Monday, May 30, 2011

13~The Forgotten Fantasy

A Fantasy you know you will never fulfill...

How about this damn POST!! This post was SO out of my mind...I skipped this bad boy and went straight to #14. Wow. Was that Freudian or what? lol

I won't say never because what I desire in a fantasy switches up from time to time. The thing about fantasies (if I can pontificate for a second) is that the whole point of a fantasy is that it WON'T come true. Once fantasies are realized they're almost never the way one imagined...and there is even that risk that your fantasy will become a nightmare. In your fantasy...everything is perfect. People react and do as they're supposed to. Their performance is perfect, their touch is perfect, their level of sensitivity, affection, mastery, perfect. Therefore no one can truly live their fantasy.

Having said's actually possible that your lived out version of your conceptualized fantasy can turn out better. It's like how we can have a dream of who our soul mate is and when we meet them, they exceed expectation.

I'll just chill and wait to see what colors Shug paint the wall never know. I mean hell, Celie & Shug were adversaries and next thing you know they were up in there licking each other to the old records...

14~Showing My Ass

Public Sex: Do or Don't?

Did...and will if I can again.

For as LONG as I could remember, it was something I'd heard other people talk about and brag on. "Oh, I like it outside..." blah blah. I felt like I was missing some shit. Yet, there seemed to be no one that I had chemistry with that would make me wanna skrip (yea, I said skrip) down with in the public.

I also felt like I didn't hear enough of, "Oh, never did it in a car?", I was too busy in beds, chairs and on floors. LOL

Well...eventually, I met this dude who was the first guy I ever slept with without an OUNCE of emotion toward him. (Even though he kept trying to draw these emotional things out of me, like kissing his neck and stroking his back...fool, just unbuckle your pants and stop with this BS) LOL

We did it in his truck...several times. Always parked at the pier near my house. Often with folks parked around us. LMAO. Once we walked to the very edge of the pier and before I knew it, I was bent over, grabbing my ankles and praying that my kitty didn't catch a cold in the late November weather...

I'm still kinda hoping for a few other sexual experiences in public...

The pull over off the road sex...
The on the beach sex...
The in-the-rain-on-top-of-the-car sex...
The "QUICK...everyone is in the other room!" sex...

I like it...I think it adds spice and excitement and nothing is better than that sex you AIN'T supposed to be getting...mmm hmmm. ;)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

12~What I Fancy...

A fantasy you want to fulfill

Right now, the only fantasy I want to fulfill is me, an island, a thick island man with no clothes, grapes and shit, wine, no interruption and some intense full-body massages, banana leaves as fans and such.

Then again, maybe at this point I'm not really in the fantastical mood. What I desire is more realistic and somewhat simple...true companionship...

I miss having someone spoon me at night and cup my breasts like they're some kind of handles...guides for the perfect spoon. I miss a man's warm breath on the nape of my neck causing reverberating sensations down to my slit. ::nuzzling booty into him::

Right now, my fantasy is less fantasy and more tangible. YES DAMNIT...I WANT SOMEONE I CAN TOUCH...sorry for yelling folks. I had to say that to someone. lol

My fantasies aren't fantasies...they're realistic visions. They're possibles that rest in the desire for more than just a night or a day. Sure, I'd love to think that the island man above is not just some random dude I met straight off the launch onto Dreamer's Lagoon. I'd love for that man to be someone who cares and is doing for me as I do for him because he loves me and not because he's paid to like me. lol

Right fantasies are running low on fuel and I'm a step away from saying, "I ain't got no time to fantasize..." I don't want to be THAT extreme. I just am not in the mindset to speak on a sexual fantasy, when my mind just isn't on that right now.

Not QUITE the fantasy post...but, more real than any sexual fantasy I could conjure up. Hey, this IS a truth challenge, right?

11~She's A FAKE

Why did Alexander O'Neal's song "Fake" come to

Write a letter to the person you faked it with...tell them why he/she didn't take you there once and for all.

Joy...I hope this is the last letter. LOL

I actually stopped faking it when I was like 18 or 19. I remember how I used to just give my 1st love the screw "what you doing to me?".  I am a "quiet lover". I also learned to not say a thing, because I had nothing good to say. Only a couple of men have drawn out of me a sibilant yes or a clenched sheet. None of that, Ooooh yesss, right there baby...when I really wanted to get up. The dude in the previous post (fuckface) didn't get a fake moan. He got the WTF face ---> O_O

So, Joy...I can't write this angry letter of disdain for a man's inability to make me come, or perhaps my inability to relax to allow MYSELF to come...I have no such letter to write. I just liked the photo I found, which would've been pretty damn cool if I had such a letter to pen. lol

I WILL say, that I hate porn moans...that sounds so fake. I'd rather a chick grunt like she's tryna hold back or a dude whimper like a bitch when he's supposed to be talking shit. That's real right there, son. LOL

Peace, until the next post...

10~Another Letter

A letter to the person you regret screwing...tell them how you really feel...

MAN...MAN...::sighing heavily:: goes a LOT of nothing...

Dear Mr. Hancock (because you stayed with your cock in your hand),

WHY? Why did you waste my time? All of that talk (I should've known) and you turned out to be scared of the pussy. I mean, for all intents and purposes I tried to help YOU out. I tried to ride it...I tried to back up on it...and no, I didn't try to suck it. You were the ONE person who I refused on any level to even CONSIDER placing my lips around your piece. You know why? The NERVE of someone who doesn't DO oral to REQUIRE oral. You didn't say you needed it, but I've never seen ANY man BEG for it the way you did.

You reminded me of a cat. You ever seen a cat have a bowl of vittles placed in front of him? He smells AROUND the bowl, lightly paws the bowl...hell, my sister's cat even dipped his paw in the bowl and tasted from it to see if it was good. They sniff the bowl...walk around the bowl...

[See, I almost called you something...]

That was some unconscionable BULLSHIT!!! How you back up when I'm backing it up? The big finish was you jerking while I sat there amazed for the first time in my life. I've never had ONE dude prefer his hand over ~pointing to my pussy like Grace Jones~ "this". You didn't finish PORN-style (a lil jerk at the end on the ass, back, etc) Nah, it was like it was the ONLY way you could come.

~Step AWAY from the've done too much!
~Stop RUNNING your damn can't back it up!
~:::looking around nervously and whispering::: better not neva tell nobody, but gawd...


I wish I had never...*in my Smokey voice* never never never...gave you some. You got cum, no, no jack, glove no no no ain't NEVER got two things at the same time.

Thanks for the moments I can't get back...

Anonymous. <__<  lol

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

9~My Body Is A Temple

Does your religion/beliefs hinder your sexual expression?

Yes and No.

I'm not very religious, I'm spiritual. I believe in Christ and I believe in sin. In THAT way, it is hindered...yet for me the word "hinder" is strong. It's a choice for me to remain celibate. My abstinence transcended into a celibacy due to my own personal desires to make a change in my life. I exercise discipline over my flesh because I believe that I'm at a point in my life where God is calling me to live right. You can't advise folk of something you're not, I keep my legs closed. lol This of course is an easy feat due to there being no prospective men in my life. Lord be a fence and a cold shower when an attractive man falls into my midst. ~phew~

I want to be able to draw the line between the one who desires me and the one who wants to fulfill my love's desires. I want my king to come into my life and I want to weed out all of those whose intent is purely lustful and not in line with my own beliefs.

I was in love and waiting for someone and I found myself very much in that situation by myself. What I need is to be on an eye to eye level with someone. I need to know that screwing me isn't his only goal.

I COULD do my thing...and still be okay with who I am and my own personal walk with God because it is mine and no one is going to be with me on Judgment Day...but it wouldn't in my opinion, lead me to the person who I want to be my last first kiss. Casual sex isn't in the cards for me at this point in my life's journey, therefore I am holding onto my treasure until I feel like sharing it.

Is my spirituality and beliefs and impetus to remain celibate? Yes. Is it a hindrance? No.

8~Red Light Means STOP!

What is your definition of rape? Date rape?

There is only ONE definition of rape/date rape. NO!

That word is the universal line for a wo/man's right to change her/his mind.

So often, I've heard explanations of how s/he brought it on her/himself, whether it was her/his clothes, her/his initial willingness to kiss, fondle, etc...but, the pointzilla is that even if in the middle of a hot and heavy petting session one comes to their senses and say "no"...back the hell up.

It goes without saying if it's a stranger...then it is automatically rape. Someone with no connection to you has no rights to your body...but, then neither does someone whom lines have been drawn for.

Did you know that a husband can "rape" his wife? Yes, indeed. RAPE is the act of violating someone's physical/emotional/mental space. If a wife isn't feeling her husband for any reason and she says no to LAW if he takes her sex by force, it is rape. All she has to do is decide to press charges. That of course comes with submitting to a rape kit to prove forced intercourse. In the reverse case, I haven't heard or read how one might go about proving that, but I'm sure there's a way.

Bottom line, your body is yours. If you say "no" (male OR female) and someone continues to force themselves onto is rape.

I DO know that some couples role play and in that sense (because they know each other's signals) they may have safe words that they use to end an uncomfortable position. Rough sex doesn't count because technically s/he is consenting...but, if s/he yells that safe word...that's a STOP right there and end this. If s/he were to continue forward...that would be a violation as well.

That's my not so humble opinion...

Monday, May 23, 2011

7~ Dear Sweet Dick Willies?

Write a letter to the best lover you've ever had...

Okay, let's clear this up...I am not ashamed that my sexual repertoire is limited. In my lifetime, I've had only 5 lovers...3 of which took place in a 3 year time span. I was on my "ho" shit I guess...lmao

My first love and my first REAL man held the record of 7 and 8 years respectively for how long we did the damn thing. Before that, I couldn't imagine having casual sex. There would've been about 2 more added to the list had they not been some scared asses, but whatever...probably saved me the trouble of having to cut their asses off, too...

ANY way...I'm breaking this up into things that each left me pleased with, for really no one stands out to me as being the ONE best first love almost makes it, but that's because he molded "it" first and very few behind him could "fit" the bill. CTFU!!!

Dearest, showed me tenderness. I'm glad that you were the 1st. I'll never regret you. You gave me some of my most loving moments. The way you held me, stroked me, looked at me, smiled that smile at me...yes, gave me standards to live by. To this're the ONLY man that's ever cleaned me off with the gentleness of a lover-in-love. I don't even know if you know that's what you did...but, thank you. Love, Pekoe Light ;)

Dear "Sir B", too showed me tenderness...but, you were the first to give me angry sex. Yes...that, "Yvette & Jody" shit...more passionate than "good"...less, hateful than it was energetic. Thanks for taking it like I like it...Love, Your Indian Goddess ;)

Dear, "RC"...MAN...your tongue...should be mounted on my table. That is all. Thanks, That bitch!

Dear, Aries...You...showed me desperate lust. ~phew~ If only your sex was as good as the ego-stroking you gave me. SHEESH. You gave me compliments (Damn, pussy taste like Vanilla and What?) LMAO Showing up for kisses and having hands like an You really dug this "light-skinned pretty mothafucka with pretty legs and good pussy" LMAOOOOO Sincerely, THAT BITCH!

Dear, Titty-Sucker...I dug you mostly because you knew how to do things to my most sensitive knockers. Sheesh...if only you weren't SO scared to eat pussy...I'm sure your tongue skills could've been the BOMB! Oh, quit jerking off...maybe you'll fuck worth a damn...Love, Kiwi. LMAO

There ya go...Letters to the NOT-so-fabulous five.

6~Don't Fight It, Papi...

Tell a story about how you would seduce someone you must have...

Well, other than just pushing him down, climbing on top of'em and doing my business...what else is there to say? LOL

Okay, Okay...I'm funnin' because honestly, I drew a blank the first day I saw this. I've been so unaffected by someone of late that I haven't thought about it. (Sad, I know...) So, I'll just go deep and think hard on someone who might fit the bill and get my grown woman on in this seductive narrative...

This guy is FINE...I mean fine ass frog hair, flea shit and fine print. His whole style is just that WAY that brothers do that make you want to discover what's between his ears, lips and thighs. Yes, talk that SHIT in my ear, drop the science, seeds and then them DRAWLZ...all for my kweenly delight. ~shiver~

I would (if I could) seclude this treasure of golden a place no one could find him. I wouldn't cook for him...nope. That's too easy. That's "I'm-tryna-bait-a-husband" tactics!  I want him to get pampered in every way so that when I've successfully lulled him and softened his guard...I can eat him alive...

Yes, I'll bathe him...while he sips whatever he likes to drink to wind down...

Yes, I'll massage him with the sweetest, most sensuous oils...

Yes, I'll kiss him down and then up again...

Yes, I'll be wearing something sexy and easy-to-remove...

I'll even ask him how his day was...and listen. (no really...I'll listen)

Then...I'll take him. I don't want anything responding, except his dick. I don't want him to make one stroke. I don't want him in control of a thing. I want him to lie back and be ridden. I want him to  get on his knees while, I throw back all of "this" onto all of him. I'll feed him every drop of my anticipation for this moment...all he has to do is lick and swallow. Seriously...Don't move baby...just stay hard. I know it's gonna kill him...I mean, what man worth his sexual salt will lie still and not get the urge to move? It's akin to hearing music and your hips responding to the drums...I just don't want him to do a thing, but let me do MY thing.

I want him to smell like my peach cup ;)

I want to rest between my "takeover" and then climb back on like a champ. I want to officially, irrevocably, undeniably...PUT. HIM. TO. BED!!!

Then, if he wants...I'll make him a little something to eat. Then and only then can he come back and handle Mami like he wants to...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

5~No Licky Licky

She doesn't suck dick/He doesn't lick that a deal breaker?


A good man...I repeat a GOOD man, is a rare commodity, seemingly. If I found one (or he found me) who knew how to treat me, love me, respect me...had work ethic, spirituality...was responsible, smart, funny, sweet...or just basically was a good dude who'd chosen ME to be his think I'd give a damn if he ever licked it?

Nah, I'd much rather just have someone I could trust and whom wasn't afraid to open up and be vulnerable to my love...

Sucking my clit ain't SHIT if he's making good love to my spirit! People focus on the wrong shit. What's that even if he didn't start out doing it, whose to say with growing trust and intimacy that I couldn't wake up to this man's feverish hunger between my legs? Never say never, right?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

4~Fuck Them, Pay Me?

If you were approached and offered to do one porno scene for $20,000, would you do it? and why?


Man, please. Number sex is PRICELESS!!! Number 11...damn, only $20k? O__o

If I'm GONNA do this once in a lifetime thing...can a chick get like $500,000. You're asking me to shed all of my insecurities, my CLOTHES, and in MY opinion my dignity and all I get is enough money to equal a paperboy's MANAGER'S salary per year? Uh, hell no. Not that ANY amount would suffice, but at least give me something I can wipe the tears of embarrassment and shame with...

Truthfully, even a million couldn't get me to do it. I've got this deep rebellious streak that doesn't like to do what is asked of me. Certain things...yea, but some off shit like this? *reaching for a razor* If you don't getcho NASTY ass outta my face...

Seriously...for real though...what the hell I look like? NOW...if you're asking me to DIRECT...hahaaaa, yea. Hell Yea! LIGHTS, CAMERA...LUBE!!

"I want YOU over there...act like he's the biggest you everrrr had!"

"You...don't get so excited...calm the fuck're getting ball juice on the lens, dude..."

"I wanna see some ASSES wigglin'..."



Wednesday, May 18, 2011

3~ Spank Me

Your thoughts on S&M...

What's S&M? Smoke and Mirrors?

::consults in whispers::

Oh, Oh...Sadism and Masochism? Sadomasochism? Hmm...well, this isn't going to be a long one. I don't think much on the topic. I've never really been in a serious S&M position. I do enjoy a good spanking, though. Something about the light sting and vibration that resonates all the way to my clit...talking about MOIST? ~phew~ I'm not good with getting pain inflicted on me. No tying my tits into a painfully tight redness (my girls are sensitive as hell). No hot wax...wait, I haven't tried that...I may wanna try that. Scratch that. I'll just say, I'm not fuckin' with no one who wants to hold me down and whip on me. I'm from a town called Fuck Off Me...and I don't ever wanna have to be homesick.

Anywho...As far as inflicting pain onto someone else, well...again...haven't done it. Not closed to long as there's no extreme shit. I ain't beating you til you bleed or pee on yourself. That's some nasty shit. Call me vanilla...hell, call me Caramel...just don't call me Crazy Cat O'Nine Tails Lady...

My thoughts overall are...if you like it, I love it! Do you...just don't do ME.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

2~ Teacher, Teacher...

If you meet someone right now that is a 30 year old virgin, would you be willing to be their first?

Let's see...

I guess it depends. Whatever HE wants from ME has to be what I want from someone else. If he just wants sex, while I'm wanting If he wants love from me, and I'm "just not that into him" 

If he didn't tell me...well, of course ;)

I can only imagine that if I met this 30 year old virgin...he would have clearly been in pursuit of me and we'd formed some kind of companionship. I would no more take his virginity on the terms of he just wants to have sex, then I would screw someone else who wants the same. Even if we decided love wasn't in the cards...there still would have to be a sense of respect. If he's even asking ME...he has to already know to a degree that his experience with me is gonna be less freak until we wreak...and more, sex 'til it's the best ;)


Monday, May 16, 2011

1~The Deflowering

The first time you had sex…details please...

Well, well,well...the first day of our erotic challenge begins and it's truly THE introduction into sex. My first time...

My first love was this fine ass light-brown specimen...dimples, hazel eyes, slim build. He was 16 and I was 13...I know, I know. I was always over his house, because I grew up with he and his sister. This particular day, no one was there except the two of us. I'd fallen asleep on the carpet in the middle of a movie...and yea, he began his journey along my young body.

His fingers, then mouth found my size A's...I roused to his eyes looking at me and his smirk that said, "Mmmm". We'd fiddled around with the bases before...for goodness sakes...I spent the night almost every weekend. His suckling on my barely there breast wasn't new.

What WAS new, was when his hand traveled between my legs. I had on jean shorts, but I remember feeling naked. I think I had on turqouise nylon panties (funny what we remember) and I remember him putting his hand inside my panties. I can't recall being moist...mostly nervous. I said to him, "No..." but his 16yr old, deep-voiced pleas to (get ready) ...put the head in...made me want to give him what he wanted. After he'd removed my shorts, he kissed me, my breasts and then began working himself in between my thighs. It was like putting a square peg into a round hole. I winced and wormed backwards away from him and he told me to relax. There was NO way I could. That shit hurt. NOW...I recall that I wasn't properly aroused, let alone wet. He held onto my thighs anyway and pushed gently in a few times. I just ended up looking at him and holding onto my pain.

It didn't take long of course. LOL

He clearly worked himself up to ejaculation and then got up. He told me to lie still. He got a bath cloth and wiped me off. He even replaced my panties and shorts. I got up...sore...and went home (across the hall). He didn't really want me to go, but I didn't know what to say to him or how to feel.

We tried a couple of more times that summer. My mother found out and I didn't have sex for 5 more years. On my 18th birthday, when he asked me what I wanted for my birthday...I told him..."you". The night before, I played with myself for the first time ever in preparation for his sex. The day we had sex for the first time in 5 know what I realized? Five years before...he barely had half of his dick in me. Woooo weee.

I rode that shit for three more years...until we went our separate ways.

That's the story!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

30 Days of Erotic Truth

YES, THIS is what I've been waiting for.  Ms. Almond Joy had an idea to piggy-back off the original 30 Days of Truth blog...and make it an erotic one.

You all may want to hold onto your panties/boxers...this one may be a doozy. It's one thing for me to create a fictional story or poem for your sexual senses...but, this is me...raw. So, here we go. 

Anyone reading can invite a friend to do this challenge with us. Feel free to use the banner above on the side of your blog to show participation. It's always nice to refer back to the creator (in this case Almond Joy).

Have at it. Have fun! Get kinky ;) See you after 30 days!

1. The first time you had sex …details please

2. If you meet someone right now that is a 30 year old virgin, would you be willing to be their first? 

3. Your thoughts on S&M..

4. If you were approached and offered to do one porno scene for $20,000, would you do it? and why?

5. She doesn’t suck dick/He doesn’t lick clits…is that a deal breaker?

6. Tell a story about how you would seduce someone you must have …

7. Write a letter to the best lover you’ve ever had.. 

8. What is your definition of rape? Date rape?

9. Does your religion/beliefs hinder your sexual expression?

10. A letter to the person you regret screwing .. tell em how you really feel…

11. Write a letter to the person you faked it with.. tell em why he/she didn't take you there once and for all…

12. A fantasy you want to fulfill

13. A fantasy you know you will never fulfill

14. Public sex: do or don’t?

15. Have you ever been caught masturbating or having sex? tell the story..

16. You are invited to a party that turned into an orgy, you just arrived…what would you like to see? 

17. You walk in your bedroom to find your lover deep in the sexual act with the same sex.. what do you do? 

18. Tell a sexual triangle short story

19. Bukkake? your thoughts..

20. Tell a story of your most embarrassing sexual experience..

21. Make a music playlist you would like to get busy to …(name of artist, title of song, why you choose it)

22. Swinging… your thoughts…

23. Dom/Sub… sexy or just an excuse for men or women to abuse?

24. What is your definition of freaky?

25. What motivates you to hit your orgasmic peak during a masturbation session?

26. Anal sex? are you anal about it?

27. Your man/woman likes to have sex with the same sex. Are you willing to invite this into your bedroom? Why?

28. If you could get your hands on some dick/pussy right now, how would you want it? 

29. What makes you sexy to YOU?

30. write an erotic poem of your choice.. raunchy or classy.. bring it!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Got Something For You ;)

SOON, my girl Almond Joy and I, will issue a 30 day challenge. Joy was inspired recently by the 30 day truth challenge we did on our "good girl", she suggested we do a little something for the nassy folk! lol

I've already made the banner for the challenge and I am anticipating that any and all who want to participate will simply "borrow" the banner, start the challenge on their own erotic blog and if nothing else...connect back with Joy and I.

This ought to be QUITE interesting...I hear my girl has some interesting questions. So, stay tuned folks and be on the look out within the upcoming week for the unveiling of the 30 questions.

::cracking knuckles::



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