Monday, May 4, 2009

The Coatroom Pt 2

Lisa had enjoyed providing Angelle for her man. Gavin was her second chance at love. She felt that she was his too. After his wife had cheated on him, the man that she saw everyday being so sweet to his mate and to his neighbors had gone into a shell. His lawn had grown to a jungle's height and his leaves would barely get raked. His Avalon that was once washed almost bi-weekly...would dust up for weeks. Lisa initiated things by visiting once a week, with dinner...claiming to have made too much. She even traipsed over in her barely there pajamas one spring evening to borrow sugar...well, that was it. She borrowed Gavin's sugar and never gave it back.

Gavin enjoyed his gift from Lisa. He was skeptical. He'd never "cheated" on his woman before...and the idea of having sex with Angelle that night in the coat room was something he'd fought against. Lisa insisted though. She wanted him to have a sexual experience that would help him open up and become less uptight about sex and women. He was afraid to open up to Lisa...he saw all women as worthless, untrustworthy whores. His wife, Stacia had been the love of his life, so he thought. Finding out she was screwing Tom, Dick and Jamal was too much. He probably wouldnt have found out if it werent for the fact that she turned up pregnant when he'd had a vasectomy at HER request. He definitely enjoyed Lisa's little present, even though he'd woke up the next morning questioning her character. Would she soon expect him to do the same for her? He wondered if he'd done the right thing. One thing's for certain...He enjoyed Angelle. The fit was perfect. She felt good on his dick. She was nasty and classy at the same time. She embodied the qualities of a woman and a whore...without wearing the "whore" on her sleeve. He thought of her often since that night...he wanted more than to fuck her...he wanted to see her nude. Admire her breasts and the shape of her hips and thighs. He wanted to hold her. He decided not to allow his mind to be blown over some good pussy and tried to leave it at that...but, he'd already been touched by an "Angelle".

Angelle had heard from Lisa a couple of days after the coat room. Lisa expressed interest in a threesome with she and Gavin, but Angelle declined. She didn't do women...well, not anymore. She'd had a few experiences, but she preferred dick overall. No woman could satisfy her and she didn't see herself wanting to be their side dish all of the time. Angelle was still reeling from 4 orgasms in less than 5 minutes. It was almost a month since that night...but damnit if she didn't want to hop back on and ride. Lisa was someone she'd met at the gym, but they weren't best buds. She couldn't believe after testing him out, that Lisa would even give away that kind of dick. Stupid little girls trying to be the "bombass girlfriend"...not realizing if you're not careful, you can give your dick to the next chick on some "free sex" shit. She wanted so badly to taste Gavin. He smelled so good, and had the softest lips. Yea...she was open too.

While downtown, Angelle window shopped for shoes...lustfully eying a pair of strappy Manolo's that could've been made expressly for her. She moved to go inside and turned around, bumping directly into Gavin. "Whoa...excuse me, ma'am! Uh...Angelle?" Gavin said. Angelle's stomach knotted and her knees weakened...she almost didn't open her mouth to respond. "...Gavin, how are you?" she said, with trembled voice. Her center betrayed her and responded to Gavin's presence. She almost thought she would melt in front of him. Gavin smiled at her uneasiness, which only served to further weaken her. He didn't waste more than she did on their first meeting. "Let's go into that store across the way...find a changing room and fuck. I need to feel you again. I NEED to feel you. Don't say no!" he said, pulling her close. She didn't even resist. She nodded in agreement and they walked into the store. She picked up a blouse, went into the changing room and called for him. "Honey, come see if this looks right!" The one attendant had gone up front and the store was basically empty. Gavin walked into the the changing room to find Angelle standing there naked. She'd stripped down to nothing but her calf-high boots. He quickly removed his jacket and unbuckled his pants as Angelle turned around and waved her ass at him. He was instantly hard and immediately began to fondle her breasts from behind...moving hastily but deliberately from one nipple to the other. She winced at his touch and bit her lip. He moved his hand down past her smoothed out "V" and ran his finger up the slit of her. She was soaked and all he wanted was to be inside her. He didn't want it from behind like before...he wanted to see her face. He spun her around, sitting on the bench and placed her on top. Her face screwed up and he began sucking hard on her nipples. She didn't waste time bouncing and grinding at the same time. Their juices were creating loud moist slapping sounds sure to be heard at the front of the store. Angelle stopped long enough to reposition herself...this time with her feet planted on the bench as she held onto Gavin's neck continuing to bounce. "OH...SHHHHHH, girl!" Gavin said under his breath. She was riding his dick so well, that he felt himself about to cum. Angelle looked at him and saw that he was trying to refrain and decided to step it up. She began squeezing him with her pussy lock on each up thrust. Gavin's eyebrows went downward as he realized she was trying to make him lose it...literally. Swinging one leg over his head, without taking him out of her, Angelle spun around on his manhood which brought him seconds close to nutting. She turned her back to him, bent over and began pounding up and down on him...he came so hard that he grabbed hold of her tightly with his face in her back and grabbed onto her breast so hard she came too. She ended the session by turning around and taking one long suck off his dick...tasting herself and licking her lips. He could've gone a second round, but time was of the essence. They got up quickly, she threw on her clothes and they walked out to find the attendant standing there staring. She just smirked and said, "Would you like to purchase this blouse ma'am?" Angelle smiled and said, "Yes, I might as well." All three chuckled.

Gavin and Angelle walked outside of the fitting area...and ran smack dab into Lisa.


TNPATL said...

Ok that was HOT!!!!!

Da_Kween said...

You gone be looking for a man in the daytime with floodlights, messing around over here. LOL


Maybe it's just me but I would have said yup buying this one and she's gonna try on two more. Round two is round two, if she ain say nothing after round one and is just interested in making those dollars she is already scratching my back once, I'd let her pick a pricier one and get my itch scracted and scratch her back at the same time.

No shame here, at all

Da_Kween said...

Lawd...just take the shirt and go...don't be staying around tryna screw again in the thing you know people start coming in...then what? Go sat down!

SLynne L said...

I gotta try this sh** right here!!!!!

Thee_Kween said...

LOL!!! Gracias, Chica!



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