Sunday, May 24, 2009

First Night's Fuck

Larynne and Sol had been conversing for a couple of weeks. They met on and had become instantly attracted. He an exhibit of ebon art and her a piece of bronzed heaven. His conversation was cool. Nothing extraordinary. He wasn't her typical interest, but he was interesting nonetheless. Larynne had been giving him her patented tease for a couple of weeks and finally after continuous leaning from Sol, Larynne agreed. The day he came to pick her up Larynne did her usual primp session...times 10. Not just a shower, but a sugar scrub as well...leaving her tasting of a hint of chocolate. A tender shave for her sweet middle and a quick home pedicure. She painstakingly curled her long hair in loose tendrils and put on a pretty pink bra with pink lacy cheeky panties. Now that she'd laid the foundation, she combed through her wardrobe and picked out a simple outfit. It was the week after Thanksgiving and a little nippy so she opted for a long denim skirt with splits on both sides, a green wrap around top, and a denim overcoat to match the skirt. Her ample calves were covered in a pair of leather boots that stopped just under the knee. Once she spritzed on her favorite scent, Clinique Happy...she set out to meet Sol, the man she'd been talking a LOT of smack to. Luckily for her, in spite of her prep was the last thing on her mind. Larynne hadn't ever slept with someone on the 1st meeting and never would...but she MIGHT let him play in it.

Sol, got the address and inserted it into the search engine to retrieve a map. He was familiar with certain parts of where Larynne lived, but he needed to be sure. It wasn't the EASIEST place to find. He'd been working that day and lived an entire state or two away from Larynne, but had family 40mins away from her. There he showered and put his suit back on with fresh under clothes. He didn't expect much from Larynne. He could tell she was a shit talker and figured this would be just a meeting where he'd gage if he even wanted to pursue her. When he pulled up to her house, he was pleasantly surprised. She was "thicker" than he'd realized, but she was so beautiful he was captivated. She spoke and her voice in stereo surpassed what he'd been hearing over the phone. "Hi there...don't you look handsome." she said with a smile. He smiled involuntarily. "I'm good Ms look GOOD!" She blushed in the new winter's air. He got out and hugged her and her perfume lightly touched his senses. He walked her to the passenger side, opened the door and helped her in. When he was back in the car, he asked, "Where can we go?" She ran a few places down...restaurants to eat at, but neither was really hungry. They decided to get a couple of beverages and park at the lake near her home. The view was beautiful...and together they watched the sun set.

Larynne had been busy all morning and afternoon before Sol showed up. She shared her day with him and he shared his with her. The two both reclined their seats, talked and laughed. He'd flirted and told her how pretty her legs where. He'd been rubbing her thigh since they'd begun talking. She felt comfortable with him and even expressed being slightly exhausted. It seemed no quicker than the words left her mouth, she'd dozed off briefly. When she stirred from her mini-siesta, Sol was kissing her hard...harder than she liked...but Sol had also moved his hand from her knee to in between her thighs. His hand had found its way past her pretty pink panties and into her moisture. She pulled back from the kiss and said, "Not so hard...kiss me gently..." He smiled and reward her legs opened wider for his access. He then moved his mouth from hers to the opening in her blouse, using his free hand to remove her breast. He sucked the nipple and attacked it the way he'd kissed her...yet THAT was appreciated. Larynne sighed and closed her eyes as she became wetter and her legs much as they could in the passenger seat of his truck.

Sol removed his hand from inside her panties and licked his fingers. He moaned, "MMMMMM, I'mma eat that." He said to her, "Get in the back..." Larynne didn't even protest. She didn't expect this, but she was coming off of a year and a half of abstinence, so she rode the wave. She climbed over the seats into the back and as she did so he caressed her kitty from the rear. Larynne sat there and watched him get out of his side and climb in the back. He didn't say a word. He just placed one of her legs between the front seats, the other on the top of the back seat, moved her panties to the side and began tongue kissing her pussy. Larynne gasped as he began dipping his tongue in and out of her, greedily swallowing every drop of her. Long licks and short darts on her clit had her moving away but going nowhere. She was at the mercy of his skills. Sol looked at her, licked his lips and smiled. "What are you doing to me?" Larynne asked, not needing an answer. He got a hold of her clit and rolled his tongue around it over and it swelled with intensity he began sucking it as if it were her nipple. Sol began humming on it driving Larynne's legs to close in on his head. Larynne grabbed his baldness and began grinding his face. "Shit...oh no....oh damn....uhhhhhhhhh" and into his mouth she released as he enjoyed every bit. He got up and said, "I'm getting that...I have to..." Larynne looked funny. She didn't do these things...but, how could she really say no? He'd just bestowed upon her the best nut to date. She wanted to say no...but, she also wanted to feel him inside her as well. She never ONCE said no...or yes for that matter. Not when he couldn't find a condom and had to drive to a store to get one. Not when they returned to the spot by the lake to find other cars parked there as well...with people outside talking. She didn't care...not even when he climbed in the back spread her legs, stroked her pussy once more to spread her cream around and slid inside of her. He squealed almost with delight when entering the tight space that had his legs shaking. He stroked and pumped and thrusted until he reached climax. Feeling her plush and warm hole around him...clinging to his dick had him twisted. He even begged her for more...wanting to taste her...but, Larynne was ready to go home. He relented finally...kissed her and said, "This is mine..."

And it was...for another month or so. It was his when he bent her over in the night air on the edge of a pier. It was his when he snacked on her in the back seat again. It was his when he had her naked in his living room with her legs in the air. It was his until it wasn't anymore...except the middle of the night, when Larynne is pleasuring herself to the memories of a first night's fuck.


Mzlatese said...

Just when I thought it could get no better. I could use a cigarette on this one even though I don't smoke and have

Good stuff mama,very good

Da_Kween said...

LMAO @ you and the asthmatic wanting a cigarette! LOL

I'm glad you liked it, more to come this evening.



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