Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kiss me, you fool!

~blowing kisses~

This blog came to mind because a few friends of mine and I, go back and forth about which is the most dangerous AND intimate between oral sex and kissing.

I've always thought that oral was the worse of the two. I don't know where someone's genitals have been, right? Yet, I guess on the same could wonder where someone's mouth has been. The mouth contains SO many germs and bacteria that are breeding grounds for some NASTINESS!...So that presents a conundrum. You have on one hand a dirty mouth...and then you have a dirty...well...ass. LOL

In my head...I think of the urine residues left from malfunctioned shaking after peeing. LOL I think of the possible moisture levels caused by tight clothing that perpetuate infection and odor. So, to bend down and place lips on a potentially unclean member makes my OCD shiver. LOL

THEN, you have the mouth. People who may not take kindly to a toothbrush or mouthwash. Folks who may have more going on inside their pie holes than some people's assholes. Dental hygiene gone amok...leaving bleeding and receding gums (which could definitely make for easy transmission of the HIV virus.)

Here are a couple of links explaining the adversities of KISSING and ORAL. Tell me what you think, and if you're a kisser or have an oral fetish...

Me? Well...kiss me you fool! ;)

Kissing lips Sparkling Pictures, Images and Photos


Kandia said...

I'm a kisser. I haven't run across too many people that I feel that "magic" with when kissing and who can match that intensity that I look for. Hopeless romantic in the

Da_Kween said...

I'm like that too. In all of my 37 years I only found ONE guy who kissed the way I do...and he wasn't even a "love" interest. I mean a deep, sensual lip lock with just the right tongue pressure and not too juicy. *mmm*

*wondering where he is now* lol

1manview said...

Nothing melts the soul faster then a sweet sensual kiss...

Da_Kween said...

I wholeheartedly concur :)

Butterfly Effect said...

It will always be oral for me. Kissing grosses me out. The bacteria that lives there is more than a train handrail. It's been proven. YUCK! I love light kisses on the cheek and forehead though. I feel those are tender and mean more to me.

Miss Carmel said...

was talkin about kissin 2 my friend jus da other day, she finks im weird coz i dnt like it! lol bt maybe its da intimacy of kissin dat puts me off...*kanye shrug* lol

lol at da urine residue part...i fink about dat too! lol

Da_Kween said...

@BE~ As much bacteria as there is in the mouth...think of the bacteria that is festering in such a warm place like a penis and a pair of balls. LMAO

@Miss Carmel~ Perhaps it IS the intimacy. Some folks who don't like to kiss aren't big on affection. They want it but in small doses...kissing is an affectionate and very intimate act. There are so many subliminal vulnerabilities involved. Closing ones eyes (trusting). Sharing oxygen...and when doing oral sex (even though it can be a loving act for someone who loves them) it is still a little less intimate and more about sex/control. Iowno...who am I to say? LOL

Cook.ThePoet. said...

Any thing sexual can be down right disgusting if one of both [or hey all three] arent not up to par on cleanliness. IDK wat to pick for being the worst l0l

Also, please check out my new blog
Thanks! =]

Da_Kween said...

That's true Cook...there are a LOT of things that could be labeled disgusting. I don't personally think anything consented on in a loving relationship is particularly disgusting...I do however like a good debate. LOL

I shall visit you soon!

Go head see the link, hit my e-kid's blog! LOL

Seriously? said...

LMAO @ the shaking thing. Urine is sterile so no real germs presented there. The germs are on the skin itself. As far as which is cleaner? Neither. The mouth is a sess pool as far as the germs it houses, but the genitals are so close to the anus that anyone who wipes back to front is 'contaminating' the goods. Nothing a good shower and/or Listerine can't fix.

As for preference? I love kissing. Chest to chest, with arms wrapped around each other... A good kiss can stop the world from existing

Da_Kween said...

I actually believe that...what I think it boils down to is preference. What turns you on/off. I personally love kissing...mmm

daMonstah said...

I have to say...kissing...real kissing can get ya going. Not everyone is good at it when you find a love interest that is...whooo boy. **Smiles***

Da_Kween said...

Indeed, Bro...a GREAT kisser can make you drop ya drawlz, your wallet and your job, too. LMAO (j/k)



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