Monday, May 11, 2009

The Coatroom Pt 5

Angelle explained everything. She told Gavin of the nights of bliss she and her ex-husband Omar had shared with Stacia. They'd met her at the doctor's office in passing...were intrigued by Stacia's flawless beauty and pursued her as a couple. She spoke of how with every threesome, she and Stacia began to fall in love with one another. Well, she wasn’t surprised that Omar fell as well, but she sure as hell was surprised when Stacia popped up pregnant. When Omar found out, he gave Angelle a choice. Accept her as part of the family allowing her to move in...or leave. It wasn’t the idea of Stacia moving was the idea that he'd even considered that Angelle would need to go. It was then that she saw how he'd gone from being her husband sharing being Stacia's man...discarding her. So, she packed and left them to be a family. She didn’t know Gavin. Had never met him nor heard his name was how Stacia preferred it. The next thing she knew, Lisa was befriending her at the gym and asking her to be Gavin's surprise. She hadn’t had physical contact in over a year since leaving Omar so it made all the sense in the world to allow herself a taste. Her one stipulation was that there be NO had gotten her into trouble once and she was done.

"WOW!" is all Gavin could muster. He sat down on the bench across from the stairs and stared at Angelle. Her face red from crying her story out. He couldn’t really be upset with her...well, he COULD...but what good what it do? She didn’t know who he was. She was just trying to bring excitement to her marriage. She couldn’t have known that Stacia would behold the same goddess qualities as she. The two were drawn like magnets to each other...causing disruption of all things around them. He'd fallen for Stacia, the way Omar had fallen for Angelle...then they fell for one another. they sat, full circle...him now falling for one of the people responsible for taking Stacia out of his life. He looked at her and said, "Fuck it…fate played us this what you wanna do?" Angelle got up, walked over to Gavin and slid her robe open. Like a curtain revealing a scene, Angelle's breasts, navel and shaved vee stared at Gavin awaiting touch. Angelle said, "I want to do you. If you'll have me..." Gavin began massaging Angelle's ass while sucking on her nipples. As he's caressing her ass his finger started slipping in and out of her pussy from behind. "I love you, Gavin..." leaves Angelle's lips. He looks up at Angelle, smiles and says, "I love you too..." He lifts her leg up and shows her how much, continuing to suck, fuck and love her all the way back upstairs.

Lisa stayed outside for the entire time. She fell asleep waiting for the two of them or at least Angelle to come out of the house. She jumped out of her sleep to the sound of a car passing. When she awoke, it was dark and both Angelle and Gavin's cars were still in the driveway. Lisa's eyes began to tear and she placed her head on the steering wheel. She was snapped out of her melancholy with a firm knocking on the window. "OH SHIT!" she said. She looked up and it was Nia. Rolling down the window with her heart beating faster than she could breathe, Lisa said, "What the HELL are you doing?" Nia reached in and unlocked the passenger door and got in. "I could ask you the same thing, Baby! Why are you sitting outside my brother's house? Didn’t he kick you out?" Nia asked sarcastically. "Nia, I don’t have time for this shit today! What are YOU doing out here? Are you visiting Gav? Or just following me?" Lisa said meanly. Nia's big brown eyes watered with tears. She shared the same light eyes and hair as Gavin, but had a rounder prettier face. Looking at her was almost uncanny for Lisa. Nia blinked hard and replied, "You know I love you Lisa. I told you before that I'd take you back, if you stopped messing with Gav. Now, you’re out here stalking him and that girl Angelle." Lisa looked at Nia and said, "How do you know about her?" Nia laughed so hard. She shook her head and said, "DAMN, you still don’t get it? I fucking know everything. It doesn’t help that Stacia called me moments after she pulled off to ask me to talk to Gav about his new fling. Said that Angelle was perpetrating a fraud and that he wouldn’t listen to anyone but me." Lisa said, "Nia, why are you all up in this business...none of this concerns you." Nia's eyes grew dark with expression of anger. She turned herself completely towards Lisa and said, "Ok, since I’ve been playing docile bitch to YOUR cunt, I guess I gotta lay it out there." Lisa got nervous. She'd been underestimating Nia, taking her for granted...and now she wondered how wrong she'd been about that. Nia said, "I know that you had a crush on my brother in HS. I know that you lived near us THEN. I knew when you moved next door to him and Stacia. I knew when you started fucking Omar on the side. I know about how you plotted for Omar and Angelle to approach Stacia at the doctors' office because you'd been following up on Stacia's activities." By this time Lisa's mouth was hanging open and she was frozen with fear. "’re shocked? Yea, I know it all. I know that you orchestrated the threesome, so that you could move in on Gavin...but your plan worked out far better than you thought. Stacia got knocked up and Omar fell in love. I know that you started fucking ME to get information about Gavin and Stacia way back when, but I didn’t care because you were so good at eating my pussy, I'd tell you ANYthing you wanted to know." Nia said, licking her lips and pulling up her dress. It was dark in the car, but Lisa could see the outline of Nia's pussy and she involuntarily began to drool. She didn’t love...nor LIKE Nia that much, but she loved her sweet pussy. She always thought of cake when she was licking her slit. The girl was crazy, but her pussy was the best Lisa had tasted. Nia laughed at the look on Lisa's face. She knew she was ready to dive in. Nia was playing with her. "So, basically you tongue-fucked me on a regular, to get info, so you could be with my brother...and that was fine. You were my side piece too. I guess when you were planning get back for Gavin to fuck Angelle to piss off Omar and Stacia, you never planned on him feeling her, more than you!" To that, Lisa pushed Nia's legs closed and ordered her out of the car. Nia pulled down her dress and said as she opened the door..."It’s ok, I won’t tell Gavin how you used me...or will I?" With that, Nia slammed the door and retreated to the shadows from where she came. Lisa started the car and drove off.



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