Tuesday, June 9, 2009

1st Love, 2nd Chance...3 Hearts Pt 7

A couple of weeks went by. Beryl moved back to her hometown hours away from Hassan. They talked before she left and Beryl told Hassan flat out...she was no one's consolation prize. She hoped he found what he was looking for in Natalie and wished them well. Her heart's beat had slowed to a sporadic beat with her departure, but she knew she was better than the situation. Hassan felt badly. He DID love her, but just not the way he loved Natalie. What they had transcended body or mind. She was in his soul...yet, Natalie had closed the door on him. She promised him that she'd NEVER be with him. His betrayal with her sister had broken her. The two people she was closest to growing up had violated her and she knew no other way to cope but to cut them out of her life. Hassan was even MORE shocked, when Vaughn took her home to care for her and proposed as he'd planned. Natalie accepted and was now considering marrying soon instead of having a long engagement. Hassan sat up nights staring at the ceiling fan which often times morphed from the Cingular symbol into a starfish. He'd fucked up. He allowed Layla to walk though his defenses and now he was paying for it in spades.

"Baby, do you need anything?" Vaughn asked Natalie. She was cuddled up on the sofa watching a DVD. Her body still ached from the accident, but the cuts on her arms, legs and face were healing well. "Yes...can you bring me a soda?" she said from the living area. Vaughn had been waiting on her hand and foot...proposing to her when she came home from the hospital. He told her all about him and Beryl in the closet, but considering what she'd done...she wiped the slate clean. She did indeed love Vaughn and even felt she was in love....yet she knew her love for Hassan was deeper. Nonetheless...Knowing that fact would never erase his infidelity with Layla. She and Layla had spoken once after her release and all they did was argue. It did solve one thing though...it made Natalie feel more strongly that no contact with her sister was the best solution...

The week before:

Layla sat down on the edge of Natalie's bed while Ariella stood against the wall. Natalie sat up, still bandaged on her arms and legs...one bandage still on her neck and shoulder.
"What do you want?" Natalie said, while fidgeting with her cell.
"I need to explain what happened between Hassan and I."
"I'm listening..." Natalie said finally turning her attention to Layla.
"I've always been in love with Hassan..." Layla started.
Ariella tensed up and her brow furrowed...as did Natalie's.
"...Even at 14 he wanted you. I didn't seem to exist. I had a crush on him and tried to get his attention. He never bit. I resented when he finally asked to go out with you. It hurt me...but, I couldn't tell you. When you guys were living together, I longed for him...even though I was still married..." Natalie shifted...she got uncomfortable and tears were stinging her eyes. She was beginning to get angry and it showed. Ariella said, "You okay, Nat? We can end this shit!" Natalie shook her head and waved at Layla to continue.
"...well, when you went to that seminar...and you asked me to take him something...I don't remember...I was happy to be alone with him. He was already drinking beer. I convinced him to have a few drinks with me. We had rum and...I seduced him while he was half passed out." By this time, Layla was crying. Natalie was crying, beet red in the face...and Ariella was still holding up the wall, shaking her head. Natalie said, "Don't stop now...finish! FINISH!!"
"I had sex with him...while he called me you. Over and over...he called me Nat. I hated you. In that moment and every moment I saw you with him...you talked about him...or I thought of you with him...I hated you. I fucked him and didn't care. I left the panties...the hair...I kissed the pillow...I wanted you all to break up." Natalie looked at her, tears falling and said, "Leave… NOW. Before I lose control on you. Just go. Sisters don't do what you did to me. Sisters who love each other don't...and you don't love me. Ella...get her and take her out of here...NOW!" Layla didn't protest. She got up as Ariella walked her to the door. Natalie threw her phone to the floor, laid down and got under the covers. She sobbed until she slipped into slumber. That was a week ago, but everyday Natalie cries like it just happened.

Hassan sat in front of the house. He didn't know what he was doing there...but, he knew he needed to talk to Natalie. He wasn't no punk, but Hassan recognized how much of a struggle it was handling Vaughn the last time. He still had a bruised back and abs as evidence. He saw the lights go on and off. Yes, he sat there long enough to watch daytime fade and nighttime fall. He finally drove away realizing that it was too late to knock on the door. He drove until he pulled up to Layla's house. Layla lived in the same neighborhood they all grew up in...actually about a block or two away from the DaCosta's family home. He DID get out of the car then. He walked up to 6403 Chamberlain Drive and knocked. No one answered. All the lights were off and he realized Layla's car wasn't in the driveway. He decided to wait. He found a seat on the swing in the far corner of the porch...but not before unscrewing the porch light. He just wanted to scare her...he wasn't REALLY losing it. Was he? An hour or so must've gone by, but because he drifted off Hassan didn't really notice. He was awakened by the sound of heels clicking on the stone walk. Layla approached the door and became afraid. The light was motion activated and yet it didn't come on. She was so busy scrambling for the keys she didn't see or hear Hassan approach. He tapped her on the shoulder and her reflexes caught him in the chin. He winced, more out of shock than pain. "Damn, girl...you got a nice left." Hassan joked. "Hassan? What the hell are you doing on my porch at almost 2 in the morning? Are you crazy?" Layla asked. He reached up and twisted the light back in and it came on. "Nah, I just wanted to talk to you, Lala. Is that ok?" Layla wasn't sure, but her need to be close to him overrode her suspicions. She let him in and closed the door. He looked around and said, "Nice place...where's the kids?" Layla dropped her purse on the table near the door and said, "They're with their grandparents. We were there for dinner, they fell asleep and I didn't feel like waking them. Look, what do you want Hassan? Your last words were harsh...so what?" Hassan came right out and said, "I'm horny...I need some." Layla got offended. "GET THE FUCK OUT!! You've lost your damn mind Hassan Lawrence!" He laughed and said, "Oh now you have manners? Etiquette? Decency? Come on...you've been wanting me to want you for years...and when I come around you don't want me?" Layla's heart fluttered. She was weirdly aroused. She thought of how many times in life he'd ever wanted her...and she could count none. She too was lonely and decided to cave. She said, "Fine...fuck it. Let's do it. I'm horny too. Let me get freshened up." Hassan said, "Nah, fuck that. I want it right now. Take off your clothes." Layla did as she was told. He stripped down as well. Layla pushed him up against the wall and slid down to her knees. She started kissing and licking the head of Hassan's dick. She took him in her mouth and deep throated it. She was salivating at the thought of sucking "his" dick. She tried to devour it but it was too much to truly do that. She caressed his sac and began to lick them. Hassan pulled her off of it and led her to the plush chair. He pushed her over and slid inside of her roughly. She moaned loudly and spread her legs to brace herself. He began moving in and out of her...ramming into her. He used her hips to bring her back onto him. Layla became so loud which only served to turn him AND her on more. The harder Hassan fucked her, the louder she got, the louder the slapping got, the louder the juices got...and then he released all over her back. He said to her, "THAT'S how you treat a whore. I hope you enjoyed that bitch! You fucked me over...I fuck you back!" Hassan said with a menacing tone. She turned around with a horrifying look in her eye. He managed to do it again. Make her feel like she was dirt. "What...you did this to hurt me?" Hassan laughed as he wiped his dick off with her blouse. "Yes TRICK...what part of this didn't you get? You fucked up my chances with Natalie AND Beryl. I gave you what you wanted...so, you should be happy!" Layla seethed and became speechless. She saw Hassan picking up his clothes off the floor and while bending, he said, "Crazy bitch...You'll NEVER be Natalie!" Layla lost it and picked up the modern piece of sculpture on her table and hit Hassan repeatedly over the head. He slumped over in a pool of his own blood...naked and dead. Layla called 911 and sat there waiting...naked and dead inside.

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