I flew out of there like a whore out of church. As soon as I chirped my alarm off, I heard Qua say, "Wait, L******...I'll go. Damn, is this you?" he asked pointing at my baby. "Yes, it is..." I replied. His eyes widened and then he pointed over to the Range Rover parked in his driveway...his and mine opposite in colors...something like our skintones. My baby was cream on cream...his black on black. I said, "Cool! Jump in...let's go."

The store was about 15mins away on the highway. The entire time I was driving...I could feel Qua's eyes moving up my thighs, over my arms and across my breasts. I was so nervous that I missed the exit and had to drive to the next one to get off...a whole 10mins down the road. He snickered and said, "I'm sorry...I've been throwing you off your square since you opened the door...why is that?" he asked devilishly. I said, "You were never...I guess, I never saw you as...attractive. I mean, NOT that you're not handsome...but, we were always neighbors...and kinda like family, so..." I said stumbling over explanations. He said, "It's okay...I get it. Besides...I remember how into that guy, Omar you didn't have TIME to notice little old me." Why was this dude mentioning HIS name? I never mentioned HIS name...NEVER. That turned me off and I found myself off the next exit and making my way back to the market. I said, "Well...I am grown up now and he's the furthest thing from my" Qua threw his hands up and said, "I'm sorry...didn't mean to overstep." As he was conceding to my annoyed state...I was pulling into the lot. He offered to get out and purchase the lemons. I let him. I needed a moment. I sat and seethed while he got out and walked in. I was then taken back in time. I remembered the incident after finding out HE had been fucking all my "friends" and some of my family...and I actually felt a tear fall. I wiped it away and said aloud, "Fuck that...fuck, Omar." I hadn't said his name in years. I gathered myself together as quickly as possible and with that Qua exited the store with mom's lemons. The drive back to the house was decidedly quiet. Qua asked once if I was okay, and I lied, "...yes."

Lunch was served. Eventually through the meal I got my mind right and was smiling and laughing with everyone. My older brother Evan popped in with his two little girls and stayed for a sec. Qua decided after Evan showed up to go home. He wanted me to enjoy my family time...he'd only came over to tell my dad that he'd finished fixing the carpenter's cart he promised to. My dad said, "Baby, walk Qua out...thank you...and thank YOU, Qua for fixing my cart." Qua waved and said, "No problem, Rev. pleasure. Good night everyone."

I walked out the door into the now dusking day and noticed such a beautiful sky of orange-pink and light blue...the sun is setting. Qua says, "I'm sorry if my mentioning your ex brought any pain was small talk, but I should've been more careful." I looked at him in the view of the porch's motion light...and said, "It's okay...I realized today that I am not as over things as I thought I was. I've been masking pain with so many other things...and today, I got a rude awakening as to how deep that hurt still runs. For that, Qua...thank you." I hugged him and he inhaled my Euphoria perfume...held me a little tighter and said, "Let me make you feel better?" I didn't even say yes or no. He took my hand...led me off my parent's porch and across our the other side of his house where the hedges were over eight feet tall. He pushed me gently against the side of the house, pulled the elastic border of my blouse down...freeing my breasts. He began sucking them, while finding his hands down my shorts...he looked at me in the darkening day and smiled at finding no underwear. He rubbed my pussy front to back, gathering my juices on his fingers and dipping into me. I closed my eyes, tilted my head back and let this man please me. He manipulated my nipples with his tongue and one hand, while fingering my pussy into submission. My legs widened and I unbuttoned my shorts. I let them hit the ground as I pulled his head into the center of my breasts. He bent down, placed my leg over his shoulder and slurped up all of me. In the distance I could hear my mother calling my name...almost as if it were a tunnel between us. I didn't stop...neither did Qua. He sucked on me until his dick begged to break free of his pants. Qua was also VERY prepared. It was like, sometime between lunch and going to get my dad's carpenter cart...he'd slipped protection into his pocket. Nice. He ripped it with his teeth, I removed it and put it on his dick. YES, this man had GIRTH. I've had his length before but not this wide. He lifted ME up against the house and dropped me gingerly onto himself. I relaxed, while he opened my ass cheeks with both hands and as he pumped, he got all of himself into me. He bounced me up and down and I moaned...LOUDLY as the thunderous clapping of my skin and his echoed in the night. He fucked me SO hard up against his house that someone heard and turned the light on in his living room. That's when he put me down, and led me to the back of the house and into the basement's patio doors. He turned around, dick still out and swinging and placed his finger over his mouth. I nodded. He sat down and motioned for me to get on top. I did, and oooh did it hurt at first. I had my screw face on as I worked him back into me...mmmm. I went for broke. I rode him better than I'd ridden anyone in a while. His dick made me create moves my body didn't know before. He was the loud one, I put a nipple in his mouth. I sped up my groove until I felt my legs get weak and I couldn't ride anymore. He flipped me over on my side and brought it HOME. I came all over his dick...the couch...and myself. I laid there briefly, as he retrieved my shorts from the side of the house. I cleaned up in his bathroom and replaced my clothing. He kissed me and said, "Welcome home, Lilliana".

I found my way back to my parent's house...and to my surprise my dad made no funny remarks. I guess he trusted what I said when I told him I was just saying bye to Qua. He really trusts him.

My mom packed food...a jug of her orange-lemonade and some of the coffee cake I turned down and I hit the road. As I was pulling away from the house, my pussy throbbed with painful glee. I think I drove home sitting almost sideways. Me and my baby got out today...and we both had a HELL of a ride. You CAN go home again.

{Qua in my Hometown. 31yrs old. 9" copper pipe. (adding a 6th kiss to the scoring). 6 out of 6 kisses on nostalgia purposes alone}



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