Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the way you do

i love the do me
the flat of your tongue
against the small of my back
licking outside the lines
illustrating love
impressions of your hunger
left in my softness...
tender tips rolling
over my slopes
like foamy white rapids
forming between clinched thighs
your name reverberating
off the surface of my skin
as you bookmark
every part of me
every mound
alley of kali
every stream of cream
the cave you crave
*i think my clit just waved*
YOU man...
pressing play
on my button
i've had before
comes close to the do me
pecks upon
the nape of my neck
you tasting every salty sweet
speck of my sweat
the power of my pulse
at the whim of your will
as i lie still
the way...
YOU do...
is the truth
NO one
does me the way you do
incessant fusions
of you
in me
my senses
my own touch
drawn unnaturally to your body
my sense of smell
taken over by the hints
of you still present
in whiffs of memory
swallowing air
that tastes like your love
me seeing you
with shut eyes
yet blinded when
gazing over you
how you do me...
has never been done
you'll keep doing me?

Monday, March 1, 2010

"O" Baby...


How would you feel if you realized after years of sexual experience, that the echoing, pulsating, body rippling sensations of climaxing you'd been feeling...was just the precursor to the "BIG O"? Ok, let me say it experience an orgasm for the first time...realizing that the ones before it were actually the climaxING and not the actual peak!

One, let's get on track so no one gets lost in the sauce. An orgasm is as defined (because everyone doesn't know) :intense or paroxysmal excitement; especially : an explosive discharge of neuromuscular tensions at the height of sexual arousal that is usually accompanied by the ejaculation of semen in the male and by vaginal contractions in the female.

So...we understand that it is a shaking, shivering, quivering, body shimmering with glistening sweat triggered from waves of sensual pleasure type deal. We understand that it is the "big finish" to some good and properly placed stroking. BUT...what if you'd been having the pre-cumming experiencing...never finishing...but THINKING that was it. When you do experience that toe-curling event...what goes through your mind? Do you embark on a fucking mission (double entendre intended) see how BIG the "O" can get? Do you become insatiable? Do you reflect on the times before (mates included) and resent the sex? 

I mean, how many of us...women, especially...KNOW our bodies well enough? How many of us are giving away our pleasure to men without receiving pleasure as well? Makes me wonder under what circumstances many of us began having sex to begin with. Possibly, we were so young that our bodies weren't ready for the act of sex, let alone the mental place a woman needs to be, to embrace her sexuality.

The best way to get pleasure out of your sexual activity, is to know YOUR body, get to know your MATE'S body, listen to one another, and be open. To talk before, (sometimes during) and after to make sure that you're giving/getting what each other needs. Finding your way around your level of comfort...testing your boundaries now and then for excitement so as not to fall into a sexual rut. I don't have a partner right now, but I do know that I want one who is willing to be patient with me (and I him) as we find our groove. Find out if you're into Tantric, Role-Playing, BDSM, etc...and learn to TRUST your mate and allow yourself to be free with them. Think about're at your most vulnerable. You're naked, unarmed (in every way) and you're allowing someone to connect with you by plugging into your body with theirs...shouldn't you experience it to the fullest? Reaching heights and walking (or staggering) away satisified? 

A friend asked me to ask this question and I decided to ask it, allowing for an open forum of people's personal stories about sex. Don't be shy. When did you first experience an orgasm? Did someone give you one? Or did you self-help? Are you a multi-orgasmic you squirt? Have you had a vaginal and/or clitoral orgasm ladies? Fellas, have you faked it? What gets you there? Are you in it for the "O" or the feeling of connecting? Yea, I'm all UP in your bedroom...tell me...I mean, us. lol



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