Monday, August 1, 2011

An Interview with Sable Jordan: How WHET is her Ink?

As some of you may know I did an anthology not too long ago headed up by Ms. Sable Jordan...a lovely friend of my buddy Katlynne Lasalle. "Summer Heat" was compiled by Ms. Jordan and aside from her own sweet offering there was mine, Kat's and Perri Forrest's. You HAVE to read it. It's's FREE...and it's FIRE! 

Here's a little sexy convo between Sable and I...

KWEEN: Firstly, tell the readers a bit about yourself.

SABLE: Thanks for having me, Kween! *waves* And hi to all the readers. Thanks for swinging by to check your girl out. The nut in a nutshell: I’m a writer of multi-cultural erotica and seductive romances, and whatever else comes to mind.  Tattooed vixen. Wicked humorist. Incurable humanist.  Proud geek! Closet badass! *Shhh* Lover of pit bulls, fast cars, all music, and candy.  

KWEEN: *GEEKS UNITE!!* HAHA! We must be kin ;) So, When was the first time you realized you wanted to be a writer? 

SABLE: I always knew I wanted to INK, it just took a while to get back to it. Like most writers, you start off with this urge to write as a kid, and then the pesky bits of life—i.e. paying bills, finding a job, hiding bodies…you know, the usual—get in the way and you have to find the time to put pen to pad.

KWEEN: I get you to the core, my sister of the pen! What are three “must haves” you need in order to write?

SABLE: I usually have some sort of music playing, candy in the general vicinity, and at least 5 minutes. I don’t even need my laptop, just a pen and some scrap paper and I’m gonna max those 5 minutes out jotting down ideas or snarky dialogue in between folding clothes and walking the dogs and solving everyone else’s crisis!  Then it’s just a matter of piecing the puzzle together.

KWEEN:  I appreciate anyone who still uses pen and paper! Nice! On to your short, Shaken and Stirred, is it your first published piece?

SABLE: The version of S&S that I included in the Summer Heat anthology is my second published work, and I guess that makes the extended version of the story my third. Both of those are available FREE through Smashwords and should be out through Amazon and soon. But I popped my publishing cherry *giggles* in March of this year with Different Shades of Gray, which is out through eXcessica publishing.

KWEEN: I wanna be you when I grow up! :D ...You had 7500 words to get S&S written. Can you sum it up in one sentence?

SABLE: That’s evil, you do know that, right, Kween?  Okay, here goes: A secret agent gets the cum spanked out of her by the villainous mastermind at a BDSM party on his yacht.  Yep. That just about sums it up.

KWEEN: Now THAT was evil! LOL You're such a damn tease, Sable!! Okay, time for a little association game. First word to come to mind. Ready?

SABLE: Incidentally, this was a lot less stressful when the tables were turned. Okay, ready…


SABLE: Panties

KWEEN: Chocolate

SABLE: Cock... I know this is against the one-word-rule, but I gotta say, naturally chocolate or covered in it; I’m easy either way… Okay. Cock—final answer. Sorry. Where were we?

KWEEN:  **giggling**...Honey

SABLE: Dripping…


SABLE: INK! *message!* 


SABLE: Harder. (Pretty please? I’m nothing if not polite.)

KWEEN:  ::SPANK:: Quit it, bad ass! lol ...So I hear tale you’re pretty proud about one of your marketing strategies. Care to share it with us?

SABLE: Proud is putting it mildly. I’m not really the pat-myself-on-the-back type, but I’m in love with my tagline—Stories so Whet, you’ll want to Lick My INK! *toot toot* I think it speaks to what I write, how I write, and who I am as a writer. I grappled with an idea for a tag for almost 3 weeks, but nothing stood out. And then it just hit me in the middle of the night one morning (yes, you read that right) and I hopped up from a warm bed and a nice dream that I’m sure involved chocolate cocks and was like, “By Joe, I think I’ve got it!” Anyhow, I wrote it down and then sent out a text to my inner circle at the unholy hour of 4am. The return messages were basically “Yaay! Now, unless you’re on fire, TAKE YO ASS TO BED!” *shrugs*

KWEEN:  See, we're definitely best thoughts come at night, in the morning. lol How do you come up with your characters? Random creations, people you know, or reflections of you?

SABLE: A clever combination of the three. It’s a guarantee one of my characters, no matter the book, is going to say something snarky. That’s the “me” infusion. It might be subtle for the more serious works, but it’s in there. I might also insert a trait from someone from way back, but for the most part, I just make ‘em up. *disclaimer: any likeness to anyone I went to school with, grew up with, or dated is a complete coincidence. Scout’s honor. 

KWEEN:  All right, let’s give the readers a taste of Shaken & Stirred.

SABLE: Gladly! *ahem* And now, for your literary perusal, I give you a Lick from S&S:

blurb: Secret agent Kizzie Baldwin has a mission with a simple objective: Steal a formula while attending the festivities on the villainous Xander Duquesne's luxury yacht. There's just one problem—she has no idea it's a BDSM party.  Dom and criminal mastermind Xander is a man who likes to be prepared. But the unexpected run-in with Kizzie throws him for a loop. Will he give her what she came for, or a little something extra?
...The crowd cheered, the rising excitement egging the pair in the circle on.  The woman continued to scream; the man continued his assault, alternating between rough smacks and soft caresses with his bare hand over her blushing flesh. Before long she was facing Kizzie, revealing a multitude of clothespins—one clamped on each nipple, the rest outlining her belly, pulling the skin.  He flicked his hand over the grippers and the shrieks hit a pained pitch.

“Why isn’t someone stopping this?” Kizzie hadn’t meant to speak, but something needed to be done. She took a step forward when Xander stopped her with an arm around her middle, holding her firm.

“Ah-ah-ahhh.  You know the rules, don’t you, Princess? Never interrupt a scene.”

The man tugged on a clothespin, stretching the connected nipple and bringing a barrage of cries from his playmate.

“He’s hurting her,” Kizzie said through clenched teeth.  Intel suggested Xander had a sadistic streak, but this was barbaric!

“Safe, sane, and consensual.  A Master would never do anything not agreed upon with his submissive,” he assured.  “And if he did, it’s my place to step in, not yours.”

Well, step in already, dammit!  The woman screeched and Kizzie cringed, unable to comprehend why someone wouldwant to do this.  A slap on the butt in the middle of sex was one thing, but this? This was too much…wasn’t it?

Years ago when she was just a green agent, Kizzie was in her kitchen deciding on dinner when the guy she’d been dating smacked her on the ass hard enough to make her eyes tear.  Without thought she lifted her heel and connected with his groin and then flipped him over her shoulder, landing him flat on his back. He was straddled and his neck pinned to the ground by her forearm two seconds after.  The terrified confusion blanketing his face was the only thing that made Kizzie back off.  No surprise the relationship ended minutes later, but the wetness between her thighs came as a huge shock.

Doomed before it started, that relationship. A love life was a professional hazard for an agent, all the secrets and unexplained disappearances. That’s why Bond kept so many sexy girls handy, she reasoned.  Mr. “Martini—shaken, not stirred” sure as hell didn’t go home to the old ball and chain. Nope, stick and move; bang her and on to the next one. Classic Bond, and Kizzie had long ago determined to follow his lead.  With an aptitude to recall miniscule bits of detail, she considered it a gift when she didn’t remember a lover’s name, infrequent as they were.

Satisfied moans brought her attention back to the woman whose expression was almost trancelike in its euphoria.

“That’s a good girl,” the man in the circle cooed.  His fingers pistoned in and out of her pussy; juices oozed down her leg.  A flick of a latch released her from the pole and she dropped to her hands and knees.  He patted her ass.  “Who wants some?”

The crowd swarmed her, hands probing, touching.  Her Master stood nearby, orchestrating as people went about stuffing the girl’s every orifice. She deep-throated one guy while a woman shoved a vibrator into her pussy. Others removed the clothespins from her body, lapping at the pinched skin. She jerked with every touch to her hypersensitive flesh.

The stimulation was too much for Kizzie, and damn if the team wasn’t getting it all on tape. How would she ever explain this to Connolly?  Still, she didn’t look away.

“Stats,” Solomon warned.

But her adrenaline was pumping for an entirely different reason.  Blood thundered in her ears, her vision blurred.  Soft whimpers pushed through the fog and it took her a moment to realize she was making the noises.

“You want to go next, Princess?” Xander’s hand splayed possessively over her belly. Body pressed the length of hers, he ground his semi-erect cock against her ass. In a rough whisper he said, “I’d be happy to tie you up and spank you.  I think you’re a very naughty girl.”

Someone in the group roared his orgasm, forcefully driving his hips into the sub’s mouth.

Feeling Xander’s dick rising behind her, Kizzie fought to control her breathing, calling on training that had never failed but was now stretched to its limit.

“Salters is mobile,” Gale said as the sub was lifted onto a waist-high platform the size of a card table. They laid her on her back and secured each limb to one of four posts on the corners, exposing her swollen mound to all comers. Her head hung off the edge, and immediately her mouth was filled with another cock.

Kizzie had to leave or the shred of control she’d wrangled would snap.  Salters….  She turned to face Xander, leaning dangerously close to his mouth, fingers on his lower abs flirting with the band of his pants.  “Yeah, I’m a bad girl. But there’s one problem.”

He licked his lips.  “What’s that?”
“You’re not my Master.”  Kizzie pulled away and moved through the crowd.  There was a contact to meet and a mission to finish. And she needed to do both before she came on herself.

KWEEN:  Well DAYUM!! ~whew~ Let me get myself together...::ahem:: Okay, What can readers expect next from you?

SABLE: August 5th I drop my next story, The Doxy’s Daybook. It’s…unapologetic. It’s a book I’ve been working on for a while and one that I kept tinkering with until I finally felt like I’d done right by the character, Roz, who is also the narrator. I did a final read through a couple days ago and that “Oooh, yeah…” feeling settled over me, so I’m excited about it. So excited I’ll be interviewing my character on my blog sometime soon. *girlie squeal*

And then there’s the follow-up(s) to Shaken & Stirred.  My characters wouldn’t stop so a series is born! Wallbanger will be out in October, and if everything goes well, Sake Bomb will be out by January or February of next year.  (Hey, that’s an exclusive, too, Kween! You’re the first with the title to book three!)  Readers can expect at least 7 new Sable Jordan titles between now and next March!

KWEEN:  I feel SO special!! *cheesing* This is all so VERY cool!! Where can we find you and your books?

SABLE: You can always come chill with me on Facebook or Twitter, or even Goodreads. Just look up Sable Jordan and follow the tits and tats. LOL!  My Dripping Whet INK blog is www., and my website is  That’s where updates about my stuff are kept.  And you can find my work on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and to name a few.

KWEEN:  So're EVERYWHERE! lol ...Okay, you’re the first settler on planet Hedonism. Who or what do you pack to go with you?

SABLE: Mr. Jordan, my *ahem* “better” half, ‘cause he’d kill me if I left him behind. Plus he satisfies the chocolate cock criteria, leaving room for Good Vibes’ “pleasure” lube (love that stuff), umm…a couple of other fun toys I won’t go into detail about or you’ll know the precise contents of my naughty drawer; lots o’ food (a girl’s gotta eat); a couple bottles of red; candy (I don’t function without my candy); and a toothbrush.

KWEEN:  HYGIENE! Love it! LOL ...Last question: Boxers, Briefs, or Commando?

SABLE: Cum…er…Commando! At Christmas, do you really give a shit about that pretty wrapping paper, or are you trying to get to the newest whodawhutsit Apple’s put out, hmm?  But I guess if the boxers or briefs are made of chocolate… LOL!

KWEEN: is confirmed. SISTERS fa SHO!! She's SO good at being bad...don't you just LOVE her?

Don’t forget to get your FREE copies of our anthology, Summer Heat, and the extended version of my short, Shaken& Stirred! And join me August 5th for the release of The Doxy's Daybook! Thanks again for having me, Kween, and thanks to everyone for Licking My INK!

LOVED having you over at Passion's Fruit!! You all be sure to give her some love and click those links! 

Over and out...;)



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