Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Pussy Is Mine

pimped an old pic b/c I didn't realize I rarely take sexy pics anymore...

~A Sweet Kiwi Dream (happened last night/this morning)~

I decide to attend a party...a club no less. Not really my scene, but I am striving to leave my comfort zone for some mental fornication. I love a good mind fuck...

I'm dressed in cream...short skirt, thighs thick as thieves...stealing the attention from every woman in the place. Cleavage properly placed...all angles a sweet vantage point. Tall guys are staring into valleys, short guys get mountains...and out of the peripheral, a sumptuous bounce.

Lips reddened the color of freshly juiced berries...

I move to the music...ALL of personality to the room. I'm dancing to myself as I survey, while eyes find me in smoky half-darkness.

He spies of the promoters. He's in the booth with the DJ and hits the floor with urgency to talk to me.

Cut to us in bed with his head between my breasts, hands cupping fluff and my head thrown back...giggling at his eagerness. His head falls between my legs and I am no longer laughing...I'm pleading to stop...and go deeper. No...don't do it like that. We compete for who can suck who best, but he loses. I win. We win. 

I leave. Find my way home. Enter...some fool waiting outside my apartment door as I fumble for keys. He wants to come in. He's not the SAME He I just left...just drama needing my attention. I dismiss him.

I seem to remember forgetting something at "Dre's" place. For the first time in my dream he has a name. (Did I hear a Beat by Dre's commercial in my sleep? Possibly)

I go to his place, but a girl answers...his cousin. She says that he's not there, but if I want to wait I can. She leaves. I wait. Dre never shows. I leave.

Somehow, I end up going back after a phone call and guess what? Between hot sex with Dre and making home, there's been some "dream drama" where I am the center of lies. They got me looking like a ho in my own dream y'all. lol ...I ain't do it. If I did it...I'd admit it...but, some guy (who seems to know Dre) is lying on me. 

Dre attempts to keep the the thing I forgot. When he sees me again, he toys with me about how the thing (which is shaping up to be a very expensive jacket) ...has been given to one of his hoes. Oh no, Sir...not I. I let him know that it will not be pretty if he wants to fuck with me...but, a hard head makes a soft ass...every time.

I go home...relax...feed SOME one's kid (I have none) and then the phone rings. It's Dre. Again...he's beckoning me to his place to address my belongings. I get there and he's fine. He reminds me of this young actor I've seen on TV. Don't know his name, but he's a cutie. Lips that mean what they say and ass eyes and smile. Anyway.

Dre seems to be in his feelings...he confesses to knowing I didn't do anything scandalous. He also confesses with those eyes that as I was sucking the ecstasy out of him...I managed to blow into him some warm and fuzzy feelings. Aww, tink tink is falling. the dream...I do too.

And we make love to...

Monday, March 18, 2013

Passion Parties: The Ultimate Girls' Night In

Host a Passion Party

~saunters in with plate of strawberries, mangoes, peaches, banana slices and a little kiwi~

Hi honies...

I came to share a little something with you. I know you all have heard of Passion Parties. Right?
-_- ...mmm hmmm, I thought so. lol

Well, I have a friend who is MORE than willing to provide you the sexy, sensual, delectable, sweet tools of the trade. The trade of trysts and rendezvous that is. She's no stranger to eroticism and definitely fit to show you the way to fun in the bedroom. She's one of my sisters in scribe and her pen STAYS hot. If you're looking for a little something extra in the bedroom...give her a holla!

"Passion Parties offers the ultimate adult sensual products party in North America"

You don't say? Don't take my word for it...see for yourself.

Okay my juicy ones...I left you some fruit AND a luscious link ---> Passion Parties...Traci Lee, Independent Passion Consultant.

Partake...get messy,,,and if you dare, share with us ;) 

Be SURE to pass it on!! 

~licks fingers, gets up and leaves~ 



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