Thursday, December 30, 2010

Next, on Passion's

It's been a while since I posted...and honestly I haven't posted for a lot of personal reasons. 2010 has been a doozy...but, I'm trying to get back on my writing grind.

Coming in the New Year...there will be more of Elle's Tales posted. I "think" I lost my sexy this year...but I'm looking for it with a flood light!

I hope everyone has enjoyed their holiday and will meet me back here for the New Year 2011 with some more passion.

Love and Sensual Kisses, 


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Elle's Tales: Qua

{Qua, 31, Hometown, Nunya}

I travel so much, that I never get to drive my own car. I am a car rental's dream. Thankfully, my company picks up the tab and I don't do anything but gas it. (On some occasions...I'm reimbursed)...still, it's a pretty sweet deal. Yet, my customized Range Rover begs to be driven at times. I work so unreasonably close to where I live, that driving would be lazy. I walk the barely 20 minute walk to work every day and my calves are killer because of it. me and my baby's day. So for my trip...a wash, a full tank, vitamin water, Wheat Thins for snacking, iPod, phone and charger... are all required must-haves for the 2-hour drive I'm taking to my hometown to visit the family.

Going home isn't something I do often. Not just because I'm busier than the hottest hoe on the stroll...but, because my hometown holds bittersweet memories of love and innocence lost, nasty whispers and a father who is moderately disappointed in the aforementioned. Rev. Thorne is perpetually disappointed. It's like his lot in life is to frown harshly on everything his family does. I don't even think it's because he actually IS disappointed...but, because it's what "men of the cloth" are supposed to hardest on their families. My mother on the other hand is an excellent "first lady" with the patience of Job. She often shakes her head in shame of how my father uses his "tongue of doom" upon his children. I am the youngest, if you hadn't guessed...and yes, I'm spoiled as hell. Somehow, father reserves and casts his most poisonous aspersions onto me and my "lifestyle". He hates that I travel so much...mostly alone...and says that I will forget the ways of my upbringing being thrown into the world so regularly. If only he REALLY knew. I could REALLY go without the lectures, but my mother begged me for this visit...and like I said, my "baby" craves a good drive.

The drive wasn't too bad...I managed to sing my way all the way home. My favorite driving song of all time is Nina Simone's "Sinnerman" just gets your fingers and feet tapping and clears the road for acceleration. Once home, I pulled into mom and dad's driveway and on cue, they both appeared hand in hand at the door.  My childhood home is a red two-story craftsman, shutters on windows included...a family's home. It was my paternal grandfather's house. My dad has renovated it twice...once adding an extra room to the back and again when giving mom her dream kitchen. The garden has always been upkept as well as the wonderful fish pond dug up by "Grampa Thorne" when my dad was a kid. On sight, my mom outstretches her arms. "Hey baby..." mom, says. Dad hugs me and eyes me for a sec. "Hey baby girl...not missing any meals, huh?". Mom (as usual)...slaps dad's arm and says,"Winston! Your tongue!". He pinches my arm fat and says, "She knows I'm just kidding...give dad another hug". I oblige, but remember to make him pay for his remark with some kind of unnecessary loan.

We sit and talk, as mom offered coffee cake (which I declined for obvious reasons) and no sooner than dad opens his mouth to start grilling me...the doorbell rings. I decide to answer...and there stood, Qua. "WOW...L******..." he says using my full name. " look amazing..." he drools. Qua's family  has lived next door for years...and truthfully, the last time "I" saw him was when I left for school nearly 12 years ago. He had been away to school himself, but was home for that summer. I was still getting over "O" and wasn't eying anything that didn't look like a walking sexual escape. I never saw Qualiq like that. He was like fam...LIKE fam, I said to myself. *hmmm* This dude is looking damned good. DARK chocolate...bald head, THICK as fuck...oh shit. I haven't even replied yet! "Oh, hey Qua...I almost didn't recognize you...come in." I say as he reaches and hugs me. When he wraps his arms around me he whispers in my ear, "Mmm girl...I like this thick shit...". I was shocked...and my panties filled with my leaking sex. I had to regroup...I mean, I'm standing in REV. THORNE'S DAD. I braced myself and as Qua was greeting the 'rents...I snatched my bag off the couch and scurried off to the bathroom down the hall. I pulled down my shorts and GEEZ my panties were no more good. I just took them off, washed them in the sink and balled them in my hand. After leaving the bathroom, I flew upstairs and hung them in my old room to dry. WOW...this is unexpected. How do I go back downstairs and look him in his slanted light-brown eyes and not TOTALLY destroy my shorts. I came with NOTHING else to change into. This was supposed to be just a day's excursion..who the hell is planning for their pussy to get wet while lunching with their parents? I hear my dad bellow my name. "L*******!!! Come and join us for lunch...Qua is going to stay, too!" HELP ME!! I think. I yell okay and go back downstairs. I smooth my shorts, the flowing off-the-shoulder blouse I was wearing AND my unruly curls. I wobbled back down to the awaiting eyes...and sure enough...Qua's and mine met. Almost as if she could see the tension and the need for us to release mother said, "Shoot, I forgot to buy the lemons for my you mind going, Elle?" She was the only one who called me that...I loved it. "Yes, mom...I'll go. I'll be right back." I flew out of there like a whore out of church. As soon as I chirped my alarm off, I heard Qua say, "Wait, L******...I'll go. Damn, is this you?" he asked pointing at my baby. "Yes, it is..." I replied. His eyes widened and then he pointed over to the Range Rover parked in his driveway...his and mine opposite in colors...something like our skintones. My baby was cream on cream...his black on black. I said, "Cool! Jump in...let's go."

The store was about 15mins away on the highway. The entire time I was driving...I could feel Qua's eyes moving up my thighs, over my arms and across my breasts. I was so nervous that I missed the exit and had to drive to the next one to get off...a whole 10mins down the road. He snickered and said, "I'm sorry...I've been throwing you off your square since you opened the door...why is that?" he asked devilishly. I said, "You were never...I guess, I never saw you as...attractive. I mean, NOT that you're not handsome...but, we were always neighbors...and kinda like family, so..." I said stumbling over explanations. He said, "It's okay...I get it. Besides...I remember how into that guy, Omar you didn't have TIME to notice little old me." Why was this dude mentioning HIS name? I never mentioned HIS name...NEVER. That turned me off and I found myself off the next exit and making my way back to the market. I said, "Well...I am grown up now and he's the furthest thing from my" Qua threw his hands up and said, "I'm sorry...didn't mean to overstep." As he was conceding to my annoyed state...I was pulling into the lot. He offered to get out and purchase the lemons. I let him. I needed a moment. I sat and seethed while he got out and walked in. I was then taken back in time. I remembered the incident after finding out HE had been fucking all my "friends" and some of my family...and I actually felt a tear fall. I wiped it away and said aloud, "Fuck that...fuck, Omar." I hadn't said his name in years. I gathered myself together as quickly as possible and with that Qua exited the store with mom's lemons. The drive back to the house was decidedly quiet. Qua asked once if I was okay, and I lied, "...yes."

Lunch was served. Eventually through the meal I got my mind right and was smiling and laughing with everyone. My older brother Evan popped in with his two little girls and stayed for a sec. Qua decided after Evan showed up to go home. He wanted me to enjoy my family time...he'd only came over to tell my dad that he'd finished fixing the carpenter's cart he promised to. My dad said, "Baby, walk Qua out...thank you...and thank YOU, Qua for fixing my cart." Qua waved and said, "No problem, Rev. pleasure. Good night everyone."

I walked out the door into the now dusking day and noticed such a beautiful sky of orange-pink and light blue...the sun is setting. Qua says, "I'm sorry if my mentioning your ex brought any pain was small talk, but I should've been more careful." I looked at him in the view of the porch's motion light...and said, "It's okay...I realized today that I am not as over things as I thought I was. I've been masking pain with so many other things...and today, I got a rude awakening as to how deep that hurt still runs. For that, Qua...thank you." I hugged him and he inhaled my Euphoria perfume...held me a little tighter and said, "Let me make you feel better?" I didn't even say yes or no. He took my hand...led me off my parent's porch and across our the other side of his house where the hedges were over eight feet tall. He pushed me gently against the side of the house, pulled the elastic border of my blouse down...freeing my breasts. He began sucking them, while finding his hands down my shorts...he looked at me in the darkening day and smiled at finding no underwear. He rubbed my pussy front to back, gathering my juices on his fingers and dipping into me. I closed my eyes, tilted my head back and let this man please me. He manipulated my nipples with his tongue and one hand, while fingering my pussy into submission. My legs widened and I unbuttoned my shorts. I let them hit the ground as I pulled his head into the center of my breasts. He bent down, placed my leg over his shoulder and slurped up all of me. In the distance I could hear my mother calling my name...almost as if it were a tunnel between us. I didn't stop...neither did Qua. He sucked on me until his dick begged to break free of his pants. Qua was also VERY prepared. It was like, sometime between lunch and going to get my dad's carpenter cart...he'd slipped protection into his pocket. Nice. He ripped it with his teeth, I removed it and put it on his dick. YES, this man had GIRTH. I've had his length before but not this wide. He lifted ME up against the house and dropped me gingerly onto himself. I relaxed, while he opened my ass cheeks with both hands and as he pumped, he got all of himself into me. He bounced me up and down and I moaned...LOUDLY as the thunderous clapping of my skin and his echoed in the night. He fucked me SO hard up against his house that someone heard and turned the light on in his living room. That's when he put me down, and led me to the back of the house and into the basement's patio doors. He turned around, dick still out and swinging and placed his finger over his mouth. I nodded. He sat down and motioned for me to get on top. I did, and oooh did it hurt at first. I had my screw face on as I worked him back into me...mmmm. I went for broke. I rode him better than I'd ridden anyone in a while. His dick made me create moves my body didn't know before. He was the loud one, I put a nipple in his mouth. I sped up my groove until I felt my legs get weak and I couldn't ride anymore. He flipped me over on my side and brought it HOME. I came all over his dick...the couch...and myself. I laid there briefly, as he retrieved my shorts from the side of the house. I cleaned up in his bathroom and replaced my clothing. He kissed me and said, "Welcome home, Lilliana".

I found my way back to my parent's house...and to my surprise my dad made no funny remarks. I guess he trusted what I said when I told him I was just saying bye to Qua. He really trusts him.

My mom packed food...a jug of her orange-lemonade and some of the coffee cake I turned down and I hit the road. As I was pulling away from the house, my pussy throbbed with painful glee. I think I drove home sitting almost sideways. Me and my baby got out today...and we both had a HELL of a ride. You CAN go home again.

{Qua in my Hometown. 31yrs old. 9" copper pipe. (adding a 6th kiss to the scoring). 6 out of 6 kisses on nostalgia purposes alone}

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Elle's Tales: Claude

{Claude, 28, Savannah, GA}

As per usual, my company sent me off to secure a deal. This time I was sent to Savannah, GA...alone. No nosy ass Brynn...just a free bird allowed to soar in Savannah's rippling heat. I love the heat. I love the sun on my skin causing a sensual sheen over my skin tone. I love to feel that type of heat that inspires desires for tease. I'd play later though, this was serious business. I had 2 weeks to win over a "wiggling" client. He was on the line, but not quite captured by my company's overall offer. We were offering a  GREAT deal...but, being young...our prospective client had no vision as to how our deal would make for a lucrative return...starting out a slow climb and taking off like a smooth ball of stone on speed-inducing hills. In the long run, not only would he make money, but he'd own most of the rights making him a TRUE "captain" of industry.

Claude Shannon, was suprisingly...a chef. Here is this young thing, tall and fit, brown and fine...heading up a delivery business specializing in "soul'd sweets". All the flavors of his cheesecake line were famous Black southern desserts. Apple Brown Betty. Red Velvet. Sweet Potato. Pecan Pie...and my fave, Banana Pudding...affectionally called "Pudding in Pie". Not only were there cheesecakes, among other confections...there was a savory end of the business. Slabs of ribs, smoked and fried turkey, microwave-to-plate sides, and his newly branded soft drinks. THAT was the focus of my begin a new marketing strategy for the soft drinks. Researching to make sure his products had that "it" selling potential. You had to have commercial "swag" to hit alongside the big guns in the soda industry. My aim was to get him a deal in a few superstore chains and make his foods a household name.

He offered for our meeting to double as a taste-testing of sorts. He made me dinner and dessert in his closed diner/delivery home "Soul'd Sweets".  Even though I usually dress to knock men off their feet, I also dress to be relative to my client. This southern boy would most likely have on a pair of jeans, a casual shirt and a nice pair of loafers...or something close. I decided to dress down, but still bring professionalism to the table AND manage to stay cool in the scorching Savannah nights. YES, they are as humid as the days. I threw on a flowing empire top in a floral pattern, a pair of white capris, a thin white shrug and a pair of white tie-up stilletos. My hair, was pulled into a loose, curly bun and I went pink/natural with my make up. Young and fresh! 

When I reached the door of his establishment, he opened it on cue. He had on damn near everything I said he would except for the "man-sandals" he was sporting. This man Caramel cookie luxe, the build of a thick b-ball player, very close curly hair...almost sandy brown, deeply set eyes...Mmm. He said my name, clearly a second or third time, "Ms. Thorne?". I said, "Yes...yes...Mr. Shannon, right?". He smiled and waved the way for me to enter. He said, "Yes...that would be me. Please have a seat." The seat he referred to was the only table in the store that had a place setting. The ambiance was decidedly classy and romantic for a man of his age to own...I wondered what woman put her style into this cozy nook. The windows were typical Georgian floor to ceiling windows with arched crowning donned in drapes of a deep crimson that were swept gracefully and secured with wrought iron "S-shaped" tiebacks. The tabletops were square, dark-brown granite with crimson runners and a small lit lamp in the center. He had the dinnerware stacked from charger to bowl and simple goblets. The smell was splendid...and I got hungry, instantly. 

Some how in my revelry, I'd missed his disappearance into the back...and as I was finally sitting, he was re-entering the dining area pushing a cart with covered platters on two different racks. Before I could consider what was underneath he removed the cover of the first two platters. Small portions...a taster's plate, were artfully arranged. The braised beef rib sitting atop sun-dried tomato barbecue sauce. Blond mac and cheese (made with aged white Vermont cheddar, mozzarella, Parmesan and suprisingly...goat cheese). Rainbow chard...sauteed with roasted red peppers, garlic, shallots and red chiles. Roasted sweet potatoes with cinnamon/brown sugar/ginger crumble. And panko and herb-coated catfish "fingers" w/a cayenne aoili. For the dessert...thin slivers of each cheesecake offered...and of course his locally famous sodas. They were basic soda waters with flavored syrups that came in "Lemon-Tea", "Cherry Bomb", "Blackberry-Lime", and "Ginger-Orange". I was borderline gluttonous as I partook of each flavor offered...coming away with my culinary mind blown. The star of this show?...Roasted Sweet Potatoes with that MARVELOUS crumble. It was like pie, without crust...but better. We laughed a little over dinner...mostly at my VERY vocal responses to his food. I showed him the proposals and even spot-changed his slogan and selling points based on my own taste experience. By evening's end, I was full as a tick and ready for bed...his. Yet, I was "good" and took myself back to my hotel alone and fingered myself with the same fingers I used to lick the cheesecake off of.

In the middle of the night...a knock at my door came. I had no clue who it was...even though I should've. Throughout the entire night, Claude was eying my tits the way I side-eyed his dick print in his pants. We were eye-fucking each other the entire night...and in spite of it...I managed to bring myself to come back to the room solo. Sleepily and wearily, I asked for identification. "Who is it?". "Claude Shannon, Ms. Thorne." I opened the door not really thinking about my appearance and he said, "You're so beautiful..." as he eyed the floor length white gown I had thin, it displayed my everything in the light shining from the bathroom. I opened my mouth to respond, "Oh my...thank you..." I said self-consciously becoming aware of my disheveled hair and eye spit. He said, "Fuck it...". He closed the door behind himself...backed me to the bed and fell on top of me...kissing me hard...tasting my pussy off my own lips, as I had fallen asleep after pleasuring myself and tasting. He threw up my gown...made love to my nipples with his warm tongue and followed the trail until he tasted first-hand my juices. He sucked on my pussy endlessly. He ate me, like I ate his dinner...and I swear, I wondered if this man would STOP sucking, licking, humming, inhaling, finger-fucking and causing me to squirt back to back. His kisses and pussy-eating style were the same. He was intently focused on the business of lapping and swallowing my creaminess. I think I lost consciousness momentarily. When he finally stood up and unbuckled, unzipped and unveiled his eyes focused barely on what had to be the prettiest thing. I reached for it involuntarily to place in my mouth. He smiled and said, " your legs." I did as I was told and as I sat waiting for him to place himself in me, my clit throbbed and beat in sync with my heart and the hardening of my nipples. He rubbed the fatness of his dick's head up and down my wetness. He kept doing it and I kept trying to place him inside of me with my pelvic thrust. He rubbed his dick up and the sounds of slurps and squishes echoed in spurts between my moans and pleading..."Fuck me, Claude...please. Oh're torturing me..." He kept doing it, never breaking stride and intensifying the speed of what he was doing...he placed the head at my entrance several times teasing the pulsing openness. He'd barely place it in and then pull it out, creating a sucking sound and then continue with "greasing" his pipe with my stickyness. As my clit swelled and my nut swirled and my back arched...he shocked me by putting his dick in swiftly and fucking me with barely 3 strokes...ending in the strongest orgasm I've ever had. I released so much cream on him that he looked down and said, "NOW you can taste...". I sucked his dick til he came and I passed out from lockjaw and pussy pain.

I got the account...and another candidate for a return fuck. Mmmmm. FIVE fucking stars!

{Claude in Savannah. 28yrs old. 8" dick. 5 out of 5 kisses.}

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Elle's Tales: Gregg

{Gregg, 41, Boulder, CO}

I met Gregg while on a business trip in Boulder, CO. Thank God it was summer. I had to go there with a colleague to scout out a potential client. I couldn't believe I was going out there...hell, I heard things about "those" states. I didn't even know there WERE brothers that far out mid-west. But there I was. I was in the lobby of my hotel, reading a magazine while waiting for my slow ass co-worker. She took her time and Gregg wasted none making a bee-line to me. Dressed in a strapless white dress with layers that started under the breast line...I was a vision of summer loveliness. I had on 4" wedge tie-up heels and had my hair wavy and pulled back by a white headband. "Excuse, me...I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Gregg Spencer." he said. I looked up from my "Boulder Today" tourist mag and fanned myself lightly. The lobby was air conditioned, but this was one fine ass man. The color of distressed brown leather, but softened by the glow of suntan lotion, or something...he beamed, "FUCK ME" like a neon sign. I took the hand offered, shook it and smiled. "I'm Elle...nice to meet you, Gregg." I responded softly. We caught eye contact and he knew it was on.

After Brynn and I went to breakfast, shopped a little and relaxed on our free time...I got ready to go see Gregg. Even though the company originally set Brynn and I up in the same room...I got it changed to an adjoining suite. I like my privacy...I also know how I get down, so it was a must. Eventually, I decided...Gregg's room was the destination for this night, because I had a feeling Ms. Brynn was a voyeur...or a damn ear hustler. No way could I have her going back and informing the head honchos of my whoredom.

At 10:03pm, I sauntered down to Gregg's room a floor below mine. I decided to wear a nice sheer, floor-length, turquoise-colored summer dress with spaghetti straps. I had a thin shawl to cover and slide-on kitten heels to match. I had on nothing but a thong underneath this dress. Sure, I had full D cups...but they were sitting up I didn't need a bra. Less to take off. After knocking, Gregg answered with that sexy smile. He had on a light, crisp button-down shirt...opened to the spot above his navel. Mmmm, I thought. He had on a pair of white shorts and a pair of men's slippers. His square jaw flexed as he spoke, "Well, come in Elle...". I walked through his door and saw that he'd prepared his suite with some niceties. There was a bowl of cherries next to a bottle of Campari on ice. A bouquet of lilies and irises were on the coffee table and until walking in, I didn't know there was soft jazz playing...Stan Getz I think. He looked at me like I had a stem and a pit and said, "You are QUITE the gorgeous sight. Your walk is serious!". I chuckled and blushed. "Thank you,'re doing your "man" thing as well. Wearing the hell out of that shirt." I said. He turned a few shades of wine and berry as I slipped out of my shawl. I'm sure the central air was on, but again...this man made me hot. Now, mind you...I SEE the aperitif and fruit. I see the flowers and hear the serenade through the speakers. I'm not blind nor deaf...but, it was time for me to tell Gregg what I tell every man I sleep with. He led me to the sofa and as he poured the Campari for me and lowered himself beside me...I spoke. "Gregg, I appreciate the sweet gestures. I love being treated in a queenly fashion, but we both know what this is. Hiding it behind gestures of romance is just going to confuse it. I want to fuck you...and you want to fuck me." He didn't react in a shocked manner. He said, "Okay...I like that...". I nodded and took the Campari...sipping and placing the glass on the table. No sooner than I'd put the glass down he leaned in and ran his tongue between my breasts. The material of my dress slid so smoothly over my nipples that I almost didn't realize they were exposed. He worked the straps down from over my shoulders and watched as my dress fell to my waist. "Mmm" he uttered as he homed in on my left nipple. He sucked and pulled with his teeth as my cream swirled between my legs. I pushed his head away and stood up. He rose to his feet involuntarily and followed me to his room as I stepped out of my shoes and dress fluidly. My ass and thighs jiggled as I strode lioness-style into the place where I planned to take his mind home with me.

The moment I reached the bed, before I could even turn around he pushed me down on the bed and bent me over. Not one to complain, I took position. He parted my ass cheeks and ran his nose up and down...inhaling long and hard. My pussy leaked. He took my thong by the slimmest part and snapped it apart, taking it off of me. My pussy dripped...visibly. He caught the next drop in his mouth. He slurped on me like I was melting ice. With each pull of his lips sucking me body heated and the walls of me pulsed quicker. The more of me he swallowed...the more I released. I clung to the plush duvet on his bed like a cat in a high place. As a reflex to this pleasure, my ass bucked and shook in quick, short paces. I screamed, "Uuuuuuuuughh daaamn..." and came two times in a row all over Gregg's tongue. I was frozen in place, so Gregg took that as a green light to dive into my ass. He tossed me well. I felt his tongue doing things that made me forget where I was. He used two fingers to go back and forth between caressing my clit to reaching pass my pussy lips to extract more sweets. I barely recovered from the first two O's...before I felt another coming. By this juices had soiled the spot underneath me, was down my thighs and all over Gregg's fine goatee. I fought it...but the orgasm was so strong my thighs clinched around Gregg's head and I came damn near like a man. This man didn't waste ANY time. I hadn't met anyone like him in a while. Hungry AND energetic was a must with me..and he qualified. He immediately freed himself from my hold...strapped on a condom, turned me over on my back and entered me. As he licked his lips, he placed gently what had to be THE biggest dick I've had in years. I moaned audibly, while he worked himself into me. Pinning my legs back as far as he could he leaned into me...with ALL of him inside of me and wiggled a little, as if to open me up. When he felt me open up for him...he fucked the SHIT out of me. I have never had EVERY spot I own, be touched, pressed, rubbed...all at the same time. The stroke he was using to get the best of me was some up, then down and in and out and UP then all over again type shit...that had him causing friction to my clit and pussy, which was driving my senses crazy. My body was convulsing and throbbing and heating and chilling all simultaneously. I was LOUDER than I've ever been, yelling, cussing, pleading, praising and swearing on my life how good this dick was. He was focused though. He hit those spots and fucked me until my body gave way to more waves of O's and a gush of wetness. When he felt himself climaxing...he slid out of me pulled the condom off his dick and said, "Come on baby...finish this for me." Well, SHIT...hell yea. YES SIR. I sat up and SAW this dick and said, "Oh my damn...shit..." he smiled and moved it with his pelvic muscles and said, "Come's getting cold girl". I choked that fat, beautiful dick down. I KNOW his dick was 11"...I know the width had to be 3". I take my shit serious so I sucked as much as I could intake...hand-led the rest and slobbed and slurped until he grabbed my head and fed me all of his yum cum.

I stayed until the morning...he tore my shit up. He used those cherries to eat out of my ass and I returned the favor. We freaked it until he left a couple of days later. I couldn't fuck ANY one else for a week or more. I spent the rest of our time in Boulder...soaking in a hot tub every night. Hmmmm...Gregg could get revisited. By the way...that's not a broken rule. Good dick can get just has to be fewer than three times. After a few times...someone gets attached, and it's usually NOT me.

{Gregg in Boulder. 41yrs old. 11" dick. 4 out of 5 kisses...reserving the 5th for my pride. He RAN that show!}

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Elle's Tales: Intro

My name is...well, just call me "Elle". I've been anonymous this need to quit now. This is my chronicling of the life I lead. When I'm IN it, there is NO anonymity. I'm plainly open with my intentions and my rules. They don't get broken for anyone. I'm single and free to ties, but the kinky knots tied in my bedroom. I AM in control. You won't find in these tales a glimpse of my soft side. You won't find a moment where I lose sight of my sexual hunger and become enrapt in some man's romantic hold. No. You will see that I'm serious about the business of not GETTING serious.

I'm 30. This is my year to do me...and anyone else I please. I know you want to know, so let me go ahead and clue you in...

YES, I was very much in love with someone once. We were "high school sweethearts" aka young and dumb. I was a nerdy, introverted female who went to church and sung gospel chords in first soprano. I wasn't allowed to wear make-up of any kind, including nail lacquer. I wore my hair in a ponytail for much of my high school years, because my preacher father thought the hair styles were "too grown". Yes. The TYPICAL child of a ALL it's urban mythical glory...

I was my boyfriend's freak. I've sucked his dick, his balls, ate his ass...all while he's fucked every hole I own besides my ears and nostrils. He's cum on my face, my tits, my ass, back and stomach...and has bent my THEN size 20 frame in every position except a few listed in the Kama Sutra. By the time I turned 18 and graduated high school...on the outside, I was primly proper, educated, respectable and refined. On the inside, I was insatiable, ravenous, horny and a whore for the one man-child who ever tasted my pussy. I was those things for him, because I loved him beyond the understanding of anyone who REALLY knew him. In front of my father, Rev. Thorne (not our real last name)...he was the ideal young man. He went to school, got good grades, was a star athlete and had the manners of a Catholic altar boy. Behind closed doors, "O" was the type of dude that dipped into every open snatch around. He fucked my "friends", my cousin and a couple of chicks at my church who knew DAMN well we were together. What brought us to an end was my brand of revenge. I waited until prom night. When he showed up to the room we'd reserved for a night of freaky sex...he walked into our room, to his cousin's dick in my mouth, his teammate's dick in my pussy and his jersey on my back. Yea, he tried to hurt us. Thankfully, good pussy buys protection. Neither guy let him touch a hair on my head...and I rewarded them both with some good ole freaky train sex.

To say he hated me after that was speaking lightly. He told everyone, including my parents how nasty I was. No one believed him of course. No one except #75 and his cousin with the perpetual grin on his face. He tried to stop his cousin by telling him I "stunk" which of course his cousin knew hands on was a lie. I've always taken pride in my hygiene and appearance. Shit, his cousin ate my pussy everyday until I left for college. Once I got there...I just got even freakier. Orgies, threesomes, girl on girl...I did it. I let loose...well, loosER. I got so much free shit in college it was crazy. I've had guys pay my phone bills, buy my books, take me shopping, put gas in my car...even though my dad paid for all of that stuff anyway. After a while, it got good to me...and I got set in my ways. Why fall in love? Why buy into that emotional shit, when I could have my body satisfied...along with my needs. Hell, at one point...I stopped guys from even giving me things. Just knowing if I WANTED those things was good enough...but, I'm no prosititute...just a freak.

Fast forward to a 30yr old Elle...and you have what you see in front of you. A size 24 now...I'm still fine. Cafe au Lait, even skin tone, big ass, big tits, fat calves and the pussy to match. I keep my hair above shoulder laid always. Cat-shaped eyes of dark brown with golden specks...and full doubt a marketer of my head skills. I work as a researcher, as well as a scout for new clientèle, for an advertising firm and get paid nicely to what boils down to "looking shit up" and "closing deals".  I have my own shit. My own car. My own home. My own stock investments...and I love being alone. I go on vacations with my girls, go out when I feel, and do what I like without having to answer to a damn soul. I'll be almost 50 by the time I consider a partner to live the rest of my life with. 'Til then...I'm solo like an opera diva.

This is my story...entry by entry. This is what a journal would look like...if I DARED pen these salacious scenes. Wouldn't want them to be discovered by the wrong person, now would we? *wink*

Take a peek...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

*In The Works*

I've been gone for a sec. Yes, I am trying to make a comeback. It's hard on a chick with 4 blogs. Eventually my ADHD gets the best of me and I get spread a little thinly on the creativity front. I'm trying to run a "general" blog, an erotic one, a poetic one, and a culinary one (which has suffered the most), my apologies when I go too long without posting.

Having said that...I've learned by experience with my readers that if I begin a series of any kind, I need to stay on it...making sure that the parts are written ahead of time so that I can post a few back to back without being forced to pen the parts on the spot. I CAN do it, but I'm trying to make this a little easier on myself. lol

Soon to come...a nice little series of the "diary" kind. I am doing my best to keep the ideas fresh while writing and make it riveting enough for return reading. I DO still have to make you drool with anticipation, right? *hehee*

So, hold onto your juices and don't release until I say so! ;)

See ya soon!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kiss me, you fool!

~blowing kisses~

This blog came to mind because a few friends of mine and I, go back and forth about which is the most dangerous AND intimate between oral sex and kissing.

I've always thought that oral was the worse of the two. I don't know where someone's genitals have been, right? Yet, I guess on the same could wonder where someone's mouth has been. The mouth contains SO many germs and bacteria that are breeding grounds for some NASTINESS!...So that presents a conundrum. You have on one hand a dirty mouth...and then you have a dirty...well...ass. LOL

In my head...I think of the urine residues left from malfunctioned shaking after peeing. LOL I think of the possible moisture levels caused by tight clothing that perpetuate infection and odor. So, to bend down and place lips on a potentially unclean member makes my OCD shiver. LOL

THEN, you have the mouth. People who may not take kindly to a toothbrush or mouthwash. Folks who may have more going on inside their pie holes than some people's assholes. Dental hygiene gone amok...leaving bleeding and receding gums (which could definitely make for easy transmission of the HIV virus.)

Here are a couple of links explaining the adversities of KISSING and ORAL. Tell me what you think, and if you're a kisser or have an oral fetish...

Me? Well...kiss me you fool! ;)

Kissing lips Sparkling Pictures, Images and Photos

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Running Errands Pt. 3: The Unexpected

His pounding into my piece is like a rhythmic lulling...much like that of the tamping of a paved street. You ever hear the "men at work" on the road and the loud *thump thump* as they're making the new pavement level by packing it tightly into the ground? THAT is the sound. Tunnel sounds of thumping is what I hear as my face is pressed to the bed with me zoning out in a passionate lift off. The way this man's dick feels sliding in and out...taking up all the space between my thighs...bringing skin to raised chills, nipples to ultimate hardness...fingers moving involuntarily looking for something to claw. When I ride this dick of mine...which is his but mine...I swear I go off into some ethereal place of ecstasy. I know he's watching me, when I'm rising and falling onto him with my hippy grind. I know he sees how I go off into feeling my own breasts, neck, stomach, pelvis, ass,  thighs...all feverishly...going back and forth between pulling my own hair and biting my lip, squealing with...with....OH DAAAYUM...oooooooh shit!! ~I shake for 2 minutes straight while holding him where he lays~ FUCK! This man is not real. He can't be. And then I open my his smile. He is shaking his head in awe of this goodness we share. I know when he's seeing my satisfied glory...he is as sprung as I am.

Unfortunately...those moments grew fewer and further apart. Between his hectic night job as armed security at a federal financial depository and my job, child, life, everyone else needing me for THEIR life...we rarely see each other anymore. He's been doing extra shifts to expedite his way into home, I can't be mad. He's about it...and that's a great thing. One day, he'll want to settle down with someone and having a home puts him miles ahead of the game of life.Yes...I do get that we're just fucking. I've fallen for him...but it's my sex he loves. For two months of sex in between life...he's made it clear through action, inaction and omission that he's loving me for the convenient...albeit SPLENDID sex we're having. I'm okay with it, long as he keeps "rocking that thing like..." we can keep duetting.

~his tone bellows~

"I'm a...slaaaaaave 4 u. I can't deny it...I'm not tryna hide it..."

"Hey you...what's up?" [He booms in sounding like my all] "I'm good baby...missing you. When can I see you? It's been a few days and you know how your pleasure gets when you go missing..." Damn! ...You ever KNOW some shit is sorta corny...but it makes you moist ANY way? "Well, I'm always ready for you. It's YOU with your toy cop adventures who goes missing in action!" We both laugh. He thinks I'm funny as hell...I be meaning that shit. He jabbed back with a few wisecracks and said, "So, I'll see you in a few?" As soon as I opened my mouth to say yes, I remembered that I promised to co-host a jewelry party for my cousin. If I backed out on Mikki ONE more time...she'd fight me. I had to decline Aqueel's request. When I told him what I had to do he just sighed. "Damn, Royal...I can't take it anymore. I swear, it's like you are ALWAYS doing something. If it's not that...I'm working." I knew he was telling the truth...but, a part of me was pissed. I mean, those days I had NOTHING to do...he was SO tired from work, or had errands of his own to run. I wasn't the only person uber-busy! I decided not to let him drag me into a manipulated argument engineered to end the "relations" we'd been having. He probably found a chick whose schedule didn't clash with his fine. I gave him what he wanted. "Well, since that's the way you see be it. No need in us continuing in this dance of "when and where". I had a lot of fun, but clearly it's not working for EITHER of us." I said as I hung up. Britney sang her ass off for an hour or more, until I put my phone on vibrate. I knew he wouldn't come over, because he never wanted to potentially bump into Monty on his way in or out from getting Anya. I went to bed horny and fingering myself to visuals of Aqueel's dick dangling in front of me to indulge upon.

A week went word from him or I to each other. Meanwhile, I'd become fast lovers with a piece of reliable dick I'd purchased at a pleasure party a while ago. Between that and rubbing my thighs together cricket-style...cumming while sitting at my desk while looking at pics of him eating my peach...I had lost it. Pride is a BITCH...and she's a ton, lazy as fuck and sitting on my chest. My brother came to my job one day to pass off my niece and nephews on my way home...and peeped my distress. "Twin...what the fuck? You like tired as hell. You aight?" I waved him off and said, "Please...just a little over-worked. I have a LOT of paperwork on my desk courtesy of the "pass the buck" system. I'll be fine." I lied. Ryan looked at me and said loud enough for only he and I to hear, "You need some, sis..." and laughed. He walked away cackling at me...but the shit was APPARENT. I needed to be handled. I needed Aqueel to hold me down forcibly while plowing into me...reining my bucks with my ponytail. That was IT. My pride was getting the heave ho...TONIGHT! 

I had my niece and nephews, plus Anya and was trying to figure out how to one...get up the nerve to tuck my tail between my legs. TWO, arrange a meeting...and lastly, duck out on a house full of kids.

I sucked it up and went to dial Queel. I dialed and got a "network is busy" signal...then a thunder clap (my message alert). I listened to the voice mail and there he was. Calling me as I was calling him. I got excited. He must've missed me too. I listened to his voice mail and he said, "I love you, Royal..." I held my heart in awe and fear. Wow, was all I could think of. WELL...if I didn't jump into the shower and get dressed at record speed...jail me. I called my oldest niece, Chayse and asked her to come sit with her cousins for a while. She was 17, but she was mature and responsible. The second she entered the door...I breezed by in an invisible gale. I got in my car and drove the 20 or so minutes to Aqueel's house and pulled up. No sooner than I'd knocked...had he answered. He swung the door open, snatched me in and kissed me...

Up against the wall with my hands above my head...naked. His face...planted between my lower lips with my legs on his shoulders. Long laps off my pussy is making his dick grow. [suck] [kiss] [slurp] [hum] His face becoming one with my peach. My hands find his head and bob it back and forth for him. He feels my body ripple starting at my torso and ending with my toes spread far apart. When he lets me down...he turns me around and enters me from behind. I'm proven by the juices running down my legs. Aqueel's strokes lift me to my toes and causes his back muscles to flex and his ass to clench. My breasts are his handles as he and I are rising and falling. "Oh shit...fuck me baby...fuck me...harder....mmm....Queel..." I say. "Yessss....beg for that dick..." he says. We came together...a quivering mass. Bodies limp from satisfaction and Wow. I love this man. We ended up making more of that "love". Everywhere we could. I called Chayse to make sure things were good and promised I'd be home first thing in the morning. To say that I was sore by morning is light speak. Pussy raw from the fuck. Nipples sore from sucking. Back sore from being contorted...jaws sore from sucking HIM...what a sleeping pill.

When morning came...I heard voices. I put on his t-shirt and walked out of his bedroom and into the living room. There...sat fate disguised as hate. Life garbed in karma. Love unveiled as a game...

There sat, Monty. On the other chair, sat Aqueel. On the floor...fell my face."What in the fuck is THIS? Why are you here, Monty? You've gone too far. You're stalking me and my man?" Aqueel shook his head as Monty laughed boastfully. Monty said, "Nah, baby...I'm not stalking shit. And ya man? ...well...this is my COUSIN...and he did me a solid." I said, "COUSIN? What?" That's when Aqueel chimed in and said, "Damn, her pussy so good couz...I ain't sure I wanna do this...but fam is fam." He looked at me with my mouth open and tears of rage forming in my eyes. "My cousin said you needed to learn your lesson...that you was a bitch who needed to be brought down a few notches. So, you just caught karma in the ass...literally. And...maybe...if you act right...I'll let you sniff this dick...if that'll keep you sane."

[The night I handled Monty's ass for the way he'd been using our child as a tracker...he phoned his cousin, Aqueel up and asked him for this favor. Aqueel being on a dry spell himself...agreed. He'd never met me, but Monty's description of me had his interest piqued. Monty and Aqueel followed me around that day and decided the library was a good place for Aqueel to spring his mack on me. MOTHAFUCKAS!]

I flew into a rage...I began throwing shit at the both of them. Cursing and crying at Monty and Aqueel...asking how they could do this to me. How Monty could do this to his own child's mother. I was angry beyond words and tantrums. In the middle of it all...Aqueel had scooped me up and brought me back to his room. He said as quietly as possible, "Put your clothes need to go, Royal..." I did as he said. I knew nothing else to do. I was too weak to fight anymore. I don't even know what just happened...or why I deserved it.  I sniffled and sobbed as I got dressed. When I was done. I looked at him and left. I walked past Monty's weak ass without a word.

When I got home...Chayse and the kids were up. One by two...the kids left, leaving Anya and I alone. When everyone was gone...and Anya took a nap...I cried. I knew I'd probably hurt Monty's feelings the last time we were together...but, for him to do what he did was unspeakable and unforgivable. 

Monty came by a week later to get his daughter...and all I said to him was, "Have her home on time". He didn't know what to make of my attitude. He'd always get just a few sentences from me from that point forward. A year being..."Thanks for introducing Aqueel and I...if it weren't for you we wouldn't be married..."

He's still in need of a sniff...and I'm still a bad bitch...

Friday, April 9, 2010

Running Errands Pt. 2: The Fever

Ever since meeting Aqueel...I've been preoccupied. That first night was epic. I've never been under the spell of ANY man. I've always led the way in the bedroom...but this dude was crazy with his sex. He needed to be careful. A woman could lose her mind over some dick like his. Shit, I'm sitting here balancing my checkbook and the only thing I'm counting is his strokes. A month or more of this man's sex was changing a bitch's life.

My cell rang the tone I made for him...Britney's "Slave 4 U", because "good lawd breezes and SKIES" that man had me feenin'. I stumbled over the buttons trying to answer before the ring tone got louder possibly waking Anya before 7am. "Hello!" I said all sprung. *geez, get a grip Royal*  His sexy ass tone replied, "Hey Lush..." (short for Luscious) " coming to see me today?" I had SO much to do. Anya had a piano lesson and we had to shop for her little friend's birthday bash that night, which included theme pajamas with Dora on them. She HAD like 3 pair, but admittedly...they were a little "young" on her and I didn't want her going to the sleep over looking crazy. I ALSO somehow allowed my mother to talk me into taking HER car to the Lube-Mart for an oil change. I was WAY overbooked...but, this dick was something to be penned in...even if some other shit had to be crossed out. "Yes, Queel...I will be seeing you later." I decided then, that I'd have to really fit him in. me...was a must. I promised him that I'd make it...regardless of prior commitments.

"Mommy, I want the Tinkerbells...these are cuter..." Anya whined pulling on my dress. I hated it. She was 7...too old for that shit. "NO...and quit whining. The party's theme for the 50-11th time Anya DORA. D-D-D-D-D-DORA!!!" I said snapping. The lady next to me chuckled and I laughed, too. Normally, I'd think...what the fuck is SHE laughing at?...but, Aqueel's treatment of my body had me skipping and humming show tunes. I was a happy heffa. Anya sulked, but I was too content to allow it to get to me. So, I just said, "Come on...I'll get you both...". 

We checked out and left. I dropped her at her piano lesson and skirted over to mom's. She had Ryan's kids over and clearly needed relief...but, hey...I was here for the car and that's it. I'd get to my dick date no matter WHAT not letting a soul get in the mom was on her own once the car was finished...or so I thought. No sooner than the car's oil had been checked and changed...the mechanic found another problem. I called mom and told her...and of course...she begged me to sit there through the fixing. ANOTHER damn hour...maybe even TWO. I hit Aqueel's number and pressed send. I was a ball of frustration by then. "Aw...don't worry about it baby. Tonight is, we can meet up Monday..." Queel began. "NO...hell no. That's two WHOLE...LONG days Mr.! I can't wait that long." I moaned. I was feenin' off this dude. I needed him to iron out my body's kinks. I knew he had to work, but Monday was way too long. I'd already missed him the night before. I'd fuck around and shrivel. My pussy was salivating at the sound of his voice and my next suggestion came flying out. "Come the Lube-Mart. Let me at least suck your dick baby..." OMG...I'm beginning to sound like a crackhead. This man has got to be giggling to himself at the sound of my begging. I've never felt this desperate before. SAVE ME, someone. "Wow, damn Royal. This shit is turning me on. My dick is stiff as fuck right now..." he said. He told me to give him 10 minutes and he'd be there. I figured...I'd just hop in his truck and he'd take me somewhere deserted. As soon as he pulled up...I got in. He said, "Where you wanna go? How long do you have?" I said, "Drive...go down the boulevard...we'll think of something..." He was looking at me and the road as he shook his head. I caught him smiling to himself and asked, "What's so funny?" He said almost full-on laughing, "YOU...look at you...shaking your leg, tapping your smoking that shit and I don't know?" I felt so stupid. I looked at his face and he really thought I was funny. I got turned off. I got angry. I said, "You know what? fuck you...take me back to Lube-Mart. You're over here laughing at me and I'm some desperate bitch. *thinking that DAMNIT ARE!* I got louder and said, "TAKE ME BACK!!!" Aqueel's demeanor changed and he said, "Whoooa...hold up. Who you yelling at?" ...then he pulls over to the side of the boulevard near the edge of town. "Quit acting crazy, Royal...I was only kidding." he said to me in a calmer tone. I was frustrated by then and out of nowhere...came tears. TEARS! I don't cry. I'm a fucking GEE! ~sniffles escape~ I feel like Anya having a fit. 

He gets out of the car, comes around to my side, opens the door and says, "Com'ere..." He extends his hand to mine to help me out of the truck. He kisses me longingly while caressing my face and running his hand through my loose curls. He whispers, "Stop tripping woman...I'm as desperate to be with you as you are to be with me...aight?" Well, damnit...if the idea of a round of super sex wasn't enough to melt me...his deep tones drenched in heated breath of apple-scented gum..did. He looked around quickly as cars whizzed by. He figured that with the girth of the truck hiding us, he could give me a little PDA. He knew that he didn't have time to do much, so he moved fast. This could get us arrested with the in broad daylight? Naked and cuffed was nice...but not on the way to the city jail. So...down to his knees he went lifting my flowy dress and finding no barrier. He lifted a leg and gave my peach a sweet hello kiss. Long and with tongue...he moaned as he kissed her like he'd kissed my lips. He then unzipped his pants, pulled out my pleasure, turned me around and entered with a splash of my dew on his dick. I clung to the center console between the front seats like I was being he rocked his truck side to side. He gave me LONG strokes...deep, with swirls of wall-quaking sensations. I couldn't breathe. I gasped in willowy exhales, "Ughh...Queel...uugh, Aaaaah...oooooh daddy..." as he increased speed. Slow and long, turned into quick and deep as I released a gush of my moisture onto him and down my leg. Within moments, my peach had spit a juicy froth in a succession of orgasms that made my ankles give out. If it weren't for his dick inside of me holding me up I may have buckled and fallen. He raised my dress all the way, massaging my ass back to steadiness...then kissing my back and exiting soaked from head to zipper. We looked both ways down the boulevard, hoping no one saw. Wipes were passed around, a kiss was exchanged...and on our way we went. He let me out at the Lube-Mart and promised to call me later. As he sped off...I said aloud to no one..."I think I love this mothafucka..."

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Running Errands: The Meeting

I hate shopping! Running errands really makes my ass itch. Every time I have to go out to the store, gas station, post office...I become immediately disgruntled. I'm probably that woman that pushes in the lines and huffs every other second at the line's stagnancy. I've definitely had more than a few arguments in a line. I guess it's the nature of an impatient Libra. I have NO time for slow people, idiots or inefficiency.

*parking car in library parking lot*

I can't believe my brother has ME returning his books...I can't believe I AGREED to this shit. I guess, it's "twin love"...we've always done this exchange dance, where I'll get hungry... and he'll call and ask what I want from the Licken Chicken. Or he'll need to return some books...and I'll say, "Yea, Ryan...I need to go to the library to use the printer..." and he'll jump in with, "Oh snap...Royal...return my books?" *insert evil twin glare*. So, since he's always doing things for me and I him...I try not to complain, but I'm REALLY annoyed today. My daughter's father pissed me off with some more shenanigans. It's not what you'd think, either. He takes GREAT care of Anya...but, he cares WAY too much about what "I" do. Using my child as a built-in LoJack for my whereabouts and activity is a sure way to make me act ignorant...and that I did, just last night. I called his ass over while Anya was with my brother and his son...and wore Monty's ass OUT.

~the night before~

"Ugggh oooooh shit...aaaah damn...FUCK you!" I could be heard saying through walls several apartments down. I was slamming up and down on Monty's dick like it still belonged to me. Montague's dick always PERFECTLY fit my pussy. Hitting walls and bottoms and creating shakes that made you want to know if I was transitioning into another lifeform. I was talking shit, too! " THIS what you want? You been waiting to fuck this for LOVE this wet pussy don't you? You miss it?" I say, as I grind and bounce and rotate and fuck his ass like he been lusting for...for what? 4 years since we broke up? He was whipped then...and he's whipped RIGHT now. "Oh FUCK Royal...your pussy is so good baby...oh shit...why you doing this to me? Ooooooh shit....UUUUUGGGGGH!" as he busted what had to be 3 nuts in one all up in his former home. I had invited him over and fucked his head up from the DOOR.

*ding dong*

"Coming..." as I giggled sinisterly on the way to the door. I STRAIGHT yanked the door open and stood there. "What in the FUCK...Royal...why aren't you dressed?" he asked...not really disappointed. I stood there naked as for the spiked shiny red stilettoes and diamond "R" I was wearing. "What? You don't want it?" I walked away sashaying my plump ass toward the living room. Monty closed the door and followed me. His eyes glued to the phat shaking in his line of sight. "Come on, Royal...I didn't come here for this..." he tried to say with a straight face and a formerly limp dick. I turned around and faced him...standing legs gapped apart, my heels creating calves of sculpted delish. "You sure? Because...when you use our daughter to relay your messages, keep track of my dates, and report to you who I see...I kinda think you're missing my pussy a WHOLE lot!" I said as I stood there stroking my pussy with one hand and my collar bone with the other. He tried to back track...he'd been busted. He'd tried to hush my baby with candy and dolls...but, Anya tells mama EVERYTHING. "Nah, I didn't...I just asked her how you were..."  "That is a LAME reply...but, seeing that my dick is at full're not thinking straight anymore. Come eat my pussy. I know that's what you want. So come lap mama's milk..." I said with a straight face and a hand full of my creaminess. He couldn't take it anymore...he started undressing where he stood...walked over to me, pushed me onto the sofa and ate until his ass was full, my cum had covered his face and his dick was too hard not to fuck. He'd entered first with my legs over his shoulders...pounding that 9 incher into me...showing me how he missed me. He'd turned me over and fucked me while I lay flat on my tummy which just served to put HIM in control. I finally took over and made those knees weak and that ass cum at my will. I then, got up...naked still and smoked a cigar while I told him this..."That was a final fuck. You've been needing that for a minute. Stop using Anya to spy on me. If you want to know what I'm up to...ask...and maybe I'll tell you. If you ask nicely...maybe, I'll let you smell this shit once in a while...if it'll keep you sane." He got mad...grabbed his shit, got dressed, said "FUCK YOU ROYAL!" and left. Mmmm, that shit was good. I'm a bad bitch.

So, here I was...returning some books for Ryan in the library...during after school hours. If the line I'm in doesn't piss me off...surely these high school assholes will. I do NOT remember being this annoying and rude at their age...oh damn. I feel like I'm 70 the way I think. I know for SURE, that even in my size 16 thickness...I wipe the floor with these high school chicks at the age of 32. I see some of these young Similac babies staring at my ass from the side. NO,'ve got to be "THIS" old to ride this ride.

"Hi, may I help you?" the pretty older lady says. She's not your average librarian. She's rocking what can only be described as a spiky Halle Berry cut with CUTE tortoise-shell rimmed glasses and some elongated heart earrings I could seriously snatch off her ears and run with. I give her the books and she tallies up the cost...which throws me off. This fool said they weren't late. Ms. Sassy Librarian says, "Ok, suga...that'll be $13.85 for the 3 books. These two *holding them up* are 2 weeks late...and this one, is one week late." "WOW...I'm gonna kick Ryan's ass!" I say, without really meaning to. The librarian and a few other line denizens eyed me sideways...but, I just paid the fine and left. Walking too rushedly...I dropped my phone and said, "SHIT! If I drop this shit one more time..." As I was picking it back up and standing straight again...I bumped my head right onto a man's elbow. "FUCK...what the hell? Watch where you're going!!" I yelled. When I saw him, GOT and DAMN formed to the tip of my tongue piercing and stopped short before verbalization. This man was out of this world SCRUMPTIOUS! I started to kneel back down and unbuckle his pants......*ahem*......anyway. He was gorgeous. He said, "Oh no...I'm so sorry. Did I hurt you?" as he gingerly cupped my elbow to help me up. Somehow, laying eyes on this dude...all the bitch went away...and the punk rushed in. I said, " I'm sorry for being so mean...I'm frustrated...but, I'm okay." He smiled at me and said, "'re beautiful. Your name?" I blushed and said, "Royal.....*mouth open*.....Tennison." He smiled again and said, "I'm Aqueel Smith..." as he extended his hand. I shook it lightly and envisioned him and I wrapped up in some corner creating art against a wall. He and I were exactly the same skin tone and I could see our limbs together in invisible lines becoming one mass. I must've been in thought too long...he spoke and I jumped. "Huh?" I said. His chuckle was deep and had powers that settled right underneath my navel. "I SAID, would you care to sit down? Or go for some coffee?" I HAD to sound like Desperado Jones! "YES...YES! I mean, sure...well, I just didn't want you to think I was, well...yes." I said, relaxing, exhaling and chuckling a little. This dude had me off my square and I was soooo very ready to throw him the keys to my panty drawer. "Okay, then...when is a good time for you? I'm off around 7pm later, so how about 8pm that too soon?" I smiled and said, "No, not at all...8 is fine!"


[sounds of skin slapping]

He was balls deep in my pussy. I knew when we were standing there in the library that I'd be sitting on his dick tonight. Some things are just inevitable. My size D's were bouncing in his hands as I found an African rhythm in my stroke. I took it back to the motherland on him...quick and then slow thrusts envoking the spirit of sex and satisfaction. He was releasing sounds akin to a boyish whimper coupled with a deep bass "yes" in between. He couldn't take it anymore...he flipped me over and turned me sideways, crossed my legs, holding them together at my ankles with one hand. With his free hand he spread my ass cheeks as he watched his extension connect with the circumference of my pussy and watched in pleasure. He couldn't have fucked me any harder. I was so fucking turned on...I mean, shit...this mothafucka had me at my most aroused...EVER. My nipples had to have grown to a full 3 inch length and hurt with erotic content. I know this pussy squirted, because the gush gave his plunge a sweet chirping sound. DAMN, my shit was SINGING! He continued to fuck me into rawness as I dipped my finger back there to taste his recipe. My clit began to pulse visibly...because he said, "Oh shit...your clit is throbbing girl" and that is when he and I shook the bed's frame with multiple seizures of bliss.

Who the fuck did this dude think he was to make my body sign over rights? Answering audibly, he said, "I'm this pussy's master!" I shuddered and replied, "Yes, you are..."

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the way you do

i love the do me
the flat of your tongue
against the small of my back
licking outside the lines
illustrating love
impressions of your hunger
left in my softness...
tender tips rolling
over my slopes
like foamy white rapids
forming between clinched thighs
your name reverberating
off the surface of my skin
as you bookmark
every part of me
every mound
alley of kali
every stream of cream
the cave you crave
*i think my clit just waved*
YOU man...
pressing play
on my button
i've had before
comes close to the do me
pecks upon
the nape of my neck
you tasting every salty sweet
speck of my sweat
the power of my pulse
at the whim of your will
as i lie still
the way...
YOU do...
is the truth
NO one
does me the way you do
incessant fusions
of you
in me
my senses
my own touch
drawn unnaturally to your body
my sense of smell
taken over by the hints
of you still present
in whiffs of memory
swallowing air
that tastes like your love
me seeing you
with shut eyes
yet blinded when
gazing over you
how you do me...
has never been done
you'll keep doing me?

Monday, March 1, 2010

"O" Baby...


How would you feel if you realized after years of sexual experience, that the echoing, pulsating, body rippling sensations of climaxing you'd been feeling...was just the precursor to the "BIG O"? Ok, let me say it experience an orgasm for the first time...realizing that the ones before it were actually the climaxING and not the actual peak!

One, let's get on track so no one gets lost in the sauce. An orgasm is as defined (because everyone doesn't know) :intense or paroxysmal excitement; especially : an explosive discharge of neuromuscular tensions at the height of sexual arousal that is usually accompanied by the ejaculation of semen in the male and by vaginal contractions in the female.

So...we understand that it is a shaking, shivering, quivering, body shimmering with glistening sweat triggered from waves of sensual pleasure type deal. We understand that it is the "big finish" to some good and properly placed stroking. BUT...what if you'd been having the pre-cumming experiencing...never finishing...but THINKING that was it. When you do experience that toe-curling event...what goes through your mind? Do you embark on a fucking mission (double entendre intended) see how BIG the "O" can get? Do you become insatiable? Do you reflect on the times before (mates included) and resent the sex? 

I mean, how many of us...women, especially...KNOW our bodies well enough? How many of us are giving away our pleasure to men without receiving pleasure as well? Makes me wonder under what circumstances many of us began having sex to begin with. Possibly, we were so young that our bodies weren't ready for the act of sex, let alone the mental place a woman needs to be, to embrace her sexuality.

The best way to get pleasure out of your sexual activity, is to know YOUR body, get to know your MATE'S body, listen to one another, and be open. To talk before, (sometimes during) and after to make sure that you're giving/getting what each other needs. Finding your way around your level of comfort...testing your boundaries now and then for excitement so as not to fall into a sexual rut. I don't have a partner right now, but I do know that I want one who is willing to be patient with me (and I him) as we find our groove. Find out if you're into Tantric, Role-Playing, BDSM, etc...and learn to TRUST your mate and allow yourself to be free with them. Think about're at your most vulnerable. You're naked, unarmed (in every way) and you're allowing someone to connect with you by plugging into your body with theirs...shouldn't you experience it to the fullest? Reaching heights and walking (or staggering) away satisified? 

A friend asked me to ask this question and I decided to ask it, allowing for an open forum of people's personal stories about sex. Don't be shy. When did you first experience an orgasm? Did someone give you one? Or did you self-help? Are you a multi-orgasmic you squirt? Have you had a vaginal and/or clitoral orgasm ladies? Fellas, have you faked it? What gets you there? Are you in it for the "O" or the feeling of connecting? Yea, I'm all UP in your bedroom...tell me...I mean, us. lol



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