Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Coatroom Pt 6

Stacia wasn’t able to think straight after being put out of Gavin's. She was barely lucid while breast-feeding her baby. She put him to bed and crawled in beside Omar. Omar was aroused by the scent of her cocoa-butter lotion. His dick seemed to nod at her being so if to say yes...that’s my pussy. Omar reached over, smoothing his hand across Stacia's stomach. He began prodding her from behind through his silk pajama bottoms. She wore the top and a pair of panties...unusual for her. He slid his hand up her top and found her nipples. He wanted better access, so he turned her over to find her eyes wide open. "Oh, you’re up? Are you ok, babe?" he asked. Stacia sat up and said with an irritated tone, "NO...I’m NOT!" Omar's dick went down and he sat up too. "Well what's the problem, Stacia?" "ANGELLE IS FUCKING GAVIN...THAT'S THE PROBLEM!!" Omar's mouth went agape and he said, "WHAT? How in the hell? When did you find this out?" Stacia huffed and rose out of the bed. "Doesn’t matter...OUR Angelle is fucking MY Gavin!" Omar hated when she said that was like she was still in love or something. "...the FUCK you keep saying that shit for?" he snapped as he jumped up. Stacia liked engaging him..."Which? OUR Angelle or MY Gavin?" Omar was not in the mood for this. He wanted some pussy and she'd fucked his head up for that. "You know what, Stacia?..." Stacia took a stab at it. "Yea, I fucked up our family. You ran Angelle away and now she's in Gavin's bed!" Omar said, "I'M TIRED OF THIS SHIT. YOU KNOW WHAT?...YOU THINK I WANTED IT LIKE THIS? I LOVE ANGELLE...IF I COULD SWAP YOU FOR HER, I WOULD!" Stacia's heart dropped. She wanted to stab him...but, instead...she quietly began packing...and Omar let her. He watched Stacia pack their son and leave, and in his mind...he was relieved.

Angelle and Gavin made love all day and night. They were tired and fell off to sleep in each other's arms. The doorbell rang, waking Gavin up immediately. He looked over at Angelle and wanted for her to remain asleep so he jumped to his feet, throwing on his robe and going downstairs to see who was harassing them so early in the morning. He looked out the side window and opened the door forcefully. "What the hell, Nia? It’s fucking 3 in the AM! Are you crazy?" Nia walked past her brother innocently as if the sun was still shining. "Its 3:48 to be exact." looking at her watch. She started walking through the foyer and into the kitchen, stopping at the fridge. "Is mom ok? Are YOU ok? What the hell is wrong with you?" he queried. Nia found a yogurt and plucked a spoon out of the drawer. As she peeled back the tab, she said, "I’m fine. I just thought I'd come by and have a chat with you." Gavin got up off the barstool he'd sat on and said, "Nah...Nia, take your ass home and let's try this again later on in the day." He made it to the door and she said, "’re gonna wanna know how Lisa seduced me into telling her all of you and Stacia's business." Gavin stopped, turned around and said, "What? What the fuck?...aight, explain what you mean by SEDUCE! No better yet...explain what the fuck you mean by telling her all me and Stacia's business!" Nia scraped the cup of yogurt and said, "Mmm hmm...I thought so."

Lisa tossed and turned. Her new apartment didn’t feel quite like home yet. All she'd done lately is stare at the ceiling thinking about Gavin's sweet cum sliding down her throat...or how his magnum-donned dick invaded her pussy each time like it was the 1st. She'd done a lot of self-helping lately and this night was no different...except for her visual had changed over the past month. She'd imagine Angelle sitting on her face while she sucked her the way she did the end of an ice cream cone. She'd imagine herself sucking on Angelle's hard nipples and slowly working her hand inside of Angelle's sweet space. Lisa had played in her pussy so much the past few nights ALONE...that her wrist began to hurt. Just the other night, she'd allowed a perfect stranger to fuck her behind the local department store's loading dock out of pure sexual angst. Lisa knew she'd fucked up. She fucked up getting Gavin's good dick. She'd NEVER taste Stacia how she wanted...and Angelle was always going to be a fantasy. Hell...she even counted Nia as a loss. Never had pussy tasted as good as it did on Gavin's baby sister. She smiled devilishly at the thought of having fucked them both. Having them both at her disposal was nut-worthy in itself. Alas...she was alone, though. No amount of momentary victory could account for her loss of a warm body or two in her bed. No love to call her own.

Stacia had run off to her mother's house. She just told her mother that she needed some space. Stacia's mom had been disgusted with Stacia's behavior and treatment of Gavin. The two families had been close for years and were jubilant about their son and daughter's nuptials. A few members of the immediate family were ALSO privy to Stacia's demands that Gav get the vasectomy in order to stave off an untimely pregnancy in the midst of her burgeoning career. Gavin agreed, knowing they could reverse the procedure in the event they'd ever want a child. So, when she popped up pregnant by another woman's husband, the privy parties (her mom, dad, brother and sister) were appalled that she'd betrayed Gavin on so many levels...especially due to him wanting a child with her so badly. It goes without saying that Stacia's presence with her new child unnerved the fiercely loyal Mrs. Lovelace. Regardless, Stacia was family and would never be turned away by her own people. Stacia sat there in the spare room with Jalil's carry-away crib set up...him tucked in all over again. She tried, but couldn’t shake her emotions. She thought about all of the shit she'd done in the past two years and how she'd found her purest love and screwed it up. She threw her clothes on and asked her mother to watch the baby, without waiting for her response and got in her car and headed to Gavin's.

Nia finished filling Gavin in and to say the least, he was shocked at his sister's behavior. He never would’ve have figured her for being BI, so his bombshell reaction was less about Lisa's deceptiveness and more about his sister's undercover tendencies. "Damn, Nia...what the hell is up with that?" He finally uttered. Nia shook her head and laughed, "Boy, you crack me up. Come on...let go of the realization that I let Lisa lick my pussy...and concentrate on the fact that she's been plotting this entire time to come between you and Stacia. This WHOLE thing is because Lisa wanted you so badly she could taste it! No pun intended!" she ended giggling. "COME ON, NIA...shit! Cut that out. What "I" wanna know is how you could betray me for some sex with a bitch that was cut throat and crazy? I also wanna know was you fucking her when she was fucking ME?" he said almost afraid of the answer. "Yep. Whenever Lisa craved pussy...she came to me." Without thinking, Gavin threw the glass fruit bowl across the room and it exploded in shards of crystal on impact. Nia ducked, not that it was aimed in her direction...just out of reflex. "Gavin...calm down. You’re gonna wake Angelle."she said. Gavin realized it too late...and he could hear Angelle's footsteps above and moving toward the stairwell. He went to meet her and as he reached the foyer, she reached the top of the stairs. "Gavin, what's going on? Is everything ok?" "Yea, I’m sorry babe...I broke the fruit bowl." Nia walked out and Angelle said, "Who is that?" even though after the question was asked she spotted the resemblance. "Hi, Angelle...Im Nia...Gavin's baby sister." Nia said waving. "Oh, ha ha...Hi, Nia...I’m..." Angelle started, but Nia said, "Angelle...I already know." Before anymore niceties could be exchanged...the bell rang again. Gavin was sick of this shit. He walked to the door and opened it. Stacia rushed in and said, "Gavin I gotta talk to you!" Angelle started down the stairs, angry at Stacia's nerve. Stacia looked up, saw Angelle and said, "Good, you’re up...Its you I really want to talk to...look, I’m in love with you and I know you still love me. Please give us a second chance. No Gavin, No Omar...just you and I!" as she went to meet Angelle halfway. Gavin slammed the door and said, "Oh fuck no! Not again. You will NOT destroy my life a second time around!" Stacia reached Angelle, holding her hands tightly. Gavin grabbed Stacia, she yanked from his grip and all three went flying down the stairs. Nia yelled, "GAVIN!!!"

Over at Lisa's a knock came to the door. She sashayed over in her baby yellow spaghetti-strapped camisole and matching cheeky panties...opened the door and smiled as she cleared her hair out of her face. "Hey, baby...I missed your ass." Omar said, looking her up and down and closing the door behind him.



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