Sunday, November 29, 2009

tell me

*kissing u to distraction*
would you keep me warm if i were cold?
[wrap yourself around me...]
would you luxuriate in me?
my scent?
the feeling of my skin?
my hair?
would you rush to me?
trip and fall for me?
if i wanted to make you late...
i needed to feel you
inside of me...
would you let me?
can i be your pillow?
can you be mine?
[rock me to sleep...]
would you sing to me...softly?
would you show me things
i've never seen?
would you give me your last?
ounce of energy?
would you get to know me?
all of me?
and still love me?
would you stay with me?
would you?
would you watch what i wanted..
even if you don't want?
would you help me solve a puzzle?
become one mind...
[one heart]
would you share a plate with me?
[feed me]
would you swap the streets...
for me and ruffled sheets?
trade alone time
for home time?
tell me...would you?
just WHAT would you do for me?
tell me...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Award Tour...

I've been chosen for an award...AGAIN! :::the.kisser::: has given THIS blog some love. (She already gave me the Scrap Award for da Kaleidoscope) I love this system of spreading blogger love. Recognizing each other's talents and different views. So, kudos to my newest blogger fam.

for the kreativ blogger award i nominate:

~> Suite *one* Love
~> Krissy's One Stop Beauty Spot
~> Lust
~> My Twisted Mind
~> Black Twitterati
~> My Inner Thoughts...Mine
~> Syrup Sandwiches

here are 10 creative things about me, and 10 honest things about me

~ I can sing but am ridiculously shy
~ I deconstruct songs by instruments and harmonies...I hear something new each time
~ My dad was a he had me jamming early!
~ My mother, sister and I sing a lot together in the house. (mom is alto, sis is 3 alto, i'm 3rd soprano)
~ I have dreams at night that, I'm in musicals and videos performing with original songs...I forget upon awakening
~ I can draw...WELL (dad is 100x better)
~ I keep colored pencils, markers, arts &'s like meditation
~ I can ACE a recipe 1st time out the gate...EVERY time
~ I never sing the same note as a song being sung...I always find the harmony
~ My favorite instrument is piano but I can't play

* Most people think I'm 10yrs younger than I am
* I'm deathly afraid of snakes
* I am OCD and wash my hands ad nauseum
* I cry very easily when I hear of others getting hurt
* I didn't orgasm during sex until I was 34 *gasp*
* Erotica isn't my first love...poetry and short stories are
* I sometimes pretend not to know as much as I do
* I talk to myself...and I answer
* If I write it...I remember it
* I'm a good impersonator of voices. lol

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I want to EFF EFF EFF you!

I want to be your best friend. Tell me anything. Tell me what scares you, pleases you, disappoints you, makes you feel I can embed me deeply into your heart. I want to party with you, bathe with you, laugh with you, clean with you (you wax on...I'll wax off)...I want to be the one you come to before anyone because whether it infuriates you, brings you glee or brings stinging tears to the corners of your eyes...I want to be the one you think of first...even if it's me that has caused those feelings. I want to make you laugh so hard, that you accidentally on purpose pee a little. lol. That you laugh yourself into a place that only I can take you. I want to talk about nothing...nothing at all. I want to watch sports and root against your wack ass team and then be a team when the game is over (24...10...HUT). lmao

I want to love on you long time! I want to lick you up and down...til you say stop! I want to play with your body baby...make you real hot! I want to be YOUR exclusive, indoor/outdoor, do it where we wanna when the fire sparks, no one ever had it like YOU get it...freak. I want for you to push buttons I didn't know of...I want to push the ones you're scared for others to find. I want to practice Tantra and bring about tsunamis of pleasure...induced by orgasms that begin in your spirit and bust through the frame of your mind and body borders. Can we be connected in moving...just throbbing? You catching tune to the harmony of me and I reading the poetry of you? How about...I just want for us to meet each other's needs at least MOST of the time...and in between...

I wanna feed you. Cook the meals your mama made...but better. I want to spoon feed, hand feed, and offer you food from my lips. I want to get in the kitchen and whip something up that makes you wanna take the booty RIGHT the middle of it all. ha! I want to prepare love for you on a plate, served with dedication and loyalty...a piece of peace, with some sensual sexy sweet...stirred right in.

I want to feed your mind, spirit, body...I want to feed your needs and desires...I want to feed your silly, your smart, your worker bee, your family love...I want to EFF EFF EFF YOU!

...and GOOD! ;)



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