Friday, May 29, 2009

1st Love, 2nd Chance...3 Hearts Pt 2

Natalie was at the fruit stand. She figured she'd take some frustrations out by fucking her boyfriend. She and Vaughn had been together for over 8 months. Vaughn was a big man. He was 6'5 and almost 250+ of muscle, yet he was so very tender with her. He made her his on the very 1st encounter. They met a few months after she'd broken up with Hassan at a friend's birthday party:

"Excuse me, can I have a, make that a Long Island Iced Tea. NO, wait...make it an Appletini. Um..." Natalie stammered. She wanted a buzz, but she had a hard time making her mind up as to what kind of buzz. Her friend Yemina had paid the handsome Vaughn to bartend the privately home-held party. Natalie barely noticed at first, and then he spoke. "Take your time, Miss...not going ANY where tonight." Vaughn said, smoothly. Finally, Natalie looked in his direction. "Dang, if I didn't know that you were PAID to be here...I'd assume you were directing that at ME!" Vaughn said, "I relief gets here in less than 20 minutes. Looking at YOU clears the rest of my night." Natalie giggled her laugh and he began to pour. He mixed the Long Island Iced Tea. Topping it with a lemon he said, "If you wanna go hard..." Then he mixed the Appletini."...for the Golden Delicious..." Then he mixed the Seabreeze and said, "...if you want to be refreshed!." He placed them all down and then took his cell phone out and placed it beside the drinks. "...THIS is if you want ME to drink YOU!" Natalie laughed, thinking this cat is so corny...but, cute. She decided to play. She sipped the LIT to the middle of the glass, and then shook her head no. She sipped the Appletini and screwed her face up. She drank the Seabreeze all the way down, picking up the cell and walking away. Vaughn said, "WAIT! Where you going with my phone?" Natalie stuck the cell into her cleavage and said, "Call your phone when you're off." She walked away. Not more than 30 minutes later, Natalie was bent over the bathroom sink in her friend's bathroom. "UHHHH, OOOOOH....YES, YES....OH SHIT BABY!" She yelled. Vaughn slid out, turned her around and picked her up...fucking her against the wall. Natalie's breasts were jiggling in Vaughn's face as he tried to catch nipples in his mouth. Vaughn was trying to be cautious but he couldn't pretend anymore that he didn't want to plant his face between Natalie's thighs. He let her down, got on his knees and lifted her leg up. As soon as he tasted her, he looked up at her and smiled. "MMMMMMMM, I knew it. You taste fucking good, girl!" He was slurping on Natalie's pussy, making loud swallowing sounds. Tongue fucking her. Alternating between licking and tongue kissing her lips and sucking on her clit until he could feel Natalie's knees get weak and tremble with multiple orgasms. After she came in his mouth, he stood up...shared it with her...and said, "Ride me..." He sat down on the chair in the bathroom and Natalie climbed on top reverse-style and rode his dick intensely. She stirred her own coffee, going in circles one way and then the other. Stroking it back and forth and finally...bouncing. She did this until he put cream in her coffee while holding on to her breasts. They cleaned up. Got redressed and joined the party. They've been together ever since.

" be 7 dolla, sebeny cents." the fruit stand owner said. Natalie took her bag of fresh fruit and headed home. She'd called and told Vaughn to meet her at her place, so he should be there any moment. As she was walking, putting her wallet away...not watching. BAM! The fruit dropped from her hand, but a bigger, stronger hand caught them mid-air. "Here you go...I'm sorry!" Hassan said. Natalie looked up and sighed a sigh of frustration. "What? Are you following me now?" Hassan looked wounded. He turned around to walk away. Natalie grabbed his hand and said, "Wait, I'm sorry. Forgive me. I didn't mean to sound so paranoid." Hassan turned around and said, "I know you broke up with me. I know I moved away. I also know I'm probably the last person you thought you'd bump into twice in one week...but, be easy ok?" She loved when Hassan put her in her place. She smiled without thinking and replied with a nod. "Fruit, huh?" Hassan asked, laughing a little. " know how I love fruit." Natalie said, laughing along. She looked at him as he looked at her and that was it.

In Natalie's truck parked near the water, the two former lovebirds were madly, intensely snatching each other's clothes off. The peaches were shared...the pineapples too. Strawberries were hidden and discovered. Natalie's lips found their home around Hassan's dick just as his tongue had found his in Natalie's sticky center. Fruit juice, Natalie's juice, Hassan's juice...all flowing. Natalie was almost animal-like. She let Hassan sit at the center of the back seat, while she placed her legs on both sides of him and her arms braced on the front seats. She got on his dick and began to ride him, while giving him a bird's eye view of her neatly trimmed pussy. A simple strip of fine hair. Hassan couldn't hold on much longer. Watching Natalie fiercely fuck him with her eyes focused sexily on his made his nut gather fast. Her long hair grazing her nipples and her licking her own full cherry red lips while she slammed herself down onto him. They gave each other that look they always did. She smiled with her brows frowned. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back. Both signals that they were coming. The two erupted together as she leaned forward and they were face to face. He looked at her and knew he'd come home. She began to cry and they started kissing. Immediately, his dick got hard, still inside of her. He pumped upwards...she stroked downward. In sync once again. Making love to each other in a way neither had experienced before or since their relationship.

"Oh shit, I am supposed to be meeting Vaughn at my house!" Natalie said. She'd been lying in Hassan's arms and time had gone by that she couldn't explain. She started moving so fast, that all Hassan could do was follow. She pulled wipes from her compartment between the herself, the seats and handing a few to Hassan. Hassan couldn't help but be stunned. I mean, he knew that he himself had someone waiting at home, but watching Natalie scramble to get herself together resonated to him, that she was not his to have. "Who's Vaughn?" Hassan asked. Natalie slowed down and looked at him while contorting herself in the driver's seat and snapping her bra closed at the same time. "Vaughn is my boyfriend. I've been with him for 8 months." Hassan got his shirt. Pulled his pants up and opened the back door. He got out, put the shirt back on and said, " the times have changed." Natalie got a lump in her throat. She knew what he was saying...but, she didn't want to believe he'd even GO there. "I am going to put my shit on and drive off. Your car is over'll be fine." Hassan slammed her door, which made her look back at him. "So, that’s it? You fuck me and then pull off? Is this revenge? Did you even FEEL what just happened?" Hassan began yelling at the car, now in motion. Natalie rolled down her window as she passed Hassan and said, "Yes!" then sped off. Once again...Natalie managed to leave Hassan standing alone.


Deedles said...

I'm glad I waited to read these, I don't have to wait to read the next one, LOL.

Da_Kween said...

LOL, yea...another friend of mine chose this route. I guess she didn't wanna wait



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