Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Coatroom Pt 7

Omar closed the door behind him. He looked Lisa over and said, "Damn your body is still perfect, girl." Lisa smiled. She didn’t want to talk though. She hadn’t been with Omar since she "talked" him into seducing Stacia. She remembered seeing them in a swinger's club. Omar on the prowl, Angelle reticent and along for the ride. She herself had gone as a 3rd party to a couple she'd been seeing and noticed the beautiful Angelle. Though she found Angelle attractive she zeroed in on Omar while his wife went to the ladies' room. She got his number and called him with an offer a few days later. She knew from following Stacia that, Gavin's wifey had been creeping in the same clubs she herself frequented. Setting up that freaky bitch was easy. So, she set the time and place to meet Omar. She sucked his dick the night she met him at a bar. They'd gone back to her house and she "talked" Omar into propositioning Stacia. Finding out Stacia's whereabouts was even easier...one lick on Nia's clit, and the info was disclosed. Tonight, she just wanted to be fucked, sucked and possibly held...held being optional. Omar loved Lisa's tits. They weren't huge. They were B cups. What they call a handful. He began sucking her breast through the fabric of her cami. As he did this he began sliding her panties off. Lisa spread her legs so he could pull them down with ease. She stepped out of them and allowed him to lie her down onto the chaise. He helped her pull the cami over her head and continued sucking. His now hard penis was lobbying for attention through his running pants. Lisa wanted to taste him, but Omar was way too hungry and aggressive. He slid his tongue to her navel and made dips and circles causing waves of chills and fevers to ripple through Lisa's body. Her legs gapped open almost involuntarily...causing Omar to go within her thighs for his thirst quencher. He ran the surface of his tongue deeply and firmly past her lips to lick up her filling now oozing from her...all the way up to her clit...taking it into his mouth with strong suctioning. Lisa came instantly. He began to stroke her hole with his tongue...in and out...all why moaning and squeezing her thighs. All his moaning created sensations that brought about a second orgasm. Omar then rose, face shining...slid his pants down and took Lisa's legs, criss-crossed them and placed himself inside of her. He pounded without making a sound...maintaining eye contact. All you could hear was skin slapping, juices mingling and Lisa's guttural moans escaping with every upstroke. He increased his pace until he came all over her stomach. She exhaled when he came and slid out of her. She went to move...and he pushed her back down. "Turn over...I’m not finished with your ass!" She turned over and propped her ass up. Omar licked his lips and thought to himself. SOME bitch gone get all this shit tonight. Might as well be this hoe.

Over at Gavin's, Nia yelled out her brother's name. "GAVIN!!" Gavin caught his own balance...and was able to keep them all from falling too hard. Angelle got up and said, "Oh my damn...are you both ok?" Gavin said, "Fuck her...this is bullshit. I am not gonna let this lying, conniving whore come in MY damn crib and start more chaos than she already has!" Stacia got up and said, "Angelle...are you going to be happy with him? Any more than I was with Omar? You know where your heart belongs!" Angelle was blown away. She still had feelings for Stacia, but her having Omar's baby had put a rift between the two of them she didn’t feel could heal. "I am happy with Gavin. You lost out. Our lives were ripped apart by all of this bed-hopping. We've hurt one another too much. As good as we WERE together...we are no more. I am good, Stae. Please respect that and leave." Gavin opened the door to let Stacia out. Stacia must have injured herself...because she limped a little to the door. She looked back and shook her head while tears left her eyes. She'd lost Gavin, Angelle AND Omar. All she could do was just go. She walked towards the door and stopped it with her hand before Gav could close it on her. "I pray you have made the right choice. I pray that you don’t look up one morning and see him for what he is to you...get back!" Stacia left, with Gavin slamming the door behind her.

Nia had done her duty. She came to her brother's house to come clean with what she'd done and to make sure that by no means would he consider taking Lisa back. Nia hugged her sibling and said goodbye to him and Angelle both.

A week or so later, Nia's bell buzzed. She was expecting a package, so without thinking she let the buzzer in. She opened her door to find Lisa staring at her with an impish smirk. Nia said, "Um, no thank you...I don’t want what you’re selling!" attempting to close the door. Lisa pushed her way in and said, "I don’t think so, mama. Come on. Is this how you treat me?" Nia got a little worried. She wasn’t afraid of Lisa...she herself boxed for fitness and was probably several pounds heavier than Lisa. The problem for Nia was, did she have a weapon of some kind. She didn’t like the way Lisa was looking at her...at ALL! "Look, clearly you found out that I spoke to Gavin about your little shenanigans...but, what did you think would happen?" Lisa giggled. She said, "What? You think I’m over here for that?" Nia was puzzled. "So, what are you here for, Lisa?" Lisa walked over to Nia and stood inches from her face. She wrapped her arm around Nia's waist and said, "Nia...I came here to get some. I came to make you feel good...I AM gonna make you feel good!" Before Nia could protest, she was naked bent over with Lisa's face in her ass. Lisa was gonna turn her out once and for all...she had plans for this little snitch bitch.

Stacia sat at her desk. She had worked piled up from a 3-day vacation she took. That fall down Gavin's stairs proved to be worse than she'd thought. She ended up with a hairline fracture in her foot. Misery had set in and she'd withdrawn. Omar had dismissed her with the quickness. He told her that he'd take care of Jalil, but that he thought it best for them to go their own ways. She had no home so, she opted to stay with her sister, Kyra, instead of with her mother. She didn’t need that kind of headache. As Stacia sat there barely looking at the stack of accounts she had to manage...her secretary knocked. "Come in, Audrey." Audrey's face was obstructed by a beautiful bouquet of orchids, jasmine and lilies...her fave. "These came for you Ms. Lovelace." Audrey said. Stacia came around her desk and accepted them, thanking Audrey. Audrey closed the door behind her, while Stacia searched for the card. The card read:

Lovely Stae...Thank you for everything. Thank you for the story you set in motion. Because of you, I am happy. How ironic is that? You were my life for so long and I always saw you as the one. Now, I have Angelle and I owe that to you. I wish you happiness. Alls forgiven. Love...Gavin.

Stacia broke down. It was everything she DIDN’T need to know. All it did was make her assess everything all over again…mentally rehashing her wrongs. She'd been so consumed by her own sexual desires, that she allowed herself to be drawn out of her marriage. She ended up with a child, however beautiful, but by a man who didn’t love her. He was only momentarily obsessed. She lost out on her connection with Angelle...and at the end was lonely. She sat down and admired the flowers and uttered aloud, "You’re welcome, Love."

Omar waited for over 2 hours for Lisa. He was becoming frustrated and was about to leave when Lisa strolled in like she wasn’t late as hell. "When you tell someone you’re gonna meet them, you NEED to be on time, Lisa!" She reached up and kissed him on the lips. "Sorry, I got held up. You know how that goes!" Omar said, "You so damn sexy I can’t even be mad at you...turn around." he demanded. Lisa twirled and allowed him a 360 view of her ensemble. They sat down and Omar began talking. "I know this was your idea...us meeting here for dinner and then heading back to your place, but I’m taking over. Before you say a word, take this." Omar reached in his jacket pocket and pulled out a long box. Lisa's eyes lit up. She smiled and then opened the box...thinking it would be a bracelet. She opened it to find a piece of paper. She unfolded it and read it and said, "What the fuck? Are you serious?" Omar stood up and said, "Yep, it’s a restraining order you crazy bitch. Stay the FUCK away from me, Stacia and our son. If you come within 500 feet of either of us, you WILL go to jail." He looked around to make sure he hadn’t drawn any attention and walked off. Lisa sat there in awe. Once again, she was alone to pick up the pieces. She got up, went to the lobby of the restaurant. She gave the clerk her ticket and he gave her the coat she checked. She said thank you and then he said with a smile, "You’re welcome, pretty lady. I sure wish you could keep me company in this here coat room." Lisa snapped and attacked the poor man, jumping through the coat room's window. She was arrested and taken to county jail. The clerk was ok, but the coat room was closed until further notice.


Mzlatese said...

aaww man this is hot. How did I miss this one

Da_Kween said...

LOL, I don't know...but, I'm glad you enjoyed!



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