Sunday, June 7, 2009

1st Love, 2nd Chance...3 Hearts Pt 6

Hassan watched the ambulance pull away with Vaughn accompanying Natalie. He wanted to go, but the police needed some answers. Since it was his and Beryl's apartment, he didn't have much choice in the matter. As soon as the questioning ended and the police officers left without any charges being pressed by Hassan or Beryl...the silence fell over the space. Beryl was the first to speak. "Go...find out how she is. I'm gonna finish packing." Beryl began to cry and walked to the room. Hassan felt like shit. He didn't know what to think anymore. In just a few days he went from a man engaged to be a man whose fiancée was leaving him. Not to mention the love of his life could die. Hassan got up and went to the he was opening it, he thought about Beryl. He wanted to soothe her, but he knew he couldn't wait around forever to find out how Natalie was doing. He left the apartment on his way to the hospital. Beryl stood behind the door of the room crying in a ball on the floor.

Besides the lacerations and tender muscles, Natalie had not a broken bone. She did however have a concussion and was in and out of sleep. She finally awoke a couple of hours after being admitted to find a blurred frame sitting at her side slumped over in a chair. She blinked hard and opened her eyes again to find Layla sitting there looking worse for the wear. Layla heard Natalie rousing out of her sleep and asked, "How are you feeling, Nat?" Even in half-consciousness, Natalie was still heated with her sister. "What?...leave.....go...." Natalie said between hard swallows and deep breaths. "Nat...please. You have to listen to me..." Layla started. Ariella walked in and said, "Not now, Lala...go find mami and have something to eat with her. I will stay with Nat." Layla didn't argue. Ariella had a way of saying things that were definite and deliberate. She'd pull big sister rank QUICKLY and remind you she could still kick your ass. Layla left the room and Ariella sat beside Natalie in the chair. She got Natalie up to speed on her condition and groggily Natalie listened. Finally, Ariella spoke on the night's events. " and Layla WILL figure out a way to get past this. You cannot let this come between sisters." Nat said softly, "I only have one"...and fell asleep.

Beryl decided to go to the hospital. No matter what she thought about the situation, the woman could've died in front of her and she wanted to make sure she was okay before checking the bus schedule. She walked into the emergency room looking for Hassan. She didn't see Hassan, but she saw the man with whom Hassan had been fighting with earlier. She approached him and spoke. "Hi, I'm Beryl...Hassan's fiancée...well, ex girl friend. How is Natalie doing? I was concerned." Vaughn looked broken and bruised as well. He had cuts on his eyelids, lips and cheek bones. His knuckles were wrapped and he was holding his side. "She's fine. She's got a concussion, cuts and bruises...probably gonna be out of it for a while, but she's aight." Vaughn said dryly. Beryl felt awkward asking about Natalie's welfare, but she DID care. She almost didn't want to ask the next question, but she did. "Have you seen Hassan around?" Vaughn cut Beryl a look of fury and said, "YEA, I saw his punk ass...he left with Mrs. DaCosta and Nat's sisters." "Ok, thank, what's your name?" Beryl asked politely and cautiously. "Vaughn." "Thanks, Vaughn...take care of yourself." She walked away to look for Hassan.

In a corner...on the same floor of Natalie's room...Hassan and Layla argued through their teeth.
"This is YOUR fucking fault" Hassan accuses
"No, it’s OUR can blame me all you want, but WE slept together!" Layla reminds him
"You're crazy...if you hadn't walked up on me and Beryl this wouldn't have happened!"
"Um, are you fucking delusional? You fucked my sister a day ago! This is because YOU and NAT couldn't keep your hands off each other!"
"LOOK, I need you to stay out of my fucking life. Mine AND Natalie's."
"She is MY sister muthafucka! I don't have to go ANYWHERE! YOU on the other a different story!" Layla said.
"You got me drunk all those years fucked me while I was half passed out. It cost me my woman. I've got a 2nd chance and I'm not losing it over your psychotic ass!"
Hassan's words hurt her. Layla knew he didn't REALLY care about her, but she'd never heard the words so adamantly expressed before. A tear fell with her silence and Hassan began to walk away. He stopped in his tracks and said, "Lala...leave us alone. Let us work it out. You worry about your sisterhood...let us worry about our love. There's no chance for us, so don't try and come between us." Hassan walked away and Layla sunk into the corner to cry.

She bent over so he could stroke her pussy deeper. He was so deep in her; she could feel the head in her lower belly. Vaughn was fucking Beryl better than Hassan ever had. Her shirt was lifted above her breasts and her bra was on the floor of the closet they were in. Her skirt was flapping with each stroke and her panties around one foot. Her cocoa skin and his white chocolate were contrasting in the reflection of the silver cart. Beryl was squeezing her pussy down on his dick, but it wasn't necessary. He filled her up in each direction. Vaughn parted Beryl's ass to view the cream forming around his shaft. Neither of them remembered how they ended up fucking in the utility closet, but they were making it quick...and making the most of it. Vaughn took out his anger and physical pain on Hassan's chocolate pussy and Beryl took out her hurt on Natalie's big dick. Vaughn exited and turned Beryl around sucking on her nipples and using his two fingers to rub the froth of her kitty's milk all over her clit. One of her legs was wrapped around him as the other barely touched the floor. He then picked her up and she landed on his stick. He thrust himself in and out of her while her breasts moved and her gray eyes pierced his. Her face screwed and he knew he was about to bust the center of her cocoa kiss. She shivered...he quivered...and just like that, they remembered who they were to each other. Consolation prizes in a very biased game of Hassan loves Natalie. They both felt like they'd gone through that window with Natalie.

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