Sunday, May 24, 2009

Returning the Favor

*This story was inspired by someone I know. I asked to do the honors in writing their little tale and they obliged. Enjoy.

LORD, he turned me on. His conversation made me drip. He had this way of teaching me things that I never knew that made me want to lie my head on his naked chest and listen to him drop seeds on me at the rate of his heart's beat. We talked for a long of course. Instant messaging is the business...I don't care what anyone says. You can talk to whomever you please and be as honest as possible...never having to worry that they're judging you. Chances are if you disgust them with your opinions or life...they'll go away and a moment more would not have been wasted. So, the fact that he looked for me, as I did for him as soon as we signed in, showed me how much we thought of each other.

When I decided to let him come through after months of conversation...clean AND filthy alike, I just figured we'd have drinks and kick it. After all...I'd recently gotten rid of the resident asshole in my life and wasn't looking for ANY applications. The complexity of emotional binds was not a priority of mine. I'd spent so much time trying to find myself after losing myself...that being alone was all I could think of. Freedom without the DUMB shit. Yet, my body craved things...nasty things. My hips circling and stirring on top of a great piece of sex. Someone's tongue slurping up the excess excitement between my folds. Every night was torture. Lying in bed, fingering myself...licking my own fingers clean...massaging my breasts til my nipples hurt from full erection. At times, the fantasies of having someone pounding on my little pussy was enough to make it real...enough for me to squirt my essence onto the wall. Sooner than later...I was going to bust open. My walls were literally itching in need of friction.

He entered my apartment after I sat in nervousness for almost an hour's wait. I was sure that I didn't want to have sex with him, but I knew he'd want it. It was one of the many things we'd discussed on the phone and IM for I knew it was on his mind. I just didn't want to deal with it. The possible emotional attachment, the routine of fucking the same dude over and over. I was a free woman and I felt some kinda way about men and relationships. It disgusted me to think about someone wanting, when he came in he could sense my uneasiness. "Hey you..." he said in a tone low enough to vibrate through me. "Hey baby" I said, giving him a "church hug" (shoulders touching...booties out). He looked me up and down like I was a scrumptious plate of what he craved. I tried to act like I didn't see that, and offered him a seat. "Would you like something? I have wine, rum, soda...water..." He probably didn't want anything at all, but he figured in his mind to play along. He knew I was deflecting and fighting off my own mental pictures of us hemmed up body to body. "Yes, I think I'll go with that it dark?" I said, "'s light like me!" We laughed and broke the ice a little. I got him his rum, deciding to pour a little of soda in and handed him the glass. As he sipped he said, "Come on now, Sheena. You're not gonna act like you're afraid of me...are you?" I just smiled and sat beside him. I saw the glass go up to his mouth where those lips...thicker than the throb in my panties...sipped the drink I'd given him. He leaned over me, smelling of Patchouli oils and place the glass on the side table and I lost it. As soon as he put the glass down...I pounced! We began kissing...ferociously like two jungle cats, locking in. I could feel the heat from his hands finding their way to my ass and breasts and between my legs. I'm sure he hated by then, that I'd decided to wear jeans. He said exhausted of breath, "I want you so badly, Sheena!" I looked him in his eyes...oval and deep. I then began unbuckling his belt like the starving lioness I was and smiled wickedly as I slid down between his knees. Oh damn...his dick was gorgeous. I almost stopped, got a camera and took a pic...but his scent seduced me in. I tasted the precum sitting on the tip and it tasted like air crossed with cherries. I didn't play. I didn't tease him with licks or kisses...I shoved his package deep down my throat and exhaled a hum that made him grab the fabric on my couch. I began sucking his dick with the intent on getting to taste a full explosive hit of his cherry-flavored cream. As I sucked and wrapped my hands around the base, twisting along with my sucking and slurping and moaning "hmmm"...I felt him clawing like he was fighting the build up of the nut I was working hard to release for him. I suctioned harder...because I needed this. I needed to wield the control of my lips and warm mouth over a man's sex. I needed for him to feed me what I'd been missing. He was NOT going to stop me from quenching this thirst I had. He grabbed my hair and screamed, "SHEEEEE.....naaaa...shiiiiit!" mmmmmmmm...yes. I milked him and licked my lips. We made eye contact and I swallowed and smiled. He couldn't utter a word...but, I could. "Um, were good, daddy...really good. I think you should go now." He blinked and his mouth opened and I just said, "Please...I need you to go. I just really need you to go." I couldn't tell if he was upset, shocked, thrown, mute or what...but, when he managed to get up and put that beautiful cherry pop back into his pants...all he could do was be ushered out my door. He said, "Wow, Sheena...for real?" and I shut the door. I walked over to his drink...finished it and went to bed.

~2 Years Later~

Somehow, spite of my encounter with "HIM" I still ended up falling for someone. The man I chose and I had a passionate and tumultuous relationship for almost a year. The very thing I didn't want...I got anyway. I felt like someone had led me into a room and surprised me with a different me...because that's what happened. I changed...for all of the wrong reasons. We ended our relationship sourly and all I can say is that it's been a process. Day by day.

Throughout that relationship, I cut off a LOT of my friends...especially "HIM". I did a lot to make my man feel secure...even though it didn't work. I wish I hadn't...but what's done is done. As I was sitting at work, chatting with my normal IM lineup..."HE" popped up. Mr. Cherry Pop.

P. Shoreland: I need to talk to u...please don't say no
Sexy_Sheena: WOW...sure. Do u wanna talk here?
P. Shoreland: Yea, it might be easier for now...
P. Shoreland: I just wanted to tell u that u fucked me up. I haven't been the same since that night. U really did me wrong
Sexy_Sheena: How so?

I asked that question, sort of knowing the answer. I knew what he meant...but, I was hoping he wouldn't say it. He went on to say that not only was he upset that he didn't get to return the favor...but, he was crushed at how I wouldn't answer his calls or IM's after the fact. He was so angry at me that I cried from feeling badly. I knew I'd hurt his feelings, but I didn't know to what extent. I mean...I was in selfish mode. I would've done ANYTHING to keep from feeling what I was going through. He made me promise to never run from our friendship...and I agreed.

SO...when after months of getting back on track, he wanted to visit...I didn't deny him. I had a friend visiting and figured...theres NO way that anything can pop off while she's here. I was SO wrong. The moment he walked through the door, the fires between us were leaping from our bodies in some sort of weird but beautiful chemical reaction. I introduced him. "Maya...this is Preston...Preston, my friend Maya." Maya looked him up and down and smiled. She had heard all the gory details and wanted to smack me into another space for letting THIS fine man get away.

We all talked for hours...laughing and getting deep and sometimes not so deep. We flirted in tandem, because of COURSE, I figured there was no harm. Maya was sitting RIGHT across from us. The thing is...that through all of the convo and laughter, he and I never took our hands off of each other. We barely remembered at times that Maya was there. So, when Maya's boyfriend called...we took that as a cue to sneak to the back for more "conversation". The MOMENT we entered the bedroom, he began pulling at me and kissing me and I was tugging and gasping for breath...then we stopped. We decided to talk. So, we did, for 5 minutes or so. Before I knew shirt was flung and my breasts were released into the air. His mouth sending vibrations of yeses in between my thighs. I checked on Maya quickly...and she had fallen to sleep. I returned to the bedroom, hoping Preston had calmed his fires...but that was NOT an option. He laid right into me...removing my shirt for a second time, damn near eating my nipples. He slid his hands down my pants...and before I knew it...there were no pants. He looked at me and said, "I've been waiting two long return the favor." He then dove into me with such sweet firmness that all I could do was say, "ooh". He was SO good at it...sooo good. He went from taking the middle of me into his mouth to tongue teasing my hole. He couldn't have eaten dinner tonight, I he slurped, sucked, licked and inhaled the most intimate part of me. It got so good that my legs closed in on him like a venus flytrap...pushing him further in and bringing me nearer to orgasm. When I released onto his tongue...he looked up at me and I knew what was next. I gave him the green light by way of a condom and he couldn't get it open fast enough. When Preston finally entered me...he waited. He said that he couldn't believe he was inside of me. He partook of the goodness of me...from my full breasts with the beckoning nipples. On to the sweet caramel ways of my second the feeling of having me wrapped around him. He stroked such a way that he reopened a part of me. If only slightly...that I thought had closed for a second time. I knew then, that he was addicted...especially when he whispered, "You taste just like I thought you would." Whatever that was...he wanted more.

Yet, after he'd returned the favor as lusciously as he had...I wondered IF. If I'd let him return the favor years ago...where would I have been right now. Would I have gone through the pain I had? Would HE have been my man? I guess, that's a story I'll never read. As of NOW...I think he and I will be returning the favor more often. He and I...pretty pleased...with cherries on top and caramel sauce.


Mzlatese said...

there is a saying favor isn't fair...this is one time that I wish to disagree.

Da_Kween said...

LOL, yea...favors can be pretty nice when done with the perfect intent.


Nice story, mm mm mm I feel for shawty having what she wanted in front of her but breaking it down cause she had an insecure asshole.

Oh well, maybe the next time shit will go her way.

Da_Kween said...

Yea, tough break for dude...but then of course who knows how that turned out. Might've been for the best. ;)



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