Saturday, April 3, 2010

Running Errands: The Meeting

I hate shopping! Running errands really makes my ass itch. Every time I have to go out to the store, gas station, post office...I become immediately disgruntled. I'm probably that woman that pushes in the lines and huffs every other second at the line's stagnancy. I've definitely had more than a few arguments in a line. I guess it's the nature of an impatient Libra. I have NO time for slow people, idiots or inefficiency.

*parking car in library parking lot*

I can't believe my brother has ME returning his books...I can't believe I AGREED to this shit. I guess, it's "twin love"...we've always done this exchange dance, where I'll get hungry... and he'll call and ask what I want from the Licken Chicken. Or he'll need to return some books...and I'll say, "Yea, Ryan...I need to go to the library to use the printer..." and he'll jump in with, "Oh snap...Royal...return my books?" *insert evil twin glare*. So, since he's always doing things for me and I him...I try not to complain, but I'm REALLY annoyed today. My daughter's father pissed me off with some more shenanigans. It's not what you'd think, either. He takes GREAT care of Anya...but, he cares WAY too much about what "I" do. Using my child as a built-in LoJack for my whereabouts and activity is a sure way to make me act ignorant...and that I did, just last night. I called his ass over while Anya was with my brother and his son...and wore Monty's ass OUT.

~the night before~

"Ugggh oooooh shit...aaaah damn...FUCK you!" I could be heard saying through walls several apartments down. I was slamming up and down on Monty's dick like it still belonged to me. Montague's dick always PERFECTLY fit my pussy. Hitting walls and bottoms and creating shakes that made you want to know if I was transitioning into another lifeform. I was talking shit, too! " THIS what you want? You been waiting to fuck this for LOVE this wet pussy don't you? You miss it?" I say, as I grind and bounce and rotate and fuck his ass like he been lusting for...for what? 4 years since we broke up? He was whipped then...and he's whipped RIGHT now. "Oh FUCK Royal...your pussy is so good baby...oh shit...why you doing this to me? Ooooooh shit....UUUUUGGGGGH!" as he busted what had to be 3 nuts in one all up in his former home. I had invited him over and fucked his head up from the DOOR.

*ding dong*

"Coming..." as I giggled sinisterly on the way to the door. I STRAIGHT yanked the door open and stood there. "What in the FUCK...Royal...why aren't you dressed?" he asked...not really disappointed. I stood there naked as for the spiked shiny red stilettoes and diamond "R" I was wearing. "What? You don't want it?" I walked away sashaying my plump ass toward the living room. Monty closed the door and followed me. His eyes glued to the phat shaking in his line of sight. "Come on, Royal...I didn't come here for this..." he tried to say with a straight face and a formerly limp dick. I turned around and faced him...standing legs gapped apart, my heels creating calves of sculpted delish. "You sure? Because...when you use our daughter to relay your messages, keep track of my dates, and report to you who I see...I kinda think you're missing my pussy a WHOLE lot!" I said as I stood there stroking my pussy with one hand and my collar bone with the other. He tried to back track...he'd been busted. He'd tried to hush my baby with candy and dolls...but, Anya tells mama EVERYTHING. "Nah, I didn't...I just asked her how you were..."  "That is a LAME reply...but, seeing that my dick is at full're not thinking straight anymore. Come eat my pussy. I know that's what you want. So come lap mama's milk..." I said with a straight face and a hand full of my creaminess. He couldn't take it anymore...he started undressing where he stood...walked over to me, pushed me onto the sofa and ate until his ass was full, my cum had covered his face and his dick was too hard not to fuck. He'd entered first with my legs over his shoulders...pounding that 9 incher into me...showing me how he missed me. He'd turned me over and fucked me while I lay flat on my tummy which just served to put HIM in control. I finally took over and made those knees weak and that ass cum at my will. I then, got up...naked still and smoked a cigar while I told him this..."That was a final fuck. You've been needing that for a minute. Stop using Anya to spy on me. If you want to know what I'm up to...ask...and maybe I'll tell you. If you ask nicely...maybe, I'll let you smell this shit once in a while...if it'll keep you sane." He got mad...grabbed his shit, got dressed, said "FUCK YOU ROYAL!" and left. Mmmm, that shit was good. I'm a bad bitch.

So, here I was...returning some books for Ryan in the library...during after school hours. If the line I'm in doesn't piss me off...surely these high school assholes will. I do NOT remember being this annoying and rude at their age...oh damn. I feel like I'm 70 the way I think. I know for SURE, that even in my size 16 thickness...I wipe the floor with these high school chicks at the age of 32. I see some of these young Similac babies staring at my ass from the side. NO,'ve got to be "THIS" old to ride this ride.

"Hi, may I help you?" the pretty older lady says. She's not your average librarian. She's rocking what can only be described as a spiky Halle Berry cut with CUTE tortoise-shell rimmed glasses and some elongated heart earrings I could seriously snatch off her ears and run with. I give her the books and she tallies up the cost...which throws me off. This fool said they weren't late. Ms. Sassy Librarian says, "Ok, suga...that'll be $13.85 for the 3 books. These two *holding them up* are 2 weeks late...and this one, is one week late." "WOW...I'm gonna kick Ryan's ass!" I say, without really meaning to. The librarian and a few other line denizens eyed me sideways...but, I just paid the fine and left. Walking too rushedly...I dropped my phone and said, "SHIT! If I drop this shit one more time..." As I was picking it back up and standing straight again...I bumped my head right onto a man's elbow. "FUCK...what the hell? Watch where you're going!!" I yelled. When I saw him, GOT and DAMN formed to the tip of my tongue piercing and stopped short before verbalization. This man was out of this world SCRUMPTIOUS! I started to kneel back down and unbuckle his pants......*ahem*......anyway. He was gorgeous. He said, "Oh no...I'm so sorry. Did I hurt you?" as he gingerly cupped my elbow to help me up. Somehow, laying eyes on this dude...all the bitch went away...and the punk rushed in. I said, " I'm sorry for being so mean...I'm frustrated...but, I'm okay." He smiled at me and said, "'re beautiful. Your name?" I blushed and said, "Royal.....*mouth open*.....Tennison." He smiled again and said, "I'm Aqueel Smith..." as he extended his hand. I shook it lightly and envisioned him and I wrapped up in some corner creating art against a wall. He and I were exactly the same skin tone and I could see our limbs together in invisible lines becoming one mass. I must've been in thought too long...he spoke and I jumped. "Huh?" I said. His chuckle was deep and had powers that settled right underneath my navel. "I SAID, would you care to sit down? Or go for some coffee?" I HAD to sound like Desperado Jones! "YES...YES! I mean, sure...well, I just didn't want you to think I was, well...yes." I said, relaxing, exhaling and chuckling a little. This dude had me off my square and I was soooo very ready to throw him the keys to my panty drawer. "Okay, then...when is a good time for you? I'm off around 7pm later, so how about 8pm that too soon?" I smiled and said, "No, not at all...8 is fine!"


[sounds of skin slapping]

He was balls deep in my pussy. I knew when we were standing there in the library that I'd be sitting on his dick tonight. Some things are just inevitable. My size D's were bouncing in his hands as I found an African rhythm in my stroke. I took it back to the motherland on him...quick and then slow thrusts envoking the spirit of sex and satisfaction. He was releasing sounds akin to a boyish whimper coupled with a deep bass "yes" in between. He couldn't take it anymore...he flipped me over and turned me sideways, crossed my legs, holding them together at my ankles with one hand. With his free hand he spread my ass cheeks as he watched his extension connect with the circumference of my pussy and watched in pleasure. He couldn't have fucked me any harder. I was so fucking turned on...I mean, shit...this mothafucka had me at my most aroused...EVER. My nipples had to have grown to a full 3 inch length and hurt with erotic content. I know this pussy squirted, because the gush gave his plunge a sweet chirping sound. DAMN, my shit was SINGING! He continued to fuck me into rawness as I dipped my finger back there to taste his recipe. My clit began to pulse visibly...because he said, "Oh shit...your clit is throbbing girl" and that is when he and I shook the bed's frame with multiple seizures of bliss.

Who the fuck did this dude think he was to make my body sign over rights? Answering audibly, he said, "I'm this pussy's master!" I shuddered and replied, "Yes, you are..."


Mahoganydymond said...

Hmm interesting.. I can't wait for more... I had very good visuals.. :)

Da_Kween said...

Reggie said...

Damn woman!!!

Thee_Kween said...

LOLOLOL!!! HI, Reggie!!

Thee_Kween said...

Oh, Don't forget to read the other 2 parts!



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