Friday, January 7, 2011

Elle's Tales: India

{India, 40, San Francisco, CA}

I haven't had a girl in a while. I don't really crave women much anymore...but, they LOVE me. I remember the woman who walked up to me in the department store as I was in line to try on a dress. She, behind me...leans forward and whispers, "Let me help you into and OUT of that baby..." I did, too. She came right into my changing room with me, pretending to know me and ate my pussy from behind while I watched in the mirror. Afterward...she took off my clothes sweetly, put the dress on me, placed my breasts nicely into it and zipped it. She said it looked gorgeous on me...and bought it. I have her number still. She has definitely eaten at Elle's more than a few times. I even let her fuck me with a strap-on...she likes that shit. That was several years ago though when I was straight out of college. Since her, I haven't been with another female...

...til, India...

I was visiting my sister Dahlia in San Fran. She moved out there right after her own graduation from college and subsequent engagement to her now husband, Kenton...a big time real estate investor. They have 3 of which is my soon-to-be born niece, Lillian Sky. I'm here for the shower and to also handle some convenient business for my bosses. When they saw I would be in San Fran, they immediately found two different clients that needed to be consulted with. I'd spend a day or two doing business and the rest of the week basking in my sister's pregnancy and quality time with my niece, Mikole (9) and nephew, KJ (4). 

First day in, was business...after doing what I do, the clients were satisfied with what the home office wanted to discuss and waived any reason to meet again while I was in San Fran. I decided after leaving my client's go touring. It'd been so long since I'd been to San Francisco and wanted to experience the cable cars and wonderful views. I always got swept up with family plans. I made sure my digital camera had ample memory and battery power and hopped aboard a car going down Market Street. I stood, camera mounted at chin level, ready for the most picturesque shots I could capture...when, SHE bumped into me. I'm still not sure if I believe it was an accident...but, it happened.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hit you..." she said.
"No problem, close quarters." I replied, going back to my views...I barely looked at her.

A moment passed and she said, "You smell so good, what is that fragrance?" I looked back at her and was amazed at this woman's near perfect looks. Taller than me by a few inches, she was what had to be a mix of things...olive tone, light brown eyes, super curly lashes and full lips with highlighted brown, curly hair, closely cropped. Not looking a bit of the 40yrs I found out she was. Without pausing, I said, "It's a mixture of two. One is a citrus oil...the other is an oil called "Patchouli". I get them from a small shop where I'm from." She leaned in closely...waving her nose in the vicinity of my collarbone. "Mmmm, I could lick you..." she said smiling. I said, "Wow...did you say that? Out loud?" She leaned in again and said, "My name is India...and yes, I said it. You'd let me, too...I can tell." By then, my nipples were peeking at her through my sleeveless silk blouse and I began clinching my thighs together to keep any stray seepings from getting loose. I smiled and said, "My name is Elle...nice to meet you, India." I was indeed deflecting. I hadn't been with a woman in several years...and though the experience was stellar...I simply couldn't carry on an ongoing affair with another woman. I crave the strength of a man between my thighs. Ms. India, though? She was putting moves on me...and I was losing ground.

She reached in her purse and extracted a card. "Here you can call me if you decide that you need an expert to handle your needs." And with that, she exited the cable car and sashayed up the hill and out of sight. I was blown away by her walk and until I couldn't see her anymore, I watched her soar away like some exotic bird.

When I got back to Dahlia's we ate and did some errands. We couldn't have been back more than a few minutes when her friend Vivian called. Dahlia had her on if she needed it. She was loud as fuck. "Yea Dahlee (as we all called her)...come over so we can meet your sis. Me and the girls are here. We have liquor...JUICE for you...and food. PLENTY of food. We're having a pre-shower shower for you! haha." Dahlia said, "My sister is sitting right's up to her. She's visiting, so it's her family time, Viv..." I shook my head no and then said, "No way, it's up to the guest of honor...I'll go wherever she goes." I said. We agreed to go to Viv's and kick it for a while with her girls.

Vivian's house was nice. A classic Victorian style...very popular in San Fran painted peach with white trim. Stepping INSIDE was something different. Absolutely contemporary. She had a very specific taste...and I could tell she might be anal...well, OCD. *snickering*

"WELCOME!" Viv yelled. She's even louder in person...damn. She cackled, hugged Dahlia and then me. I was introduced to everyone in the room by the human megaphone as we entered the spacious living room. "Hey everyone, this is Elle...Dahlia's sister. Elle, this is Sienna, Morgan, Essence, Theresa and Theresa's sister, India..." Well...well...well. I thought. There stood the beautiful India...looking like a piece of Viv's contemporary art. Everyone waved, shook my hand or hugged...but, India and I nodded and diverted glances back to other people. I was nervous through the serving of dinner and through the games. I won the word scramble and the "what's in your bag?" game...I carry EVERY thing but the kitchen sink, unless you want to count wipes and sanitizer a sink. As cupcakes were being given out with sparkling wine (apple cider for Dahlee)...India came and sat down next to me. She asked me to come with her for a second. Her sister, Theresa watched us intently. Clearly, she's aware of her sister's "taste" in lovers and wondered if I, too...were swinging "that-a-way". I didn't care what she thought...I'm free to be Elle, so I got up and followed India into a spare room in Viv's 4 bedroom home. I figured maybe she wanted to discuss quickly where we could meet or whether she wanted for the people in the room to know her persuasion. When we got into the room, India threw me up against the wall and slipped her hand under my skirt. I didn't do SHIT. I just let her handle me. I had dudes handle me with more care than this chick...but it was doing something for the tingle in my spine. She told me to spread my legs, as she fingered her way through my crevice. She was literally holding me against the wall with one hand palming my right breast as she dug for my gold with the other. She then finally met eyes with expression at all, until she saw my eyes roll back and my legs tremble. Only then did she smile. She said, "I'm not finished..." She bent down and tongue-fucked me while people walked to and fro past this bedroom. I heard people asking where we were and got nervous...but the sounds funneled out with her hungry licks and nibbles on my clit. She kept going back and forth between sucking my lips, clit and thighs...placing her thumb in my pussy and her middle finger in my ass...twisting my nipples with her free hand and humming in a low tone that made my legs rock back and forth from buckling to standing straight. I was bouncing before I knew it and she quickened her pace. This chick was WORSE than a man. The way she did this, made me feel like a man was between my legs. I started moaning lightly in a weirdly symphonic way. When I came on her tongue...she stood up, kissed me and licked both fingers. I looked down to see if my legs were still there and all I saw was drips of my cum on Viv's wood floor.

India disappeared into the adjoining bathroom...gargled and wiped her face. I went and cleaned up (including a quick swab to the floor beneath me). India returned to the front...and not long afterward, Dahlia came to the door, knocked and entered. I was sitting on the chair fixing my shoe. "Um, Lil One...what the hell happened in here? Did India come onto you?" she asked. I looked my sister in her face and said, "No, but I came ON her..." My sister burst into laughter and said, "Oh my sister is a Lesbian!!". I giggled some more and said, "No, not really. I've had experiences with a few women, but I fully love and enjoy men more." She seemed okay with knowing that for the first time...and together we returned to the front. India winked and smiled while sipping from her wine glass. The rest of the ladies just stared and smiled. Eventually, the shock in the air dissipated and we continued on laughing and drinking until we parted ways. We saw each other again at Dahlee's baby shower and then I left. I DID however promise her that next time was HER turn. I would mount that Amazonian beauty about 9 weeks later when my niece was born. India, my sweet India. I have to be careful with her...she had me eying San Francisco real estate for a hot second...~phew~

{India. 40yrs. San Francisco. Thick and long tongue. 5 out of 6 licks}



hawt stuff mama!

Thee_Kween said...

Glad you liked it. I'm about to post the next one...very soon. Like tonight. LOL



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