Wednesday, June 3, 2009

1st Love, 2nd Chance...3 Hearts Pt 4

Layla sat in her car looking at the building she remembered watching Hassan go into. The day at the park didn't end with him walking away. It ended in her following him closely as he walked home. She recognized the 3 story building right was the same building that he and Natalie lived in before they broke up and he moved out of state. No wonder it was so easy locating him. "That muhfucka moved his NEW bitch into the same apartment that he and Nat shared? The FUCK!" Layla spoke aloud to no one. So here she sat...looking at the building, seeing the light on in Natalie's old place. She thought to get out, but realized she didn't have a plan...or an excuse if she got caught. She started to pull off when she noticed the light go off. She wondered if they'd gone to sleep. Just then she saw Hassan come out of the building with a beautiful petite woman...short haircut, thick and the color of toffee. She immediately envied her. He kissed her and she reached back up to kiss him...that’s when she noticed the glimmer off of her left hand. The wave of anger shot through her like a current of electricity. The burning inside Layla's chest took over and she leaped from the car...slamming the door...which resulted in the couple being alerted to her presence. "Layla? Is that you?" Hassan asked, as Layla walked towards them. "How you gone move her up in Natalie's old apartment? That shit is foul!" Layla shouted. Beryl's reaction was one of shock, anger and confusion. Who WAS this person? "Hassan, who the hell is she? And what the hell is she talking about NATALIE'S apartment?" "Oh, he didn't tell you that this used to be where he and Nat lived for 2 years?" Layla said sarcastically. Hassan was HEATED and by now he wanted to put his fist in a woman's mouth for the 1st time ever. "YO, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU LALA?" he yelled, blocking Layla from Beryl. Layla was shouting, "Why you gotta be such a dog? Did you tell little Ms Cocoa Brown that you fucked TWO SISTERS?" Beryl was yelling for Hassan to explain. Hassan was trying to calm his woman down, while Layla seemed riled up and ready to start some shit! Hassan said, "Yo, Lala...for real, you need to shut the fuck up." Beryl turned her back and pulled out her phone, saying, "I'm calling the police. This woman is mad. I don't deal with shit like this...oh hell naw..." as she dialed. "Oh, you want to call the police on me? Fuck em. And while you're at it, dial Nat...555-834..." Hassan snatched the hell out of Layla and threw her against the wall. Under his teeth, he gritted, “Shut...the FUCK up! NOW!" Layla was startled back to reality. She realized she'd crossed a line she couldn't step back over. Hassan went to Beryl and took the phone, hanging it up. He said, "Bee...can you go upstairs babe. PLEASE. We'll talk about it in a few." He said, looking at her with the sincerest eyes. Beryl had tears in her eyes. She didn't really understand what was going on, but the feeling in her stomach didn't bode well. She complied without looking back at him, saying a word OR acknowledging the mad woman on the wall. Hassan waited for Beryl to close the building's door and turned really quickly snatching Layla by both arms. "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? NO...DON'T SAY SHIT! LISTEN TO ME LALA..." Hassan lowered his tone to a near whisper in her ear. " not come around. Do not mention Natalie’s name to me OR Beryl. Do not call or contact me or my fiancée...yes, I am marrying her. Something is wrong with you that you would even come around here...especially since I KNOW you know about what happened between me and Nat the other day. Stay...the FUCK...away!" he said, releasing her and going upstairs. Layla who was now shaking from fear, walked back to her car, got in and drove off.

"YOU MEAN TO TELL ME YOU MOVED ME INTO YOUR EX'S FUCKING APARTMENT? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO ME, HASSAN? ...ANSWER ME!!" Beryl screamed at the top of her lungs. Hassan wanted to calm her but knew it would be hard. She was right. He had no business moving her into his and Natalie's old place. He called about it and found out it was vacant and wanted to live there. No explaining THAT to his fiancée. The woman he was about to marry wanted an explanation and he had none. "I don't know what to tell you Bee...I seriously just wanted to find something quick and this apartment building came to mind. It was open and I accepted." he said. Beryl threw her keys in his direction. He ducked and started walking towards the door. "OOOH no! Nope...don't run!" she said blocking his path. "I deserve a reason why, I am finding out that ONE, we're living where you and your 1st love lived...TWO, you fucked her sister and weren't going to tell me about ANY of it, but you want to MARRY me, Hassan?" Beryl stepped out of his way and said, "Go, go to her. I know that’s where you're headed. I can see it in your eyes." Hassan didn't even speak. He walked out the door. As he sat in his car...he realized not only didn't he know where Natalie lived, he didn't even have her number to call. Not know ANYONE he could contact for the info. He just started his car up and went for a drive.

Natalie and Vaughn were sharing a pint of cookie dough ice cream in front of the TV, watching a movie. Natalie's phone rang, but she didn't recognize the number. She picked up anyway. "Hello?" "Hey's Hassan. I need to talk to you NOW!" Natalie got up and left the room, stepping into the bathroom and closing the door. Natalie was talking low but because she was in the bathroom she could feel the words reverberate off the walls. "What the hell is with you calling me? How did you get this number?" Hassan said hesitantly, "Well, I bumped into Lala and she was flipping on me, suggested I call you to get things straight." Hassan didn't want to tell her that Layla had yelled all but the last digit of her number and he'd tried all of them until he got to 7. "Look, can you please come talk to me. This is urgent. It’s an emergency. I wouldn't even ask if it weren't." Natalie knew he was telling the she said, "Give me a bit. I will meet you at the park in about 20mins." and she hung up. Natalie left the bathroom and sat down next to Vaughn. Vaughn was still eating ice cream when he said, "Tell that nigga don't call here no more." Natalie didn't even argue. She just said, "I'm going to handle it." Vaughn said, "You have a half hour. Handle that shit and be back here in 30 or I come looking for that nigga...whoever he is. Where I find YOU is where that nigga gets it." Natalie got up, got dressed and drove to the park. She had to make this quick...she didn't want to find out if Vaughn meant what he said.

Natalie walked over to her car and unlocked it with the remote. As she was getting in, Layla ran up on her and opened the passenger door, getting in. "WHAT THE FUCK!! DON'T DO THAT! ARE YOU CRAZY?" Natalie said, holding her chest. " wherever you're driving. We have to talk...tonight!" "What is this about, because I'm on my way to meet Hassan real quick." Layla shouted, "NO...DON'T! GIRL...DON'T! HE'S CRAZY! HE THREATENED ME TONIGHT!" Layla pulled up her shirt sleeves to show the bruises from where Hassan had grabbed her arms. Natalie was seething. She started the car up and headed for the Layla's chagrin. Her act had backfired. She was walking into a bear-trap that she set for herself. "No,’s ok. Just stay away from him...he's dangerous." Layla begged. She was pleading as if it were her life, but it fell on deaf ears. Natalie's anger for what Hassan had possibly done to her sister was driving that car...not her. All Layla could do was pray that she slowed down long enough for her to jump out. No such luck. As Natalie made it to the park and pulled into the parking lot, Hassan was there waiting. His car on the right side of Natalie's passenger door...leaving Layla between a rock named Natalie and a hard place called Hassan.



Good I like where the sister is caught. You want an oscar time to really get into the role. Nice story sis

Da_Kween said...

Thanks!! :) I'm tryna keep it interesting. This is like soap opera/porn/action. LMAO



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