Sunday, January 23, 2011

Elle's Tales: Malachi

{Malachi, 36, Tahiti}

Vacation. Something that I don't get often. Sure, I go from city to city. State to state...all for clients...and yes, in between I meet some very impressive lovers. BUT...when, I plan my own vacation I fully intend on being even more scandalous...indulging in the highest levels of debauchery for which I'm capable.

Tahiti has been in the making for a few months. After traveling back home and then to San Francisco...I wanted to parlay my down time as far away from family and familiar faces as possible. My best friend and sometimes co-hort, Collette was first up for an invitation to join me. She is a given, because we do our best "fucking up"...together. We've NEVER had an intimate moment before and we planned on keeping it that way. We've been propositioned numerous times...but, we just aren't into each other. We're tight like a virgin's legs. Period

~the trip~

I packed very lightly. This is TAHITI for sun's sake. Everything was light, flowy dresses, barely there tops and skirts, and a few thongs for when I decided underwear were necessary. The shoe game, however...stays tight. I took more pairs of heels and wedges than anything else. Nights dancing to Tahitian sounds are only as wonderful as the shoes I'm wearing. Once packed, Collette and I hopped our flight, riding clouds to the island of Tahiti.

The sights and scenery? Well, it can only be described as God's art. It's what God does in his spare time when He's got nothing better to do than perfect the color of things. I honestly got so caught up in my view from the plane and the ride to our hotel...that I forgot to snap photos. Thankfully, Collette always picks up where I leave off.

Fast forward>> We've hit our rooms (adjoining), freshened up and changed clothes for a little walk around the island we're on...Bora Bora. A lifelong dream of mine to vacation here...come true before my eyes. My camera was definitely ready for aim. I dressed in a gradient blue sleeveless wrap dress that tied right under my breasts. My floppy hat for shade, and a pair of flat sandals. At some point, Collette and I with our different interests...hers, the water...mine the island...separated. We promised to meet back in a couple of hours at the room for dinner. Both of us REALLY were just making sure that whatever we "shopped for" on the island didn't collide. We liked keeping our trysts separate from our friendship even though we were the only ones we trusted with these erotic escapades.

I ended up joining a group of tourists hiking along the scenic routes. The guide was gorgeous. He wore nothing but a sarong, beads and a traditional floral crown. There was something about him. He wasn't your average Tahitian native. I could tell from his accent. It wasn't as deep as the other islanders...making me feel kindred with him. He guided, showing the glory of his island...proudly pointing out beautiful apexes, serene waters tucked within palm trees and other exotic fauna. I was moist through the entire hike. His bare chest, flexing with every hand gesture and arm lift towards a sight...was making me want to tackle him mid-sentence and show those tourists a REAL scene. I filled my two micro chips up with plenty of evidence that I DID see some of the island. I got a mean tan and a nice work out for my calves. I gave Mr. Be Still My Pulsing last glance and began the trek back to my lodging. I got 10 or more feet from the group when I felt his hands cup my elbow gently...

"Excuse, me Ma'am...may I have a moment?" He asked.
My eyes lit and I said, "Yes, may I help you?" I was amazed at his clearly "American" accent.
"I was wondering if you'd like to come to a traditional Tahitian dinner with me..." he asked.
I couldn't stop staring at him. His chiseled jawline, silkened and wild eyebrow, his full heart-shaped lips...all were coming together to form this splendid man looking at me...awaiting an answer.
"Um, sure...why not. I'm here for the full experience. I'd love to. Can I bring a friend?" I asked, remembering that Collette and I were supposed to eat dinner together.
"Yes, you can bring who you like. I'm sure he will enjoy the festivities as well..." he said, conspicuously fishing.
I giggled and said, "No, my friend is a woman...there is no "he" on this trip." he placed his hand on his chest dramatically, looking upward and said, "Oh, good...I would've been broken hearted to have watched you on another man's arm tonight."
Mission accomplished. I blushed, smiled, and leaked all at the same time. 
"Good...give me your room number and I will escort you and your friend to dinner."
I told him where I was staying and which "hut" I was in...and he promised to see me in a few hours.

~back at the room~

"No, I have plans, sis..." Collette said. I looked at her with that knowing look and said, "Wow, you work fast!" and laughed. She said, "...I met a local guy who wants to hook up for, I'll have to decline your invitation." I thought about it for a split pea second and said, "GOOD...this guy is fine as frog, I REALLY don't mind being alone with him." We giggled a little. Helped each other pick out an outfit and made sure make up and hair was flawless. Collette had long, naturally wavy hair down to the small of her back. She reminded me of a very tanned East Indian. Tall with a thickened frame...Collette was the center of attention. When we met, it was like kismet that two very "visible" ladies...would gravitate and bring about a swarm of attention from every guy within eye range. Collette, literally took her hair, parted it into two's, and bow tied it. She secured it with a wooden clip in the shape of a flower and she was done. Her date, "Francois"...came through and scooped her up. They waved goodbye and off into the Tahitian sunset they went. I finished my own banana-clipping it into a mohawk. My above shoulder-length hair, curly from being dampened frizzed into a perfect do with a little covering my eye. It was hot. I had on a red floor-length halter dress made of a thin breathable cotton. It flowed when I walked, giving a peek at my red thong kitten heels.

As I was checking my reflection in the mirror...a knock came at the door. I opened it and there he was. He inhaled and breathed out aggressively as if he'd almost lost his breath. He said, "You're an angel...your physical beauty is exasperating." That's when it hit me. He IS American. I said, "Where are you from? And...what is your name?" I laughed nervously, almost ashamed I hadn't gathered this information earlier. He said, "I am from here...well, kind of. My mother is a Tahitian native, my dad an American. I've lived back and forth both mostly here. I do spend a lot of time in the states, though. By the way...I'm Malachi Donovan." he said, as we left my room and walked. I smiled and eased up a little. Knowing he was from home gave me permission to relax. I asked if he was married or involved, to which he replied no. He told me of how he could've very well been heir to his dad's hometown business...printing...yet, he chose to live in Bora Bora and play native man. His parents were never married, but carried a long term affair that existed only when his father found time to vacation on Tahiti's islands. Sounded typical of American men and their often philanderous ways. I wanted to ask what nationality his father was, but I didn't want to seem crass. "What nationality is your father?" I asked, in spite of my nano second of conscience. "My father is part Irish-part Jamaican." ,he answered. "Wow..." I said. "...that seems like a pretty interesting mix of heritage you've got going there." He laughed and said, " grandmother is Irish and my grandfather a Jamaican, straight off the banana boat." We laughed some more. We talked and giggled all of the way to a beautiful short stucco ranch home. It was butter yellow with white shutters and a brown door. Carefully tended flowers and bushes, traced the outline of the stone path leading to the door. As soon as we got within feet of the swung open and a middle aged woman, standing a little taller than me, greeted me and invited me in.

Malachi's mother made a Tahitian feast to which I've never been fed so wonderfully. Who would've thought you could eat so much roasted pig, taro, peruvian blue potatoes, and some kinda meat and rice wrapped in huge leaves? We left shortly after eating to walk off the monstrous meal we'd consumed. I couldn't believe I ate so much in front of Malachi. I should've been embarrassed, but between the laughter of his family, the music, the food and the welcoming feeling...I didn't have a chance to. As we walked back to my room...we talked.

"I'm glad you enjoyed my mother's cooking...she seemed to enjoy bringing you more." he laughed
"I loved the cuisine...nothing like what I'm used to...good nonetheless." I said as I smiled girlishly.

There was something about Malachi that was different. This guy was making my stomach flip and causing my back to arch. I felt warm throughout my face and I couldn't stop smiling. He was god-like in his physical presence...his frame a testimony of what a man's physique should be. He made me want to get in shape! {lol} His long curly hair, pulled back into a ponytail...more like a set of curtains drawn for a performance. I noticed...dimples. Deeply caven into his cheeks bringing emphasis to an already gorgeous smile. His broad neck...flawlessly leading into the well-defined shape of his shoulders and arms. His lips moved...softly...perfectly...bringing about decadent whispers falling off of his tongue. I wondered if he could sing...I wondered if he'd read to me. I wondered...

"Elle? Are you okay? Where were you?" he asked
"Oh, I was wondering where Collette is right now...I mean, we don't really know our way about the, I think I should go to my room and wait for her to show..." I quickly said, while walking a little faster as I saw the grouped huts come into full view.
"Oh, I was hoping we could have a drink or two...walk by the lagoon and take in the moon and water..." He said with the most disappointing tone.
"Yes...that sounds wonderful...we'll do that before I leave. I promise. I am just concerned for Collette. Tomorrow?" I asked, not really needing his reply.
" problem. I'm glad you had a good time. My family enjoyed you. Contrary to what you may think...I don't bring every beautiful tourist woman I see to my mother's home."
I could tell he felt the need to clarify. He picked up on my haste and probably wondered whether it was some notion that came to mind in a flash concerning his romantic habits.
"No..." I said assuringly, "I didn't think you did. I just need to sleep off such a fabulous meal. Like I said...we'll definitely get together soon before I leave the island."
I hugged him, inhaled his scent for posterity, released him and went inside my room.

I avoided him for the rest of my trip. I made Collette do tourist things with me as I looked over my shoulder...seeing Malachi in every Tahitian man's face. I knew...if I spent ONE more moment with that man...I'd fall in love.

{Malachi. 36. Tahiti. No rating can describe him...}

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