Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Coatroom Pt 3

Lisa looked at Angelle and then at Gavin. She realized they were leaving the changing room area and deduced what had taken place. She flew at Angelle, but Gavin caught her. She began kicking and screaming obscenities at Angelle..."YOU FUCKING HOE, YOU DIDNT WANNA FUCK ME, BUT YOU WANNA FUCK MY MAN? LET ME GO, GAVIN...GET OFF ME!" Gavin carried her out of the store and placed her down when they got outside the doors of the store. "CALM DOWN!! If for NO other reason than so security won’t come pick your ass up for causing a scene." Lisa yanked her arm from Gavin's hold. She looked around him at Angelle in the store. She started crying so hard she had to sit down. Gavin tried to console her, but she told him, "Just go. Leave me alone right now. I...I can’t even look at you. This is all of my fault. Just go to her." Gavin didn’t want to go to Angelle...not because he didn’t WANT to go to her, but because he knew it was like spitting fire into Lisa's face. He nodded and waved at Angelle and she responded in like kind. Angelle saw him walk away. She walked out of the store and over to the bench where Lisa sat. Approaching cautiously, Angelle said, "Lisa...I’m sorry you had to see that." Lisa stood to her feet immediately and stood toe to toe with the devil called Angelle and said, "You fucking bitch...I wanted to fuck you and you told me no. You said you didn’t want to be a side dish. So why are you fucking Gavin? Doesn’t that still make you a side dish? You’re just a whore in his eyes anyway." Angelle, looked up and away as if she were trying to get a grip on her anger and said, "Be mad, be pissed...talk shit even...but you let one more "whore" or "bitch" fly with me and I’m gonna knock you on your ass! Oh, and before you say ONE more fucking thing...REMEMBER little girl...you GAVE your dick to me." Angelle walked off and left Lisa standing there in a puddle of her own tears.

Gavin waited impatiently at the house. He knew Lisa would return sooner than later. He knew he'd messed up, but he didn’t even care. He liked and cared for Lisa...she'd been there when Stacia had broken his heart. He remembered how she helped him pick up the pieces after Stacia had gone. He respected Lisa for the position she played, but he knows deep down that she was a stand-in for his lost love. Now, Angelle? She was something to behold. She'd breezed in and screwed his brain as well as his body and he was open. He didn’t know if he'd ever love her, but he knew he wanted to possess her...if only temporarily. The fire she brought to him was unparalleled and incomparable to any other feeling he'd had physically with another woman...including Stacia. Just as his dick started to bulge thru his running pants at the thought of Angelle, Gavin heard the front door open and shut. He stood up and walked toward the foyer. There stood Lisa. Eyes...crimson from crying, mascara smudged and her hair once up...now disheveled around her shoulders. "Lisa...we need to talk." he said. "Do I LOOK like I want to talk? Do me a solid? Go to a motel...or better yet, go to Angelle. Just leave me alone." Gavin thought that it would’ve been smart to just walk away and avoid the argument...but, he was tired of settling in relationships...allowing things to happen instead of MAKING things happen. "Look, I know you are pissed and hurt, but we have to talk and waiting isn’t going to change things. I take full responsibility for what happened. I should’ve known not to allow you to introduce me to another woman." Lisa snapped her head around and said, "So I’M to blame? You fuck Angelle behind my back and I’m to blame? For wanting to show you how exciting and fulfilling a relationship could be? Ok, go ahead...make me the fall guy!" Gavin stood there with his arms folded and then said, "You know what, Lisa? You and I BOTH know that we're together out of convenience. You were there for me when Stacia left...and I was grateful. I think we made something more of what we were supposed to be." Lisa could’ve slapped the shit out of him. "CONVENIENCE? So this entire time you were with me because you missed Stacia?" Gavin tried to make her understand what he meant. "No, not because I missed her, but because I needed SOMEone...ANYone. My heart was broken...you were there for me. I just don’t know if we're supposed to be doing this 'relationship thing'." Lisa said as coldly as possible..."Fine, it’s over. You had your fun, you got what you needed. You needed to test the waters. By all means go ahead. I won’t shed another tear after tonight. I DON’T want to talk about this anymore. I will pack and leave, after all this is your house. I will go back to my apartment in the morning." Lisa went up the stairs. Gavin almost said something, but Lisa put her finger up behind her back as she walked off...shutting him down. Gavin knew there was nothing else to say.

Lisa went upstairs and sat on the edge of the bed...she was hurt, but not like Gavin thought. She was upset because he got Angelle and not her.

Angelle's cell rang. She answered hesitantly not recognizing the number. "Hello?" Gavin said, "Hi, Angelle...it’s me, Gavin." Angelle's face grew a grin and she said girlishly, "HI, Gavin! I didn’t think I'd hear from you." "Yea, it’s been a little rough, but I had to end things with Lisa..." "Wait, you ended things with her? Is this because of me?" she asked. "No, it’s because we never should’ve been together. It was for all the wrong reasons. All I want to do is move on with my life. I would like to get to know you...is that possible?" Angelle paused and said, "Come over." After he and Angelle had sexed until they were both dry of bodily fluids, Gavin lay there thinking about all that transpired...

...Meanwhile, back at Gavin and Lisa's house...Lisa lay there restless. Knowing Gavin was probably fucking Angelle the way she'd only DREAMED he'd fuck her...and how she'd wanted to have Angelle. With the kind of passion that makes the body burn with lust and the mind throb with fantasy. She tossed and turned until she finally just got up. She looked through Gavin's desk and rustled through papers...fumbled through address books...and finally came across what she was looking for. She picked up the phone...thought about the hour, said, "Fuck it" in her head and dialed. A woman picked up...and Lisa spoke, "Hi, this is Lisa...I am Gavin's girlfriend." The woman said, "Why are you calling my house at 2am? Is this Lisa the neighbor?" "Yes, it’s me, Stacia." Stacia sighed, "Ok, now how may I help you?" Lisa smirked, though Stacia couldn’t see it. Lisa spoke with malice. "I think you should know that Gavin is fucking your man's ex-wife. The same woman you fucked in threesomes with her husband is fucking Gav. He and Angelle are together right now." The line went dead. Stacia sat up...looked at her child's father and thought about the one woman she's ever loved, sleeping with the one man she's loved most. Stacia said out loud, "Karma's a bitch!" and cried in her hands.



Whoa that was unexpected okay now on to part 4

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