Friday, May 29, 2009

1st Love, 2nd Chance...3 Hearts Pt 3

The night Natalie and Hassan shared that moment in the truck...Vaughn's "spidey senses" were tingling. Natalie had come home and hour later than she'd asked him to meet her. He'd let himself in and was good and pissed when Natalie came in the house, rushed past him and took a shower. He thought it was weird behavior, but figured she'd probably just wanted to freshen up for him. He asked her questions, but she simply said that she'd had a nice night planned for them that didn't go as she'd hoped. She'd had someone bump into her, destroying the fruit and getting her sticky in the process...hence the shower. Vaughn had offered to shower her...she declined. She knew he'd want to have sex. She loved Vaughn and the sex with him was AMAZING, but she didn't like the idea of sleeping with two men in the same night. The romantic night she'd made a big fuss over, melted in the backseat of her truck with Hassan. Vaughn didn't feel right...but, Natalie had never lied. So, he left it alone.

Beryl came home that night after having been out shopping for her new job. She started the following week and felt it was very important to dress the part. By the time she'd come home, Hassan was cooking dinner for the two of them. He too started his job the following week, but was using the free time to get the house together. He couldn't get Nat off his mind. Every time he closed his eyes, he tasted her...all of her. His mind was so far off that he didn't hear Beryl come in or even speak his name twice. The third was loudest. "HASSAN! What the HELL?" Beryl shouted. Hassan dropped the spoon in his hand. "Oh, damn...I didn't hear you come in, baby." Hassan said, bending over to kiss her. Beryl's look was of confusion and worry. He seemed far off and distant for the past few days. Even the kiss he'd given her seemed lackluster. "Are you okay, Hassan? You feeling alright?" she asked, placing the back of her hand on his forehead. Hassan laughed. "Nah, I'm okay, ma. I just had a lot on my mind." Beryl wondered what was keeping him preoccupied...but, she didn't want to nitpick so no mention was made of it. Hassan on the other hand could tell that Beryl was catching on to his behavior. Since first seeing Natalie, his head had been in the clouds. Now that he'd made love to her...he wondered how he would EVER stop thinking of Natalie DaCosta.

A week or so afterward, Natalie and Layla were shopping. Layla's daughter was having a birthday and the sisters wanted to find some cute clothes. If Natalie had known that her sister wasn't trustworthy, she would’ve never spoken the words she did. "I saw Hassan again...and I think I fucked up." Layla's heart jumped and her stomach flipped. "What? What do you mean 'fucked up'?" By this time, Layla had quit walking at the same pace as Natalie and had come to a complete stop in the mall. Natalie stopped and turned around to walk back towards her sister. "Can we walk and talk?" Natalie asked. Layla picked her pace back up, but was taken off guard so badly that she had jitters. ", I go to the fruit stand to get fruit for me and Vaughn's night...cause I'm planning to take all my frustrations out on HIS ass in the bed..." Layla nods to affirm she's listening. ", I literally BUMP into Hassan's ass. Next thing I know, we're in the back of my truck fucking for old time's sake. I don't know what the hell I was thinking, but I know that NO ONE has ever made me feel the way he has. Sex with him is on some transcendental shit!" Natalie's going on and on about how good the sex was and how badly she felt...but, all Layla could hear was white noise. Nat's confession was making her nauseous. Finally she opened her mouth. "Wait, so are you gonna be FUCKING him on the side? While Vaughn plays the innocent idiot?" Layla blurted. "Lala...what the hell is wrong with you? Why are you talking to me like I'm some hoe? This is HASSAN we're talking about. You act like I do this shit all the time!" Natalie said, pissed. Layla caught the way she came off...but, by then...Natalie had too. Natalie had quit walking. "Is there a problem, Lala? Do you have something to say?" Layla began rattling off, "You're a grown woman, Nat...I can’t tell you how to live. But, you're doing to Vaughn what Hassan did to you. On top of have NO clue about Hassan's intentions or whether he's even got your best interest at heart. Like I said before, I don't want to see you get hurt." Natalie was thrown off, but she knew her sister loved her. "I know, Lala...I guess it just took over us. I have no clue what to do next. Funny thing is we didn't even trade numbers or anything. It's like we both knew it couldn't go any further." Layla thought about it and said, "Or MAYBE, he's got someone at home just like you." The light bulb lit over Natalie's head. "Shit, might be right."

Layla dropped Natalie off...dropped off her own bags...and began driving. She needed to breathe. In the years since she'd slept with Hassan, Layla couldn't stop thinking of the man that had such the effect on her that she'd willingly and purposely betrayed her sister. Layla began to wonder what she could do to put a stop to it. She didn't want Natalie and Hassan finding their way back to each other. Layla couldn't put her finger on when her obsession with Hassan started...or then maybe she could:

Hassan and Layla were 17...Natalie, 14. Natalie may have been the youngest, but she developed the fastest. Already wearing a B cup and sporting a sizable onion, Hassan had lusted for the pretty young Natalie. He and his brothers had known the DaCosta sisters, Layla, Natalie and Ariella (who was 19 and in college at the time) since Natalie was about 9. They lived right across the street and from time to time, the Lawrence brothers Hassan, Dennis, and Marcus walked the ladies to school. Dennis and Ariella were the same age, but never dated...while, Marcus had a crush on Layla and never told her. He was a year older than Natalie and knew that Layla would probably laugh at him. The kids played a lot in the park on their block...the park where Hassan first saw Natalie. Layla remembered the day she'd gotten cute to go to the park knowing the Lawrence boys would be there. Dressed in a tight jean skirt, a tank and pure white tennis shoes, Layla bounced into the park with her curly ponytail swaying with her movements. "Hey, Hassan what y'all doing?" "Nothing, just chilling. Bout to play ball." Hassan said, leaned against the swings. Just then, Natalie strutted past her sister and the boys on her way to the slide where she and her friends would take turns sliding down. Being too old for the slides didn’t keep the flirtatious girls from hanging there while the boys in the neighborhood hung around the swings. "HEY, Natalie...what’s up girl?" Hassan said cheesing from ear to ear. Natalie and her best friends, India and Toni giggled and Natalie responded. "Hey Hassan!" Layla spotted the eye contact and tried to ax the two teen’s exchange. "Take ya fast ass back home before I tell mommy you wearing Ariella's skirt!" Natalie rolled her eyes and said, “Why you gotta be telling all my business!" Hassan shook his head at Layla and said, "You probably look better in that skirt than Ariella's skinny butt ANY way!" Everyone laughed and left Layla standing in front of the swings while the boys met the girls at the slide. Layla got pissed and went home. She cried and never told anyone of her crush. Not long after Natalie graduated high school, she and Hassan began dating and Layla's hopes for love with him were dashed. Layla secretly hated Natalie for the entire three years the two were a couple.

It was unreal to her how much she longed for Hassan even after all those years. She and her children's father were married when she and Hassan had their one night stand. They'd been having problems since the beginning and finally divorced this year. Now, Hassan was back and there was a glimmer of hope for Natalie and Hassan to reunite. Unless of course, Natalie ended up finding out that her SISTER was the woman in her bed that weekend. But, was Layla willing to lose her sister? All for unrequited love?

Layla didn't remember how she got there...or even how she knew where he lived...but there she sat outside of Hassan and Beryl's apartment building. NOW what?

1st Love, 2nd Chance...3 Hearts Pt 2

Natalie was at the fruit stand. She figured she'd take some frustrations out by fucking her boyfriend. She and Vaughn had been together for over 8 months. Vaughn was a big man. He was 6'5 and almost 250+ of muscle, yet he was so very tender with her. He made her his on the very 1st encounter. They met a few months after she'd broken up with Hassan at a friend's birthday party:

"Excuse me, can I have a, make that a Long Island Iced Tea. NO, wait...make it an Appletini. Um..." Natalie stammered. She wanted a buzz, but she had a hard time making her mind up as to what kind of buzz. Her friend Yemina had paid the handsome Vaughn to bartend the privately home-held party. Natalie barely noticed at first, and then he spoke. "Take your time, Miss...not going ANY where tonight." Vaughn said, smoothly. Finally, Natalie looked in his direction. "Dang, if I didn't know that you were PAID to be here...I'd assume you were directing that at ME!" Vaughn said, "I relief gets here in less than 20 minutes. Looking at YOU clears the rest of my night." Natalie giggled her laugh and he began to pour. He mixed the Long Island Iced Tea. Topping it with a lemon he said, "If you wanna go hard..." Then he mixed the Appletini."...for the Golden Delicious..." Then he mixed the Seabreeze and said, "...if you want to be refreshed!." He placed them all down and then took his cell phone out and placed it beside the drinks. "...THIS is if you want ME to drink YOU!" Natalie laughed, thinking this cat is so corny...but, cute. She decided to play. She sipped the LIT to the middle of the glass, and then shook her head no. She sipped the Appletini and screwed her face up. She drank the Seabreeze all the way down, picking up the cell and walking away. Vaughn said, "WAIT! Where you going with my phone?" Natalie stuck the cell into her cleavage and said, "Call your phone when you're off." She walked away. Not more than 30 minutes later, Natalie was bent over the bathroom sink in her friend's bathroom. "UHHHH, OOOOOH....YES, YES....OH SHIT BABY!" She yelled. Vaughn slid out, turned her around and picked her up...fucking her against the wall. Natalie's breasts were jiggling in Vaughn's face as he tried to catch nipples in his mouth. Vaughn was trying to be cautious but he couldn't pretend anymore that he didn't want to plant his face between Natalie's thighs. He let her down, got on his knees and lifted her leg up. As soon as he tasted her, he looked up at her and smiled. "MMMMMMMM, I knew it. You taste fucking good, girl!" He was slurping on Natalie's pussy, making loud swallowing sounds. Tongue fucking her. Alternating between licking and tongue kissing her lips and sucking on her clit until he could feel Natalie's knees get weak and tremble with multiple orgasms. After she came in his mouth, he stood up...shared it with her...and said, "Ride me..." He sat down on the chair in the bathroom and Natalie climbed on top reverse-style and rode his dick intensely. She stirred her own coffee, going in circles one way and then the other. Stroking it back and forth and finally...bouncing. She did this until he put cream in her coffee while holding on to her breasts. They cleaned up. Got redressed and joined the party. They've been together ever since.

" be 7 dolla, sebeny cents." the fruit stand owner said. Natalie took her bag of fresh fruit and headed home. She'd called and told Vaughn to meet her at her place, so he should be there any moment. As she was walking, putting her wallet away...not watching. BAM! The fruit dropped from her hand, but a bigger, stronger hand caught them mid-air. "Here you go...I'm sorry!" Hassan said. Natalie looked up and sighed a sigh of frustration. "What? Are you following me now?" Hassan looked wounded. He turned around to walk away. Natalie grabbed his hand and said, "Wait, I'm sorry. Forgive me. I didn't mean to sound so paranoid." Hassan turned around and said, "I know you broke up with me. I know I moved away. I also know I'm probably the last person you thought you'd bump into twice in one week...but, be easy ok?" She loved when Hassan put her in her place. She smiled without thinking and replied with a nod. "Fruit, huh?" Hassan asked, laughing a little. " know how I love fruit." Natalie said, laughing along. She looked at him as he looked at her and that was it.

In Natalie's truck parked near the water, the two former lovebirds were madly, intensely snatching each other's clothes off. The peaches were shared...the pineapples too. Strawberries were hidden and discovered. Natalie's lips found their home around Hassan's dick just as his tongue had found his in Natalie's sticky center. Fruit juice, Natalie's juice, Hassan's juice...all flowing. Natalie was almost animal-like. She let Hassan sit at the center of the back seat, while she placed her legs on both sides of him and her arms braced on the front seats. She got on his dick and began to ride him, while giving him a bird's eye view of her neatly trimmed pussy. A simple strip of fine hair. Hassan couldn't hold on much longer. Watching Natalie fiercely fuck him with her eyes focused sexily on his made his nut gather fast. Her long hair grazing her nipples and her licking her own full cherry red lips while she slammed herself down onto him. They gave each other that look they always did. She smiled with her brows frowned. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back. Both signals that they were coming. The two erupted together as she leaned forward and they were face to face. He looked at her and knew he'd come home. She began to cry and they started kissing. Immediately, his dick got hard, still inside of her. He pumped upwards...she stroked downward. In sync once again. Making love to each other in a way neither had experienced before or since their relationship.

"Oh shit, I am supposed to be meeting Vaughn at my house!" Natalie said. She'd been lying in Hassan's arms and time had gone by that she couldn't explain. She started moving so fast, that all Hassan could do was follow. She pulled wipes from her compartment between the herself, the seats and handing a few to Hassan. Hassan couldn't help but be stunned. I mean, he knew that he himself had someone waiting at home, but watching Natalie scramble to get herself together resonated to him, that she was not his to have. "Who's Vaughn?" Hassan asked. Natalie slowed down and looked at him while contorting herself in the driver's seat and snapping her bra closed at the same time. "Vaughn is my boyfriend. I've been with him for 8 months." Hassan got his shirt. Pulled his pants up and opened the back door. He got out, put the shirt back on and said, " the times have changed." Natalie got a lump in her throat. She knew what he was saying...but, she didn't want to believe he'd even GO there. "I am going to put my shit on and drive off. Your car is over'll be fine." Hassan slammed her door, which made her look back at him. "So, that’s it? You fuck me and then pull off? Is this revenge? Did you even FEEL what just happened?" Hassan began yelling at the car, now in motion. Natalie rolled down her window as she passed Hassan and said, "Yes!" then sped off. Once again...Natalie managed to leave Hassan standing alone.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

1st Love, 2nd Chance...3 Hearts

Leaving him was the hardest thing Natalie had done. Three years together seemed like forever. The passionate, off-the-chart, mind-melting, soul spinning love making was just the tip of the iceberg. His tone, the way he spoke to his voice made her belly do flips and dips. How his fingers always found her spots. How he'd cradle her in his arms and kiss her ear, whispering, "I love you, girl". Watching marathons of old shows together while they drank hot chocolate. All the things she'd remembered went down the drain after she realized he was seeing someone else. Natalie had always been faithful and honest with her man...unfortunately, Hassan hadn't been those things with her. He probably only slipped up the one time, but by the time Natalie found out...she was already devastated and broken. No words Hassan could utter would or could make up for the betrayal. She left him standing in the very park she'd met him in...not even looking back.

Two years later, Natalie bumped into Hassan. Nothing had changed about him. If anything he'd gotten FINER. His swagger more intensely HIM and his smile a sweet reminder of his kisses. Natalie saw him but pretended not to. Hassan saw her and made a beeline. "Natalie? Oh, you don’t know me?" he said with his baritone voice. SHIT, his voice still had that magic...because POOF, Natalie's panties were soaking and she hadn't even turned around to acknowledge him yet. She must've been turning too slow for Hassan, almost making him doubt if she was indeed Natalie. He turned her around gently and the tears welled up in her eyes. "Wow..." she almost whispered in agony.”...You're still beautiful!" Hassan's smile widened. He felt himself harden at the sight of her light brown eyes. Her lips were beckoning him to kiss her, but he was frozen in place. Two years of non-communication, coupled with his move from the city, kept the lovebirds from truly seeing each other. He couldn't bear the thought of seeing her at anytime, especially if she ended up on the arm of another dude. "Damn, girl...I missed you." Hassan finally said. Natalie looked at him and felt her spirit slowly whirl. As if it had been still for 2 years and was now awakening in the presence of her truest love. The invisible energy was drawing them nearer to each other...until Natalie spoke. "NO! Oh, no. NO...BYE!" she said, walking rapidly away from him. "NATALIE...NATALIE...WHERE YOU GOING..." he yelled through the crowd. She was moving so fast, weaving in and out between the trafficking pedestrians that Hassan couldn't catch up. He threw his hands up and said, "FUCK...not again. Nah, man...not again."

"Natalie, do you mean to tell me that you saw HASSAN LAWRENCE? I thought he moved from here to go "find himself" after the break-up" Natalie's sister, Layla said. "Yea, he did move away...but, clearly he is back. I think if it hadn't been for the damn wall I was leaning on, I might have lost my balance. He just took me by surprise." Natalie confessed. Layla was a few years older than Natalie and knew how hard it had been on her baby sister when Hassan's betrayal was brought to light. She also knew how much the two loved each other. In spite of her insistence that she was over Hassan, Layla knew a day like this would come and Natalie's resistance would be tested. "Look, I know you don't want to hear this, but I'm gonna say it and then take my ass to bed. I love you, Nat. I don't want to see you get hurt again...but, I doubt that you're as over Hassan as you maintain. If there is any hope for you two, now is the time to find that out...before you get yourself into a situation you can’t get yourself out of. Think long and hard and figure it out, before things get bad. Okay?" Layla ended. "Yes, LaLa. I will think on it. Thanks for listening." The sisters said goodnight and hung up. Natalie went upstairs and got into bed. "Good night, baby" Natalie's boyfriend said. "Night, baby.” she said back.

Hassan hadn't been back in town less than a week and one of his first sightings was Natalie. He was unnerved. He was REALLY unnerved by the feelings he realized he still had. What the hell? How could he still love her that way? How was it that no one else had managed to bring that out of him besides Natalie? Hassan was startled mid-thought with hands around his waist from behind. "Good morning, sexy! How's my fiancé?" Beryl chuckled and said, "...I love saying that!" Hassan turned around and said good morning to his fiancée. Beryl was a cocoa-complexioned beauty. Short haircut of natural curls and the craziest, most intense gray-eyes he'd ever seen. She was a mere 5'2" to his statuesque 6'3". He'd fallen in love with her about a year after he and Natalie broke up. A few weeks ago as they were planning to move to his hometown, he popped the question. Beryl was ecstatic and couldn't wait to meet Hassan's family...he was excited to introduce her...until he saw Natalie. "So what are you doing today, baby?" he asked her. "I figured I'd go out looking for some drapes and blinds...these windows are bare. I'm going to do that now." Beryl said, kissing him goodbye. He watched her traipse out the door, knowing she'd be a while. Blinds and drapes, meant pillows, paintings, vases, lamps, etc.

Time passed as Hassan unpacked boxes while Beryl shopped. He got antsy and decided to take a walk. He hadn't been through his neighborhood in a while, so he took the 15min or so walk. He passed through, speaking to a few old friends. Saw a few of his little brother's friends...then he saw the park. The very park Natalie left him standing in when she broke up with him. He stood over by the slide. He used to push her down that very slide when they were teenagers. Yep, they'd grown up together and had fought their feelings for years, choosing to be friends over lovers. As he was in thought, he heard a voice. "So, you still find your way here? After all these years..." He turned around and saw her standing there. The reason he and Natalie were no more. "Hi, Layla. Long time no see...why are YOU here?" Layla could've been Natalie's twin, except she was a few inches taller and a little thinner. Layla sat down on the bench near the slide and said, "...She still doesn't know. She still believes that it was some random girl." Layla and Hassan's indiscretion had cost Hassan and Natalie their truest love...but, what had Layla lost? "You walked away clean on this one. You really did, LaLa. I still have my suspicions." "WHAT? YOU THINK I DID THIS ON PURPOSE?" she said incredulously. "Look, let’s be reeeeeeeeeeally real. You'd been flirting with me for a long time. Even through childhood, you would do little things to get at me. So, by the time Natalie and I were together and happy...I feel like you truly didn't like that." Layla was incensed. "I have NEVER tried to knowingly come between you all. What happened was a onetime thing. Hell, I was married...there was no WAY I saw myself doing what I did. Yes, I'd always considered you attractive. You're MY should've been US dating...but, I hadn't crossed your mind. At least not until that night!" Hassan stirred around the slide. He said, "Trust me LaLa...without the cognac and wine...I still wouldn't have. You were supposed to drop off ONE thing while Natalie was away at a damn seminar...and we ended up drinking and fucking. It was YOUR panties she found...YOUR hair in our bed...and YOUR damn lipstick on the pillow..." Hassan said, stopping. Layla looked like she was about to speak and he threw his hand up without looking at her. Looking at the setting sun and burnt orange sky, he said, "It’s all behind us. If I had it to do over again...I wouldn't even have let you in. Now? Life is different for me. I’ve learned from my mistakes. Hopefully you learned from yours. I'd rather you never speak to me again." he said, walking away from her. Layla stood up and watched him walk away. "Actions speak louder than words" she said under her breath.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Returning the Favor

*This story was inspired by someone I know. I asked to do the honors in writing their little tale and they obliged. Enjoy.

LORD, he turned me on. His conversation made me drip. He had this way of teaching me things that I never knew that made me want to lie my head on his naked chest and listen to him drop seeds on me at the rate of his heart's beat. We talked for a long of course. Instant messaging is the business...I don't care what anyone says. You can talk to whomever you please and be as honest as possible...never having to worry that they're judging you. Chances are if you disgust them with your opinions or life...they'll go away and a moment more would not have been wasted. So, the fact that he looked for me, as I did for him as soon as we signed in, showed me how much we thought of each other.

When I decided to let him come through after months of conversation...clean AND filthy alike, I just figured we'd have drinks and kick it. After all...I'd recently gotten rid of the resident asshole in my life and wasn't looking for ANY applications. The complexity of emotional binds was not a priority of mine. I'd spent so much time trying to find myself after losing myself...that being alone was all I could think of. Freedom without the DUMB shit. Yet, my body craved things...nasty things. My hips circling and stirring on top of a great piece of sex. Someone's tongue slurping up the excess excitement between my folds. Every night was torture. Lying in bed, fingering myself...licking my own fingers clean...massaging my breasts til my nipples hurt from full erection. At times, the fantasies of having someone pounding on my little pussy was enough to make it real...enough for me to squirt my essence onto the wall. Sooner than later...I was going to bust open. My walls were literally itching in need of friction.

He entered my apartment after I sat in nervousness for almost an hour's wait. I was sure that I didn't want to have sex with him, but I knew he'd want it. It was one of the many things we'd discussed on the phone and IM for I knew it was on his mind. I just didn't want to deal with it. The possible emotional attachment, the routine of fucking the same dude over and over. I was a free woman and I felt some kinda way about men and relationships. It disgusted me to think about someone wanting, when he came in he could sense my uneasiness. "Hey you..." he said in a tone low enough to vibrate through me. "Hey baby" I said, giving him a "church hug" (shoulders touching...booties out). He looked me up and down like I was a scrumptious plate of what he craved. I tried to act like I didn't see that, and offered him a seat. "Would you like something? I have wine, rum, soda...water..." He probably didn't want anything at all, but he figured in his mind to play along. He knew I was deflecting and fighting off my own mental pictures of us hemmed up body to body. "Yes, I think I'll go with that it dark?" I said, "'s light like me!" We laughed and broke the ice a little. I got him his rum, deciding to pour a little of soda in and handed him the glass. As he sipped he said, "Come on now, Sheena. You're not gonna act like you're afraid of me...are you?" I just smiled and sat beside him. I saw the glass go up to his mouth where those lips...thicker than the throb in my panties...sipped the drink I'd given him. He leaned over me, smelling of Patchouli oils and place the glass on the side table and I lost it. As soon as he put the glass down...I pounced! We began kissing...ferociously like two jungle cats, locking in. I could feel the heat from his hands finding their way to my ass and breasts and between my legs. I'm sure he hated by then, that I'd decided to wear jeans. He said exhausted of breath, "I want you so badly, Sheena!" I looked him in his eyes...oval and deep. I then began unbuckling his belt like the starving lioness I was and smiled wickedly as I slid down between his knees. Oh damn...his dick was gorgeous. I almost stopped, got a camera and took a pic...but his scent seduced me in. I tasted the precum sitting on the tip and it tasted like air crossed with cherries. I didn't play. I didn't tease him with licks or kisses...I shoved his package deep down my throat and exhaled a hum that made him grab the fabric on my couch. I began sucking his dick with the intent on getting to taste a full explosive hit of his cherry-flavored cream. As I sucked and wrapped my hands around the base, twisting along with my sucking and slurping and moaning "hmmm"...I felt him clawing like he was fighting the build up of the nut I was working hard to release for him. I suctioned harder...because I needed this. I needed to wield the control of my lips and warm mouth over a man's sex. I needed for him to feed me what I'd been missing. He was NOT going to stop me from quenching this thirst I had. He grabbed my hair and screamed, "SHEEEEE.....naaaa...shiiiiit!" mmmmmmmm...yes. I milked him and licked my lips. We made eye contact and I swallowed and smiled. He couldn't utter a word...but, I could. "Um, were good, daddy...really good. I think you should go now." He blinked and his mouth opened and I just said, "Please...I need you to go. I just really need you to go." I couldn't tell if he was upset, shocked, thrown, mute or what...but, when he managed to get up and put that beautiful cherry pop back into his pants...all he could do was be ushered out my door. He said, "Wow, Sheena...for real?" and I shut the door. I walked over to his drink...finished it and went to bed.

~2 Years Later~

Somehow, spite of my encounter with "HIM" I still ended up falling for someone. The man I chose and I had a passionate and tumultuous relationship for almost a year. The very thing I didn't want...I got anyway. I felt like someone had led me into a room and surprised me with a different me...because that's what happened. I changed...for all of the wrong reasons. We ended our relationship sourly and all I can say is that it's been a process. Day by day.

Throughout that relationship, I cut off a LOT of my friends...especially "HIM". I did a lot to make my man feel secure...even though it didn't work. I wish I hadn't...but what's done is done. As I was sitting at work, chatting with my normal IM lineup..."HE" popped up. Mr. Cherry Pop.

P. Shoreland: I need to talk to u...please don't say no
Sexy_Sheena: WOW...sure. Do u wanna talk here?
P. Shoreland: Yea, it might be easier for now...
P. Shoreland: I just wanted to tell u that u fucked me up. I haven't been the same since that night. U really did me wrong
Sexy_Sheena: How so?

I asked that question, sort of knowing the answer. I knew what he meant...but, I was hoping he wouldn't say it. He went on to say that not only was he upset that he didn't get to return the favor...but, he was crushed at how I wouldn't answer his calls or IM's after the fact. He was so angry at me that I cried from feeling badly. I knew I'd hurt his feelings, but I didn't know to what extent. I mean...I was in selfish mode. I would've done ANYTHING to keep from feeling what I was going through. He made me promise to never run from our friendship...and I agreed.

SO...when after months of getting back on track, he wanted to visit...I didn't deny him. I had a friend visiting and figured...theres NO way that anything can pop off while she's here. I was SO wrong. The moment he walked through the door, the fires between us were leaping from our bodies in some sort of weird but beautiful chemical reaction. I introduced him. "Maya...this is Preston...Preston, my friend Maya." Maya looked him up and down and smiled. She had heard all the gory details and wanted to smack me into another space for letting THIS fine man get away.

We all talked for hours...laughing and getting deep and sometimes not so deep. We flirted in tandem, because of COURSE, I figured there was no harm. Maya was sitting RIGHT across from us. The thing is...that through all of the convo and laughter, he and I never took our hands off of each other. We barely remembered at times that Maya was there. So, when Maya's boyfriend called...we took that as a cue to sneak to the back for more "conversation". The MOMENT we entered the bedroom, he began pulling at me and kissing me and I was tugging and gasping for breath...then we stopped. We decided to talk. So, we did, for 5 minutes or so. Before I knew shirt was flung and my breasts were released into the air. His mouth sending vibrations of yeses in between my thighs. I checked on Maya quickly...and she had fallen to sleep. I returned to the bedroom, hoping Preston had calmed his fires...but that was NOT an option. He laid right into me...removing my shirt for a second time, damn near eating my nipples. He slid his hands down my pants...and before I knew it...there were no pants. He looked at me and said, "I've been waiting two long return the favor." He then dove into me with such sweet firmness that all I could do was say, "ooh". He was SO good at it...sooo good. He went from taking the middle of me into his mouth to tongue teasing my hole. He couldn't have eaten dinner tonight, I he slurped, sucked, licked and inhaled the most intimate part of me. It got so good that my legs closed in on him like a venus flytrap...pushing him further in and bringing me nearer to orgasm. When I released onto his tongue...he looked up at me and I knew what was next. I gave him the green light by way of a condom and he couldn't get it open fast enough. When Preston finally entered me...he waited. He said that he couldn't believe he was inside of me. He partook of the goodness of me...from my full breasts with the beckoning nipples. On to the sweet caramel ways of my second the feeling of having me wrapped around him. He stroked such a way that he reopened a part of me. If only slightly...that I thought had closed for a second time. I knew then, that he was addicted...especially when he whispered, "You taste just like I thought you would." Whatever that was...he wanted more.

Yet, after he'd returned the favor as lusciously as he had...I wondered IF. If I'd let him return the favor years ago...where would I have been right now. Would I have gone through the pain I had? Would HE have been my man? I guess, that's a story I'll never read. As of NOW...I think he and I will be returning the favor more often. He and I...pretty pleased...with cherries on top and caramel sauce.

First Night's Fuck

Larynne and Sol had been conversing for a couple of weeks. They met on and had become instantly attracted. He an exhibit of ebon art and her a piece of bronzed heaven. His conversation was cool. Nothing extraordinary. He wasn't her typical interest, but he was interesting nonetheless. Larynne had been giving him her patented tease for a couple of weeks and finally after continuous leaning from Sol, Larynne agreed. The day he came to pick her up Larynne did her usual primp session...times 10. Not just a shower, but a sugar scrub as well...leaving her tasting of a hint of chocolate. A tender shave for her sweet middle and a quick home pedicure. She painstakingly curled her long hair in loose tendrils and put on a pretty pink bra with pink lacy cheeky panties. Now that she'd laid the foundation, she combed through her wardrobe and picked out a simple outfit. It was the week after Thanksgiving and a little nippy so she opted for a long denim skirt with splits on both sides, a green wrap around top, and a denim overcoat to match the skirt. Her ample calves were covered in a pair of leather boots that stopped just under the knee. Once she spritzed on her favorite scent, Clinique Happy...she set out to meet Sol, the man she'd been talking a LOT of smack to. Luckily for her, in spite of her prep was the last thing on her mind. Larynne hadn't ever slept with someone on the 1st meeting and never would...but she MIGHT let him play in it.

Sol, got the address and inserted it into the search engine to retrieve a map. He was familiar with certain parts of where Larynne lived, but he needed to be sure. It wasn't the EASIEST place to find. He'd been working that day and lived an entire state or two away from Larynne, but had family 40mins away from her. There he showered and put his suit back on with fresh under clothes. He didn't expect much from Larynne. He could tell she was a shit talker and figured this would be just a meeting where he'd gage if he even wanted to pursue her. When he pulled up to her house, he was pleasantly surprised. She was "thicker" than he'd realized, but she was so beautiful he was captivated. She spoke and her voice in stereo surpassed what he'd been hearing over the phone. "Hi there...don't you look handsome." she said with a smile. He smiled involuntarily. "I'm good Ms look GOOD!" She blushed in the new winter's air. He got out and hugged her and her perfume lightly touched his senses. He walked her to the passenger side, opened the door and helped her in. When he was back in the car, he asked, "Where can we go?" She ran a few places down...restaurants to eat at, but neither was really hungry. They decided to get a couple of beverages and park at the lake near her home. The view was beautiful...and together they watched the sun set.

Larynne had been busy all morning and afternoon before Sol showed up. She shared her day with him and he shared his with her. The two both reclined their seats, talked and laughed. He'd flirted and told her how pretty her legs where. He'd been rubbing her thigh since they'd begun talking. She felt comfortable with him and even expressed being slightly exhausted. It seemed no quicker than the words left her mouth, she'd dozed off briefly. When she stirred from her mini-siesta, Sol was kissing her hard...harder than she liked...but Sol had also moved his hand from her knee to in between her thighs. His hand had found its way past her pretty pink panties and into her moisture. She pulled back from the kiss and said, "Not so hard...kiss me gently..." He smiled and reward her legs opened wider for his access. He then moved his mouth from hers to the opening in her blouse, using his free hand to remove her breast. He sucked the nipple and attacked it the way he'd kissed her...yet THAT was appreciated. Larynne sighed and closed her eyes as she became wetter and her legs much as they could in the passenger seat of his truck.

Sol removed his hand from inside her panties and licked his fingers. He moaned, "MMMMMM, I'mma eat that." He said to her, "Get in the back..." Larynne didn't even protest. She didn't expect this, but she was coming off of a year and a half of abstinence, so she rode the wave. She climbed over the seats into the back and as she did so he caressed her kitty from the rear. Larynne sat there and watched him get out of his side and climb in the back. He didn't say a word. He just placed one of her legs between the front seats, the other on the top of the back seat, moved her panties to the side and began tongue kissing her pussy. Larynne gasped as he began dipping his tongue in and out of her, greedily swallowing every drop of her. Long licks and short darts on her clit had her moving away but going nowhere. She was at the mercy of his skills. Sol looked at her, licked his lips and smiled. "What are you doing to me?" Larynne asked, not needing an answer. He got a hold of her clit and rolled his tongue around it over and it swelled with intensity he began sucking it as if it were her nipple. Sol began humming on it driving Larynne's legs to close in on his head. Larynne grabbed his baldness and began grinding his face. "Shit...oh no....oh damn....uhhhhhhhhh" and into his mouth she released as he enjoyed every bit. He got up and said, "I'm getting that...I have to..." Larynne looked funny. She didn't do these things...but, how could she really say no? He'd just bestowed upon her the best nut to date. She wanted to say no...but, she also wanted to feel him inside her as well. She never ONCE said no...or yes for that matter. Not when he couldn't find a condom and had to drive to a store to get one. Not when they returned to the spot by the lake to find other cars parked there as well...with people outside talking. She didn't care...not even when he climbed in the back spread her legs, stroked her pussy once more to spread her cream around and slid inside of her. He squealed almost with delight when entering the tight space that had his legs shaking. He stroked and pumped and thrusted until he reached climax. Feeling her plush and warm hole around him...clinging to his dick had him twisted. He even begged her for more...wanting to taste her...but, Larynne was ready to go home. He relented finally...kissed her and said, "This is mine..."

And it was...for another month or so. It was his when he bent her over in the night air on the edge of a pier. It was his when he snacked on her in the back seat again. It was his when he had her naked in his living room with her legs in the air. It was his until it wasn't anymore...except the middle of the night, when Larynne is pleasuring herself to the memories of a first night's fuck.

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Coatroom ~Epilogue - A Year Later~

Stacia sat on the patio of the restaurant she had lunch at frequently. "The Lattice Inn" was her fave nook in the neighborhood. When she could get a little "me time" away from Jalil, she'd go there to eat her fave almond croissant and cinnamon latte combo. She'd bring her laptop and enjoy the breeze while surfing the net and chatting. Stacia hadn’t dated anyone for a long time after she left Omar and confronted Angelle at Gavin's. She didn’t make it her business to care what ANY of the involved parties were doing. She and Omar were civil, but that was it. When she and Gavin's marriage ended, it was based on him discovering her multiple affairs. In her heart she'd never live that down. She'd been with three of his HS friends. When he found out about Omar...Gavin lost it. If it hadn’t been bad enough that she'd been sleeping with his buddies...she'd gotten knocked up by a married man to boot. The three guys had gone about their ways leaving Stacia to deal on her own...until, she spotted X, one day. Xavier Benton had walked right up to her. She'd seen him in the distance, but was in her own world and a tad oblivious. Xavier walked up to her and began asking what was new with her. At first it was awkward...until the old familiarity came back. They met there a few more times for afternoon lunches and then the sparks flew again. They've been inseparable since and have been exclusively dating for a few months.

Omar hadn’t gotten used to Stacia dating. He was stubborn about it, but he'd always hoped sooner or later they'd reunite. He knew Stacia thought that he didn’t love her but it wasn’t that. His pride was so hurt when he realized Stacia loved Angelle more, that he didn’t do much to keep her from leaving. He even confessed his trysts with Lisa hoping to clear the air, but they backfired. Stacia wanted nothing to do with him past co-parenting. Omar even fell off the dating scene. He wouldn’t bother to deal with anyone due to his confused state. He found himself wondering on Angelle's happiness as well...but that was concluded with the sight of Gavin and Angelle at the mall one afternoon. "Hey, Angelle! You look good!" he'd said as he walked up to her in front of a lingerie store. Angelle's heart jumped. Seeing Omar had startled her. They'd somehow managed since divorcing to steer clear of one this was a huge surprise. "Hi, are you?" Omar's face lit up and he said, "Better, now that I’ve seen you...I was wondering if..." Gavin came up behind her out of the store and handed Angelle a small purse. "Here, left it at the register." Gavin noticed Omar standing there and said, "What's up man?" extending his hand for shaking. Omar walked away. Angelle shrugged it off as did Gavin and they walked away hand in hand.

Lisa had served 50hrs of community service as punishment for her assault on the coat room clerk. She'd been a hermit mostly...working and doing her service in between. She moved out of the apartment she was in and moved a town over to avoid constant confrontation. In one event, she'd seen Angelle in the mall and gotten into a fight. Fresh off of being sentenced to her service...she was prompted by her lawyer to ask Angelle's mercy in pressing charges. In the case of the one time she saw Stacia at a get together down at a local club, she was on the receiving end of Stacia's attack. She chose to let it go. Nia keyed her brand new Maxima outside the same club on a different night, even though she couldn’t prove it. The only reason she knew was because Nia had left a pair of panties tied to the antenna of the car with an embroidered "N". Nia and Lisa had been playing tit for tat since they'd last been together. Initiated by Lisa as retribution for telling Gavin all she'd done...Lisa had done little things. Sugar in Nia's tank. She broke into Nia's apartment and poured gasoline over all her clothes. Pranked her with ridiculous takeout orders to her house. Nia would retaliate with spray painting her windshield red and the word "die" written over it. It took Lisa's moving to end a lot of the harassment on both far.

Nia was engaged. She took her fiancé home to her parents and announced her impending betrothal to dentist, Dr. Andrew Evans. Her mother and father were happy for was Gavin and their older sister, Coral. There was a big engagement party thrown at the country club and both families were in attendance. Nia was striking in an off the shoulder gown in olive green and her fiancé' was decked in a Hugo Boss suit of the same hue. They were a picture perfect couple. In attendance were over 200 of their closest friends, family and business associates. All were in awe of the lavish catering and decor. Truly a sight worthy of one of those wedding reality shows. As the announcements were about to commence...a group of unison gasps rang in the ears of the family standing in support. On the screen behind the two sets of parents and the happy couple where a slideshow of the couple was supposed to go…was a picture of Nia with Lisa fucking her doggy style with a strap-on. Nia stood cold as she viewed the picture she'd taken with her own camera phone and sent to Lisa's email as a tease. This was not the montage of photos of she and Andrew, she'd loaded. She looked into Andrew's eyes and they were filled with tears, anger and embarrassment. Needless to say, they didn’t get married. Oh, Andrew was ready to make up and take his love back, but his affluent family cringed at the idea of it and he fell victim to the pressures of his family's name. That was 2 months ago. Nia hasn’t left her apartment since.

Gavin and Angelle sat in their master bath, sipping wine and listening to the sounds of Kirk Whalum and staring lovingly across the tub at one another. They reflected on where they met and what they'd been through in order to find the kind of peace they'd found together. Angelle had never imagined that she'd be this happy. Gavin either...he'd given up on love when Stacia left. His heart melted and seemingly pulverized...until Angelle appeared. She'd had her heart ripped out by compliance. She complied with all Omar wanted which ended in the demise of their union. Now, their stories were shaping up to be pretty damned decent. Not your average love story...but a love story nonetheless. They figured they'd tell it to their grandchildren one day...well, maybe not the WHOLE story...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Coatroom Pt 7

Omar closed the door behind him. He looked Lisa over and said, "Damn your body is still perfect, girl." Lisa smiled. She didn’t want to talk though. She hadn’t been with Omar since she "talked" him into seducing Stacia. She remembered seeing them in a swinger's club. Omar on the prowl, Angelle reticent and along for the ride. She herself had gone as a 3rd party to a couple she'd been seeing and noticed the beautiful Angelle. Though she found Angelle attractive she zeroed in on Omar while his wife went to the ladies' room. She got his number and called him with an offer a few days later. She knew from following Stacia that, Gavin's wifey had been creeping in the same clubs she herself frequented. Setting up that freaky bitch was easy. So, she set the time and place to meet Omar. She sucked his dick the night she met him at a bar. They'd gone back to her house and she "talked" Omar into propositioning Stacia. Finding out Stacia's whereabouts was even lick on Nia's clit, and the info was disclosed. Tonight, she just wanted to be fucked, sucked and possibly held...held being optional. Omar loved Lisa's tits. They weren't huge. They were B cups. What they call a handful. He began sucking her breast through the fabric of her cami. As he did this he began sliding her panties off. Lisa spread her legs so he could pull them down with ease. She stepped out of them and allowed him to lie her down onto the chaise. He helped her pull the cami over her head and continued sucking. His now hard penis was lobbying for attention through his running pants. Lisa wanted to taste him, but Omar was way too hungry and aggressive. He slid his tongue to her navel and made dips and circles causing waves of chills and fevers to ripple through Lisa's body. Her legs gapped open almost involuntarily...causing Omar to go within her thighs for his thirst quencher. He ran the surface of his tongue deeply and firmly past her lips to lick up her filling now oozing from her...all the way up to her clit...taking it into his mouth with strong suctioning. Lisa came instantly. He began to stroke her hole with his and out...all why moaning and squeezing her thighs. All his moaning created sensations that brought about a second orgasm. Omar then rose, face shining...slid his pants down and took Lisa's legs, criss-crossed them and placed himself inside of her. He pounded without making a sound...maintaining eye contact. All you could hear was skin slapping, juices mingling and Lisa's guttural moans escaping with every upstroke. He increased his pace until he came all over her stomach. She exhaled when he came and slid out of her. She went to move...and he pushed her back down. "Turn over...I’m not finished with your ass!" She turned over and propped her ass up. Omar licked his lips and thought to himself. SOME bitch gone get all this shit tonight. Might as well be this hoe.

Over at Gavin's, Nia yelled out her brother's name. "GAVIN!!" Gavin caught his own balance...and was able to keep them all from falling too hard. Angelle got up and said, "Oh my damn...are you both ok?" Gavin said, "Fuck her...this is bullshit. I am not gonna let this lying, conniving whore come in MY damn crib and start more chaos than she already has!" Stacia got up and said, "Angelle...are you going to be happy with him? Any more than I was with Omar? You know where your heart belongs!" Angelle was blown away. She still had feelings for Stacia, but her having Omar's baby had put a rift between the two of them she didn’t feel could heal. "I am happy with Gavin. You lost out. Our lives were ripped apart by all of this bed-hopping. We've hurt one another too much. As good as we WERE together...we are no more. I am good, Stae. Please respect that and leave." Gavin opened the door to let Stacia out. Stacia must have injured herself...because she limped a little to the door. She looked back and shook her head while tears left her eyes. She'd lost Gavin, Angelle AND Omar. All she could do was just go. She walked towards the door and stopped it with her hand before Gav could close it on her. "I pray you have made the right choice. I pray that you don’t look up one morning and see him for what he is to you...get back!" Stacia left, with Gavin slamming the door behind her.

Nia had done her duty. She came to her brother's house to come clean with what she'd done and to make sure that by no means would he consider taking Lisa back. Nia hugged her sibling and said goodbye to him and Angelle both.

A week or so later, Nia's bell buzzed. She was expecting a package, so without thinking she let the buzzer in. She opened her door to find Lisa staring at her with an impish smirk. Nia said, "Um, no thank you...I don’t want what you’re selling!" attempting to close the door. Lisa pushed her way in and said, "I don’t think so, mama. Come on. Is this how you treat me?" Nia got a little worried. She wasn’t afraid of Lisa...she herself boxed for fitness and was probably several pounds heavier than Lisa. The problem for Nia was, did she have a weapon of some kind. She didn’t like the way Lisa was looking at ALL! "Look, clearly you found out that I spoke to Gavin about your little shenanigans...but, what did you think would happen?" Lisa giggled. She said, "What? You think I’m over here for that?" Nia was puzzled. "So, what are you here for, Lisa?" Lisa walked over to Nia and stood inches from her face. She wrapped her arm around Nia's waist and said, "Nia...I came here to get some. I came to make you feel good...I AM gonna make you feel good!" Before Nia could protest, she was naked bent over with Lisa's face in her ass. Lisa was gonna turn her out once and for all...she had plans for this little snitch bitch.

Stacia sat at her desk. She had worked piled up from a 3-day vacation she took. That fall down Gavin's stairs proved to be worse than she'd thought. She ended up with a hairline fracture in her foot. Misery had set in and she'd withdrawn. Omar had dismissed her with the quickness. He told her that he'd take care of Jalil, but that he thought it best for them to go their own ways. She had no home so, she opted to stay with her sister, Kyra, instead of with her mother. She didn’t need that kind of headache. As Stacia sat there barely looking at the stack of accounts she had to manage...her secretary knocked. "Come in, Audrey." Audrey's face was obstructed by a beautiful bouquet of orchids, jasmine and lilies...her fave. "These came for you Ms. Lovelace." Audrey said. Stacia came around her desk and accepted them, thanking Audrey. Audrey closed the door behind her, while Stacia searched for the card. The card read:

Lovely Stae...Thank you for everything. Thank you for the story you set in motion. Because of you, I am happy. How ironic is that? You were my life for so long and I always saw you as the one. Now, I have Angelle and I owe that to you. I wish you happiness. Alls forgiven. Love...Gavin.

Stacia broke down. It was everything she DIDN’T need to know. All it did was make her assess everything all over again…mentally rehashing her wrongs. She'd been so consumed by her own sexual desires, that she allowed herself to be drawn out of her marriage. She ended up with a child, however beautiful, but by a man who didn’t love her. He was only momentarily obsessed. She lost out on her connection with Angelle...and at the end was lonely. She sat down and admired the flowers and uttered aloud, "You’re welcome, Love."

Omar waited for over 2 hours for Lisa. He was becoming frustrated and was about to leave when Lisa strolled in like she wasn’t late as hell. "When you tell someone you’re gonna meet them, you NEED to be on time, Lisa!" She reached up and kissed him on the lips. "Sorry, I got held up. You know how that goes!" Omar said, "You so damn sexy I can’t even be mad at you...turn around." he demanded. Lisa twirled and allowed him a 360 view of her ensemble. They sat down and Omar began talking. "I know this was your meeting here for dinner and then heading back to your place, but I’m taking over. Before you say a word, take this." Omar reached in his jacket pocket and pulled out a long box. Lisa's eyes lit up. She smiled and then opened the box...thinking it would be a bracelet. She opened it to find a piece of paper. She unfolded it and read it and said, "What the fuck? Are you serious?" Omar stood up and said, "Yep, it’s a restraining order you crazy bitch. Stay the FUCK away from me, Stacia and our son. If you come within 500 feet of either of us, you WILL go to jail." He looked around to make sure he hadn’t drawn any attention and walked off. Lisa sat there in awe. Once again, she was alone to pick up the pieces. She got up, went to the lobby of the restaurant. She gave the clerk her ticket and he gave her the coat she checked. She said thank you and then he said with a smile, "You’re welcome, pretty lady. I sure wish you could keep me company in this here coat room." Lisa snapped and attacked the poor man, jumping through the coat room's window. She was arrested and taken to county jail. The clerk was ok, but the coat room was closed until further notice.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Coatroom Pt 6

Stacia wasn’t able to think straight after being put out of Gavin's. She was barely lucid while breast-feeding her baby. She put him to bed and crawled in beside Omar. Omar was aroused by the scent of her cocoa-butter lotion. His dick seemed to nod at her being so if to say yes...that’s my pussy. Omar reached over, smoothing his hand across Stacia's stomach. He began prodding her from behind through his silk pajama bottoms. She wore the top and a pair of panties...unusual for her. He slid his hand up her top and found her nipples. He wanted better access, so he turned her over to find her eyes wide open. "Oh, you’re up? Are you ok, babe?" he asked. Stacia sat up and said with an irritated tone, "NO...I’m NOT!" Omar's dick went down and he sat up too. "Well what's the problem, Stacia?" "ANGELLE IS FUCKING GAVIN...THAT'S THE PROBLEM!!" Omar's mouth went agape and he said, "WHAT? How in the hell? When did you find this out?" Stacia huffed and rose out of the bed. "Doesn’t matter...OUR Angelle is fucking MY Gavin!" Omar hated when she said that was like she was still in love or something. "...the FUCK you keep saying that shit for?" he snapped as he jumped up. Stacia liked engaging him..."Which? OUR Angelle or MY Gavin?" Omar was not in the mood for this. He wanted some pussy and she'd fucked his head up for that. "You know what, Stacia?..." Stacia took a stab at it. "Yea, I fucked up our family. You ran Angelle away and now she's in Gavin's bed!" Omar said, "I'M TIRED OF THIS SHIT. YOU KNOW WHAT?...YOU THINK I WANTED IT LIKE THIS? I LOVE ANGELLE...IF I COULD SWAP YOU FOR HER, I WOULD!" Stacia's heart dropped. She wanted to stab him...but, instead...she quietly began packing...and Omar let her. He watched Stacia pack their son and leave, and in his mind...he was relieved.

Angelle and Gavin made love all day and night. They were tired and fell off to sleep in each other's arms. The doorbell rang, waking Gavin up immediately. He looked over at Angelle and wanted for her to remain asleep so he jumped to his feet, throwing on his robe and going downstairs to see who was harassing them so early in the morning. He looked out the side window and opened the door forcefully. "What the hell, Nia? It’s fucking 3 in the AM! Are you crazy?" Nia walked past her brother innocently as if the sun was still shining. "Its 3:48 to be exact." looking at her watch. She started walking through the foyer and into the kitchen, stopping at the fridge. "Is mom ok? Are YOU ok? What the hell is wrong with you?" he queried. Nia found a yogurt and plucked a spoon out of the drawer. As she peeled back the tab, she said, "I’m fine. I just thought I'd come by and have a chat with you." Gavin got up off the barstool he'd sat on and said, "Nah...Nia, take your ass home and let's try this again later on in the day." He made it to the door and she said, "’re gonna wanna know how Lisa seduced me into telling her all of you and Stacia's business." Gavin stopped, turned around and said, "What? What the fuck?...aight, explain what you mean by SEDUCE! No better yet...explain what the fuck you mean by telling her all me and Stacia's business!" Nia scraped the cup of yogurt and said, "Mmm hmm...I thought so."

Lisa tossed and turned. Her new apartment didn’t feel quite like home yet. All she'd done lately is stare at the ceiling thinking about Gavin's sweet cum sliding down her throat...or how his magnum-donned dick invaded her pussy each time like it was the 1st. She'd done a lot of self-helping lately and this night was no different...except for her visual had changed over the past month. She'd imagine Angelle sitting on her face while she sucked her the way she did the end of an ice cream cone. She'd imagine herself sucking on Angelle's hard nipples and slowly working her hand inside of Angelle's sweet space. Lisa had played in her pussy so much the past few nights ALONE...that her wrist began to hurt. Just the other night, she'd allowed a perfect stranger to fuck her behind the local department store's loading dock out of pure sexual angst. Lisa knew she'd fucked up. She fucked up getting Gavin's good dick. She'd NEVER taste Stacia how she wanted...and Angelle was always going to be a fantasy. Hell...she even counted Nia as a loss. Never had pussy tasted as good as it did on Gavin's baby sister. She smiled devilishly at the thought of having fucked them both. Having them both at her disposal was nut-worthy in itself. Alas...she was alone, though. No amount of momentary victory could account for her loss of a warm body or two in her bed. No love to call her own.

Stacia had run off to her mother's house. She just told her mother that she needed some space. Stacia's mom had been disgusted with Stacia's behavior and treatment of Gavin. The two families had been close for years and were jubilant about their son and daughter's nuptials. A few members of the immediate family were ALSO privy to Stacia's demands that Gav get the vasectomy in order to stave off an untimely pregnancy in the midst of her burgeoning career. Gavin agreed, knowing they could reverse the procedure in the event they'd ever want a child. So, when she popped up pregnant by another woman's husband, the privy parties (her mom, dad, brother and sister) were appalled that she'd betrayed Gavin on so many levels...especially due to him wanting a child with her so badly. It goes without saying that Stacia's presence with her new child unnerved the fiercely loyal Mrs. Lovelace. Regardless, Stacia was family and would never be turned away by her own people. Stacia sat there in the spare room with Jalil's carry-away crib set up...him tucked in all over again. She tried, but couldn’t shake her emotions. She thought about all of the shit she'd done in the past two years and how she'd found her purest love and screwed it up. She threw her clothes on and asked her mother to watch the baby, without waiting for her response and got in her car and headed to Gavin's.

Nia finished filling Gavin in and to say the least, he was shocked at his sister's behavior. He never would’ve have figured her for being BI, so his bombshell reaction was less about Lisa's deceptiveness and more about his sister's undercover tendencies. "Damn, Nia...what the hell is up with that?" He finally uttered. Nia shook her head and laughed, "Boy, you crack me up. Come on...let go of the realization that I let Lisa lick my pussy...and concentrate on the fact that she's been plotting this entire time to come between you and Stacia. This WHOLE thing is because Lisa wanted you so badly she could taste it! No pun intended!" she ended giggling. "COME ON, NIA...shit! Cut that out. What "I" wanna know is how you could betray me for some sex with a bitch that was cut throat and crazy? I also wanna know was you fucking her when she was fucking ME?" he said almost afraid of the answer. "Yep. Whenever Lisa craved pussy...she came to me." Without thinking, Gavin threw the glass fruit bowl across the room and it exploded in shards of crystal on impact. Nia ducked, not that it was aimed in her direction...just out of reflex. "Gavin...calm down. You’re gonna wake Angelle."she said. Gavin realized it too late...and he could hear Angelle's footsteps above and moving toward the stairwell. He went to meet her and as he reached the foyer, she reached the top of the stairs. "Gavin, what's going on? Is everything ok?" "Yea, I’m sorry babe...I broke the fruit bowl." Nia walked out and Angelle said, "Who is that?" even though after the question was asked she spotted the resemblance. "Hi, Angelle...Im Nia...Gavin's baby sister." Nia said waving. "Oh, ha ha...Hi, Nia...I’m..." Angelle started, but Nia said, "Angelle...I already know." Before anymore niceties could be exchanged...the bell rang again. Gavin was sick of this shit. He walked to the door and opened it. Stacia rushed in and said, "Gavin I gotta talk to you!" Angelle started down the stairs, angry at Stacia's nerve. Stacia looked up, saw Angelle and said, "Good, you’re up...Its you I really want to talk to...look, I’m in love with you and I know you still love me. Please give us a second chance. No Gavin, No Omar...just you and I!" as she went to meet Angelle halfway. Gavin slammed the door and said, "Oh fuck no! Not again. You will NOT destroy my life a second time around!" Stacia reached Angelle, holding her hands tightly. Gavin grabbed Stacia, she yanked from his grip and all three went flying down the stairs. Nia yelled, "GAVIN!!!"

Over at Lisa's a knock came to the door. She sashayed over in her baby yellow spaghetti-strapped camisole and matching cheeky panties...opened the door and smiled as she cleared her hair out of her face. "Hey, baby...I missed your ass." Omar said, looking her up and down and closing the door behind him.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Coatroom Pt 5

Angelle explained everything. She told Gavin of the nights of bliss she and her ex-husband Omar had shared with Stacia. They'd met her at the doctor's office in passing...were intrigued by Stacia's flawless beauty and pursued her as a couple. She spoke of how with every threesome, she and Stacia began to fall in love with one another. Well, she wasn’t surprised that Omar fell as well, but she sure as hell was surprised when Stacia popped up pregnant. When Omar found out, he gave Angelle a choice. Accept her as part of the family allowing her to move in...or leave. It wasn’t the idea of Stacia moving was the idea that he'd even considered that Angelle would need to go. It was then that she saw how he'd gone from being her husband sharing being Stacia's man...discarding her. So, she packed and left them to be a family. She didn’t know Gavin. Had never met him nor heard his name was how Stacia preferred it. The next thing she knew, Lisa was befriending her at the gym and asking her to be Gavin's surprise. She hadn’t had physical contact in over a year since leaving Omar so it made all the sense in the world to allow herself a taste. Her one stipulation was that there be NO had gotten her into trouble once and she was done.

"WOW!" is all Gavin could muster. He sat down on the bench across from the stairs and stared at Angelle. Her face red from crying her story out. He couldn’t really be upset with her...well, he COULD...but what good what it do? She didn’t know who he was. She was just trying to bring excitement to her marriage. She couldn’t have known that Stacia would behold the same goddess qualities as she. The two were drawn like magnets to each other...causing disruption of all things around them. He'd fallen for Stacia, the way Omar had fallen for Angelle...then they fell for one another. they sat, full circle...him now falling for one of the people responsible for taking Stacia out of his life. He looked at her and said, "Fuck it…fate played us this what you wanna do?" Angelle got up, walked over to Gavin and slid her robe open. Like a curtain revealing a scene, Angelle's breasts, navel and shaved vee stared at Gavin awaiting touch. Angelle said, "I want to do you. If you'll have me..." Gavin began massaging Angelle's ass while sucking on her nipples. As he's caressing her ass his finger started slipping in and out of her pussy from behind. "I love you, Gavin..." leaves Angelle's lips. He looks up at Angelle, smiles and says, "I love you too..." He lifts her leg up and shows her how much, continuing to suck, fuck and love her all the way back upstairs.

Lisa stayed outside for the entire time. She fell asleep waiting for the two of them or at least Angelle to come out of the house. She jumped out of her sleep to the sound of a car passing. When she awoke, it was dark and both Angelle and Gavin's cars were still in the driveway. Lisa's eyes began to tear and she placed her head on the steering wheel. She was snapped out of her melancholy with a firm knocking on the window. "OH SHIT!" she said. She looked up and it was Nia. Rolling down the window with her heart beating faster than she could breathe, Lisa said, "What the HELL are you doing?" Nia reached in and unlocked the passenger door and got in. "I could ask you the same thing, Baby! Why are you sitting outside my brother's house? Didn’t he kick you out?" Nia asked sarcastically. "Nia, I don’t have time for this shit today! What are YOU doing out here? Are you visiting Gav? Or just following me?" Lisa said meanly. Nia's big brown eyes watered with tears. She shared the same light eyes and hair as Gavin, but had a rounder prettier face. Looking at her was almost uncanny for Lisa. Nia blinked hard and replied, "You know I love you Lisa. I told you before that I'd take you back, if you stopped messing with Gav. Now, you’re out here stalking him and that girl Angelle." Lisa looked at Nia and said, "How do you know about her?" Nia laughed so hard. She shook her head and said, "DAMN, you still don’t get it? I fucking know everything. It doesn’t help that Stacia called me moments after she pulled off to ask me to talk to Gav about his new fling. Said that Angelle was perpetrating a fraud and that he wouldn’t listen to anyone but me." Lisa said, "Nia, why are you all up in this business...none of this concerns you." Nia's eyes grew dark with expression of anger. She turned herself completely towards Lisa and said, "Ok, since I’ve been playing docile bitch to YOUR cunt, I guess I gotta lay it out there." Lisa got nervous. She'd been underestimating Nia, taking her for granted...and now she wondered how wrong she'd been about that. Nia said, "I know that you had a crush on my brother in HS. I know that you lived near us THEN. I knew when you moved next door to him and Stacia. I knew when you started fucking Omar on the side. I know about how you plotted for Omar and Angelle to approach Stacia at the doctors' office because you'd been following up on Stacia's activities." By this time Lisa's mouth was hanging open and she was frozen with fear. "’re shocked? Yea, I know it all. I know that you orchestrated the threesome, so that you could move in on Gavin...but your plan worked out far better than you thought. Stacia got knocked up and Omar fell in love. I know that you started fucking ME to get information about Gavin and Stacia way back when, but I didn’t care because you were so good at eating my pussy, I'd tell you ANYthing you wanted to know." Nia said, licking her lips and pulling up her dress. It was dark in the car, but Lisa could see the outline of Nia's pussy and she involuntarily began to drool. She didn’t love...nor LIKE Nia that much, but she loved her sweet pussy. She always thought of cake when she was licking her slit. The girl was crazy, but her pussy was the best Lisa had tasted. Nia laughed at the look on Lisa's face. She knew she was ready to dive in. Nia was playing with her. "So, basically you tongue-fucked me on a regular, to get info, so you could be with my brother...and that was fine. You were my side piece too. I guess when you were planning get back for Gavin to fuck Angelle to piss off Omar and Stacia, you never planned on him feeling her, more than you!" To that, Lisa pushed Nia's legs closed and ordered her out of the car. Nia pulled down her dress and said as she opened the door..."It’s ok, I won’t tell Gavin how you used me...or will I?" With that, Nia slammed the door and retreated to the shadows from where she came. Lisa started the car and drove off.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Coatroom Pt 4

Gavin kissed Angelle softly…playing with her lips and tongue. He slid down to her neck, biting and nibbling...sucking slowly, moving downward. His lips landed on her breasts where he tried to engulf them both. With each lick, suck, squeeze...Angelle moistened. He played tongue tricks on her belly and stopped short of the other lips he loved kissing. He kissed her thighs, nuzzled her calves and ran his tongue over her toes. He instructed her to turn over and continued his all around the world journey. Running his tongue up the back of her legs and biting firmly on the back of her thighs. "OOH, damnit Gav...mmmmm" Gavin hardened as her moans resonated through him. He bypassed her bottom...well, he bit a cheek and kept going. He planted kisses and licks up her spine and when he reached the top he whispered, "I’m back!" He went back down, pulled Angelle to him and propped her round ass up and licked her from clit to asshole. He dived in and ate himself into an erotic tizzy...filling up on her juices and cum, sucking her ass until she came again...and finally fucked her until she was face down screaming into the sheets.

This is how Gavin had been waking Angelle up for 2 weeks. He and Angelle had spent a lot of time together since the fallout between Gavin and Lisa. Lisa had packed her stuff and moved into an apartment across town and Angelle hadn’t seen her at the gym since. Neither of them cared. They'd been feasting on one another and hadn’t truly had time to consider anyone else. That is until the knock that came at Gavin's door. Gavin was in the shower, and asked Angelle to answer it. She'd been around for a couple of weeks, but she didn’t feel comfortable answering his front door just yet. Still, she did go downstairs and as she got there she tightened the belt on her robe and answered without asking who it was. The door flung open and so did Angelle's mouth. "Stacia? What are you doing here?" Angelle said, looking over her shoulder. "What? You thought you could come over here and fuck my ex-husband and me not find out?" Angelle's heart dropped into the soles of her feet. "Ex-HUSBAND? Stace...what are you talking about?" Stacia came in closed the door and got real close to Angelle. Angelle became uneasy. She could never resist Stacia...but, when Omar chose Stacia and their unborn child over her...she was so hurt, she managed to ignore Stacia's attempts to reach out. To her FACE...she was a deer frozen in headlights...and Stacia had some pretty ones. Stacia slid her hand up Angelle's breast, feeling her nipples through the fabric. Angelle kept stepping back, until she was against the wall and couldn’t run. Stacia found her way under the robe to Angelle's soft breasts and squeezed and tickled...while using the other hand to play with her pet kitty. Angelle's head went back, eyes closed...mellow moans escaping her. Stacia said, "That was my dick up there...and this is my pussy right here. How you gonna fuck my dick without me? I run this shit. Don’t act like I don’t...You could’ve had me AND Omar. You chose to leave. So, what the fuck you doing over here?" Angelle found strength. She must’ve gotten mad. She pushed Stacia off of her and readjusted her robe. Stacia stepped back, licked her fingers and laughed. Then her face went straight and she said it again, "What the FUCK are you doing over here?" Angelle reasserted her stance and said between her teeth, "LOOK...YOU, fucked me and MY husband. You weren’t supposed to fall in love and get pregnant! YOU violated, NOT me! As for your "dick" up there...I had no idea he was your husband. You never talked about him. Remember? And he and I have been too busy FUCKING everyday to discuss you...besides...he got rid of all things Stacia. There's no trace of you here." Angelle said, waving her hand around the room like she was a game show model. Stacia stepped up close to her and reared back her fist. Just as she was about to swing...Gavin came down the stairs. "STACIA! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" He sprinted down the stairs and jumped between her and Angelle. "Are you out of your damn mind? Why are you here anyway?" Gavin asked, chest heaving from adrenalin. "OH, you don’t know? You don’t know who your little guest is?" Gavin looked at her and smirked. "You can’t seriously be jealous? And how in the hell did you just stop through here? Explain yourself...Don’t you have a man and a baby at home?" Stacia turned red. She remembered what brought her...jealousy over Angelle...but it also made her revisit how she'd hurt Gavin. She said, "Look, I just thought you should know who Angelle REALLY is!" Gavin looked at Angelle and asked, "What is she talking about? Why does she think she knows who you are?" Angelle said, "Listen, Gav...I didn’t know who you were until she stopped by here just now. I never would’ve done this on purpose...I..." Stacia interjected, "SHE'S OMAR'S EX-WIFE, GAVIN! THE SAME MAN THAT FATHERED MY CHILD IS HER EX!" Gavin stumbled back and looked at the both of them. He said to Stacia, "Why are you doing this? Haven’t you hurt me enough? LEAVE!! Get the fuck out of here and don’t come back!" Stacia went to speak, but Gavin had swung the door open, grabbed her by her arm and tossed her out the door. He slammed the door behind her and said to Angelle, "You better break this shit down NOW, or your ass is next to hit the curb!" Angelle sat down on the steps and wept. She looked up at Gavin and said, "I don’t even know what’s going on...but, I will tell you everything I DO know."

As Stacia was being thrown out of the house...Lisa was sitting in a rental across the street watching Stacia cry to her car. She sat back and laughed so hard that she almost got aroused by the chaos she'd created. She watched Stacia drive off and she sat there looking at Gavin's house. She spoke aloud, "Ok, Angelle...bring YOUR pretty ass out!"

...but, what is it they say? When you’re watching...someone's watching you? Indeed...because as Lisa was lurking, another was sitting in the shadows of the shadows...watching Lisa's every move.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Coatroom Pt 3

Lisa looked at Angelle and then at Gavin. She realized they were leaving the changing room area and deduced what had taken place. She flew at Angelle, but Gavin caught her. She began kicking and screaming obscenities at Angelle..."YOU FUCKING HOE, YOU DIDNT WANNA FUCK ME, BUT YOU WANNA FUCK MY MAN? LET ME GO, GAVIN...GET OFF ME!" Gavin carried her out of the store and placed her down when they got outside the doors of the store. "CALM DOWN!! If for NO other reason than so security won’t come pick your ass up for causing a scene." Lisa yanked her arm from Gavin's hold. She looked around him at Angelle in the store. She started crying so hard she had to sit down. Gavin tried to console her, but she told him, "Just go. Leave me alone right now. I...I can’t even look at you. This is all of my fault. Just go to her." Gavin didn’t want to go to Angelle...not because he didn’t WANT to go to her, but because he knew it was like spitting fire into Lisa's face. He nodded and waved at Angelle and she responded in like kind. Angelle saw him walk away. She walked out of the store and over to the bench where Lisa sat. Approaching cautiously, Angelle said, "Lisa...I’m sorry you had to see that." Lisa stood to her feet immediately and stood toe to toe with the devil called Angelle and said, "You fucking bitch...I wanted to fuck you and you told me no. You said you didn’t want to be a side dish. So why are you fucking Gavin? Doesn’t that still make you a side dish? You’re just a whore in his eyes anyway." Angelle, looked up and away as if she were trying to get a grip on her anger and said, "Be mad, be shit even...but you let one more "whore" or "bitch" fly with me and I’m gonna knock you on your ass! Oh, and before you say ONE more fucking thing...REMEMBER little GAVE your dick to me." Angelle walked off and left Lisa standing there in a puddle of her own tears.

Gavin waited impatiently at the house. He knew Lisa would return sooner than later. He knew he'd messed up, but he didn’t even care. He liked and cared for Lisa...she'd been there when Stacia had broken his heart. He remembered how she helped him pick up the pieces after Stacia had gone. He respected Lisa for the position she played, but he knows deep down that she was a stand-in for his lost love. Now, Angelle? She was something to behold. She'd breezed in and screwed his brain as well as his body and he was open. He didn’t know if he'd ever love her, but he knew he wanted to possess her...if only temporarily. The fire she brought to him was unparalleled and incomparable to any other feeling he'd had physically with another woman...including Stacia. Just as his dick started to bulge thru his running pants at the thought of Angelle, Gavin heard the front door open and shut. He stood up and walked toward the foyer. There stood Lisa. Eyes...crimson from crying, mascara smudged and her hair once disheveled around her shoulders. "Lisa...we need to talk." he said. "Do I LOOK like I want to talk? Do me a solid? Go to a motel...or better yet, go to Angelle. Just leave me alone." Gavin thought that it would’ve been smart to just walk away and avoid the argument...but, he was tired of settling in relationships...allowing things to happen instead of MAKING things happen. "Look, I know you are pissed and hurt, but we have to talk and waiting isn’t going to change things. I take full responsibility for what happened. I should’ve known not to allow you to introduce me to another woman." Lisa snapped her head around and said, "So I’M to blame? You fuck Angelle behind my back and I’m to blame? For wanting to show you how exciting and fulfilling a relationship could be? Ok, go ahead...make me the fall guy!" Gavin stood there with his arms folded and then said, "You know what, Lisa? You and I BOTH know that we're together out of convenience. You were there for me when Stacia left...and I was grateful. I think we made something more of what we were supposed to be." Lisa could’ve slapped the shit out of him. "CONVENIENCE? So this entire time you were with me because you missed Stacia?" Gavin tried to make her understand what he meant. "No, not because I missed her, but because I needed SOMEone...ANYone. My heart was were there for me. I just don’t know if we're supposed to be doing this 'relationship thing'." Lisa said as coldly as possible..."Fine, it’s over. You had your fun, you got what you needed. You needed to test the waters. By all means go ahead. I won’t shed another tear after tonight. I DON’T want to talk about this anymore. I will pack and leave, after all this is your house. I will go back to my apartment in the morning." Lisa went up the stairs. Gavin almost said something, but Lisa put her finger up behind her back as she walked off...shutting him down. Gavin knew there was nothing else to say.

Lisa went upstairs and sat on the edge of the bed...she was hurt, but not like Gavin thought. She was upset because he got Angelle and not her.

Angelle's cell rang. She answered hesitantly not recognizing the number. "Hello?" Gavin said, "Hi,’s me, Gavin." Angelle's face grew a grin and she said girlishly, "HI, Gavin! I didn’t think I'd hear from you." "Yea, it’s been a little rough, but I had to end things with Lisa..." "Wait, you ended things with her? Is this because of me?" she asked. "No, it’s because we never should’ve been together. It was for all the wrong reasons. All I want to do is move on with my life. I would like to get to know that possible?" Angelle paused and said, "Come over." After he and Angelle had sexed until they were both dry of bodily fluids, Gavin lay there thinking about all that transpired...

...Meanwhile, back at Gavin and Lisa's house...Lisa lay there restless. Knowing Gavin was probably fucking Angelle the way she'd only DREAMED he'd fuck her...and how she'd wanted to have Angelle. With the kind of passion that makes the body burn with lust and the mind throb with fantasy. She tossed and turned until she finally just got up. She looked through Gavin's desk and rustled through papers...fumbled through address books...and finally came across what she was looking for. She picked up the phone...thought about the hour, said, "Fuck it" in her head and dialed. A woman picked up...and Lisa spoke, "Hi, this is Lisa...I am Gavin's girlfriend." The woman said, "Why are you calling my house at 2am? Is this Lisa the neighbor?" "Yes, it’s me, Stacia." Stacia sighed, "Ok, now how may I help you?" Lisa smirked, though Stacia couldn’t see it. Lisa spoke with malice. "I think you should know that Gavin is fucking your man's ex-wife. The same woman you fucked in threesomes with her husband is fucking Gav. He and Angelle are together right now." The line went dead. Stacia sat up...looked at her child's father and thought about the one woman she's ever loved, sleeping with the one man she's loved most. Stacia said out loud, "Karma's a bitch!" and cried in her hands.

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Coatroom Pt 2

Lisa had enjoyed providing Angelle for her man. Gavin was her second chance at love. She felt that she was his too. After his wife had cheated on him, the man that she saw everyday being so sweet to his mate and to his neighbors had gone into a shell. His lawn had grown to a jungle's height and his leaves would barely get raked. His Avalon that was once washed almost bi-weekly...would dust up for weeks. Lisa initiated things by visiting once a week, with dinner...claiming to have made too much. She even traipsed over in her barely there pajamas one spring evening to borrow sugar...well, that was it. She borrowed Gavin's sugar and never gave it back.

Gavin enjoyed his gift from Lisa. He was skeptical. He'd never "cheated" on his woman before...and the idea of having sex with Angelle that night in the coat room was something he'd fought against. Lisa insisted though. She wanted him to have a sexual experience that would help him open up and become less uptight about sex and women. He was afraid to open up to Lisa...he saw all women as worthless, untrustworthy whores. His wife, Stacia had been the love of his life, so he thought. Finding out she was screwing Tom, Dick and Jamal was too much. He probably wouldnt have found out if it werent for the fact that she turned up pregnant when he'd had a vasectomy at HER request. He definitely enjoyed Lisa's little present, even though he'd woke up the next morning questioning her character. Would she soon expect him to do the same for her? He wondered if he'd done the right thing. One thing's for certain...He enjoyed Angelle. The fit was perfect. She felt good on his dick. She was nasty and classy at the same time. She embodied the qualities of a woman and a whore...without wearing the "whore" on her sleeve. He thought of her often since that night...he wanted more than to fuck her...he wanted to see her nude. Admire her breasts and the shape of her hips and thighs. He wanted to hold her. He decided not to allow his mind to be blown over some good pussy and tried to leave it at that...but, he'd already been touched by an "Angelle".

Angelle had heard from Lisa a couple of days after the coat room. Lisa expressed interest in a threesome with she and Gavin, but Angelle declined. She didn't do women...well, not anymore. She'd had a few experiences, but she preferred dick overall. No woman could satisfy her and she didn't see herself wanting to be their side dish all of the time. Angelle was still reeling from 4 orgasms in less than 5 minutes. It was almost a month since that night...but damnit if she didn't want to hop back on and ride. Lisa was someone she'd met at the gym, but they weren't best buds. She couldn't believe after testing him out, that Lisa would even give away that kind of dick. Stupid little girls trying to be the "bombass girlfriend"...not realizing if you're not careful, you can give your dick to the next chick on some "free sex" shit. She wanted so badly to taste Gavin. He smelled so good, and had the softest lips. Yea...she was open too.

While downtown, Angelle window shopped for shoes...lustfully eying a pair of strappy Manolo's that could've been made expressly for her. She moved to go inside and turned around, bumping directly into Gavin. "Whoa...excuse me, ma'am! Uh...Angelle?" Gavin said. Angelle's stomach knotted and her knees weakened...she almost didn't open her mouth to respond. "...Gavin, how are you?" she said, with trembled voice. Her center betrayed her and responded to Gavin's presence. She almost thought she would melt in front of him. Gavin smiled at her uneasiness, which only served to further weaken her. He didn't waste more than she did on their first meeting. "Let's go into that store across the way...find a changing room and fuck. I need to feel you again. I NEED to feel you. Don't say no!" he said, pulling her close. She didn't even resist. She nodded in agreement and they walked into the store. She picked up a blouse, went into the changing room and called for him. "Honey, come see if this looks right!" The one attendant had gone up front and the store was basically empty. Gavin walked into the the changing room to find Angelle standing there naked. She'd stripped down to nothing but her calf-high boots. He quickly removed his jacket and unbuckled his pants as Angelle turned around and waved her ass at him. He was instantly hard and immediately began to fondle her breasts from behind...moving hastily but deliberately from one nipple to the other. She winced at his touch and bit her lip. He moved his hand down past her smoothed out "V" and ran his finger up the slit of her. She was soaked and all he wanted was to be inside her. He didn't want it from behind like before...he wanted to see her face. He spun her around, sitting on the bench and placed her on top. Her face screwed up and he began sucking hard on her nipples. She didn't waste time bouncing and grinding at the same time. Their juices were creating loud moist slapping sounds sure to be heard at the front of the store. Angelle stopped long enough to reposition herself...this time with her feet planted on the bench as she held onto Gavin's neck continuing to bounce. "OH...SHHHHHH, girl!" Gavin said under his breath. She was riding his dick so well, that he felt himself about to cum. Angelle looked at him and saw that he was trying to refrain and decided to step it up. She began squeezing him with her pussy lock on each up thrust. Gavin's eyebrows went downward as he realized she was trying to make him lose it...literally. Swinging one leg over his head, without taking him out of her, Angelle spun around on his manhood which brought him seconds close to nutting. She turned her back to him, bent over and began pounding up and down on him...he came so hard that he grabbed hold of her tightly with his face in her back and grabbed onto her breast so hard she came too. She ended the session by turning around and taking one long suck off his dick...tasting herself and licking her lips. He could've gone a second round, but time was of the essence. They got up quickly, she threw on her clothes and they walked out to find the attendant standing there staring. She just smirked and said, "Would you like to purchase this blouse ma'am?" Angelle smiled and said, "Yes, I might as well." All three chuckled.

Gavin and Angelle walked outside of the fitting area...and ran smack dab into Lisa.



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